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International News for April 19 - May 2

By Betsir Zemen | May 2, 2008, midnight | In International »

April 29 - Investigators were shocked to discover that an Austrian man, Josef Fritzl, had been holding his daughter captive in his cellar for 24 years. He had repeatedly raped her and fathered seven of her children, one of whom he was also holding captive. Fritzl was discovered when he took her to a hospital.

International news for April 5 - 18

By Betsir Zemen | April 17, 2008, midnight | In International »

April 11 - A vehicle exploded, killing eight civilians and wounding 20 more. The circumstances of the bombing remained unclear, but the Taliban did claim responsibility for the attack.

International Night dazzles

By David Zheng | April 15, 2008, midnight | In International »

Blair's annual International Night captivated the audience, taking Blazers around the world with a superb showcase of diverse cultural talents. Although the crowd was small in the auditorium on April 11, the magnificent performances kept the eager audience fired up throughout the night.

International News for March 22 - April 4

By Betsir Zemen | April 8, 2008, midnight | In International »

April 3 - Al-Qaeda denied rumors that Osama Bin Laden is sick and vowed to attack Jewish people in and outside of Israel.

International News for March 8 - 21

By Betsir Zemen | March 21, 2008, midnight | In International »

March 16 - A chain of blasts were set off, killing five people and wounding at least 240, as Albanian workers moved stocks of bombs and bullets stored at a base. Albania was required to dismantle its arsenal as one of the requirements to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

A perfect partnership

By Susie Branson | March 14, 2008, midnight | In International »

Sitting in front of a computer, senior Abreham Tsefaye types feverishly at the keyboard. While he could be playing games, browsing Facebook or watching YouTube like a typical teenager, Tsefaye is instead dedicating his time towards bettering the community.

International News for Feb. 23 - March 7

By Betsir Zemen | March 7, 2008, midnight | In International »

March 7 - An 8-year-old boy was blocked from entering a law university after passing an entrance exam. The university wanted him to finish elementary and high school first. His father is planning to take the matter to court.

International News for Feb. 9 - 22

By Betsir Zemen | Feb. 25, 2008, midnight | In International »

Feb. 20 – After a long illness, Fidel Castro resigned as Cuba's president. His brother, Raul Castro, will become the next head of state.

Distant discipline

By Emily Hsiao | Feb. 15, 2008, midnight | In International »

Sitting in a third-grade classroom in India eight years ago, junior Srinivas Vasudevan watched two children as they were forced to squat in front of the class and shake their feet from side to side while pulling on each other's earlobes. Vasudevan's teacher was punishing the students for stealing his pencil sharpener. Not only was this humiliating treatment a form of physical punishment, but also a form of demeaning degradation, which has been shown to leave emotional scars.

International News for Jan. 26 - Feb. 8

By Betsir Zemen | Feb. 8, 2008, midnight | In International »

Feb. 3 - A rebel army entered the capital of Chad, resulting in gun battles surrounding the president's palace. The attack was linked to the arrival of a European Union force attempting to protect refugees from bordering Sudan.

International News for Jan. 8 - 25

By Betsir Zemen | Jan. 28, 2008, midnight | In International »

Jan. 23 - The Chinese government proposed a detailed plan that would limit the pollution in Chinese lakes by 2010 and have them returned to their original state by 2030. Last year, algae in lakes created a crisis that threatened the livelihood of fishermen.

International News for Dec. 19 - Jan. 7

By Betsir Zemen | Jan. 10, 2008, midnight | In International »

Jan. 4 – A suicide bomber attacked a group of Indian engineers traveling by convoy. Six policemen and one of the engineers were killed. The attack was tied to "terrorists," the term used by Afghan officials to describe Taliban insurgents.

And a happy new year

By Kevin Teng | Dec. 31, 2007, midnight | In International »

With 2007 coming to an end, it'll soon be time to pull out the champagne and sparkling cider to toast the start of 2008. Resolutions will be made, and the impossible goals of weight loss and the elusive four-point-oh will be tossed around. But as the big ball drops in New York City to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne," countries around the world will have already celebrated their New Year with their own longstanding cultural traditions.

