Birhan Alemayehu

Name: Birhan Alemayehu
Position: Staff Writer
Graduation Year: 2015
Hi, I'm Birhan and I'm one of the news editors. I participate in Blair Theatre and Sankofa :) I am 100% fluent in Amharic. I have my foreigner moments so if I randomly start talking in Amharic, do not be surprised. I am a bookworm. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and/or Maximum Ride series, I will automatically like you. (Although, I still need to finish the Maximum Ride series). Do not worry though, I will still like you even if you are not a fan of those books or even if you are not a bookworm. I am a pretty easy-going person if you approach me, so do not be scared to come up and say "hi" and talk to me.

Stories (10)

The life of a student intern

By Birhan Alemayehu | April 22, 2014, 1:59 p.m. | In Features »

An internship is a great way to get a hands-on experience in what you want to do in life.

Spring, AP Exams, and staying awake

By Birhan Alemayehu | April 15, 2014, 5:35 p.m. | In Features »

Warm afternoons, long days and short nights…it is almost the end of the year, Blazers. Key word: almost. The road to summer vacation still has a few road blocks.

International News Roundup for Mar. 17-Mar.22

By Birhan