International News for Dec. 3 - 19

By Betsir Zemen | Dec. 23, 2007, midnight | In International »

Dec. 13 - A fire killed 21 people in a 28-story apartment in Wenzhou, China. Over 200 firefighters battled the fire for three hours.

International News for Nov. 17 - Dec. 2

By Betsir Zemen | Dec. 4, 2007, midnight | In International »

China Nov. 27 - Chinese officials asserted that the Three Gorges Dam project is not responsible for any problems or disasters in the geology of the area. The government has spent $1.6 billion to shore up areas in the region prone to landslides, said Wang Xiaofeng, director of the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee.

La nueva Jefa de Estado de Argentina

By Kathie Arana-Mejia | Dec. 1, 2007, midnight | In International »

Con la victoria de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner en las elecciones presidenciales de Argentina, el país celebra el logro de tener su primera jefa de estado en la historia nacional. La primera dama Fernández de Kirchner declaro victoria el domingo por la noche el pasado 28 de octubre desde el hotel Intercontinental de Buenos Aires, en donde dio su discurso como presidenta electa.

Winning the lottery to "heaven"

By Poorva Singal | Nov. 20, 2007, midnight | In International »

She was going to a world where there was said to be a pile of gold at every corner and a stash of money at every turn. She had heard rumors that the place was not much short of heaven. But that fantasy disappeared as soon as she got off the plane and took her first steps in the United States. America is nothing like what others in Ethiopia described it to be for junior Engidawork Kita.

International News for Nov. 2 - 16

By Betsir Zemen | Nov. 19, 2007, midnight | In International »

November 16 - Iran has been blocked at least 75 times in the past nine years from buying nuclear-related materials. Iran has been prevented from purchasing the nuclear materials due to suspicions that the purchases could be used for making bombs, according to an international monitoring group.

International News for Oct. 16 - Nov. 1

By Betsir Zemen | Nov. 3, 2007, midnight | In International »

November 1 - Tropical Storm Noel hit the Bahamas and Cuba, killing 107 people. Rescue workers from the Dominican Republic were sent to reach the dozens of communities affected by mudslides from the storm. Noel is the deadliest storm in the Atlantic region this year.

From Paraguay, with love

By Kiera Zitelman | Oct. 23, 2007, midnight | In International »

Many teenagers cannot wait to get away from their invasive, nosy and ever-suspicious parents. Gabriela Formento, a Blair junior, is over 4,500 miles away from hers – but not to escape them.

International News for October 1 - 15

By Betsir Zemen | Oct. 16, 2007, midnight | In International »

October 11 - State media in China reported that the Chinese air defense radar almost matches networks in other similarly developed countries. The announcement coincided with Taiwan's first military day National Parade in 16 years.

International news for Sept. 15 - 30

By Betsir Zemen | Oct. 4, 2007, midnight | In International »

China September 29 - Federal officials in China executed multiple drug crackdowns, showing how difficult it is to break up the market for illegal performance-enhancing drugs in China. Drug flow also exists from China to the United States.

Living la vida loca

By Alisa Lu | Sept. 27, 2007, midnight | In International »

When senior Elissa Fischel walked inside the open, sprawling building for her first day of junior high, it was painfully obvious that she stood out in the sea of students. Whenever she walked in the hallways, people stopped and stared. She did not have a sign taped to her back or toilet paper stuck on her shoe; she was unique in that she was American, a foreigner to Brazil.

International News for Sept. 1 - 14

By Betsir Zemen | Sept. 15, 2007, midnight | In International »

China September 14 - Zhao Yan, a Chinese research assistant for The New York Times, is to be freed Saturday morning after serving a three-year prison sentence for a fraud conviction that brought criticism to China. President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice lobbied on the behalf of his freedom with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Into the American melting pot

By Monica Wei | Sept. 15, 2007, midnight | In International »

Like many other new students, junior Gabriela Vettiger has spent the last few weeks navigating the world of Blair. But what sets Vettiger apart from the masses is that her home is thousands of miles away in Bottenwil, Switzerland.

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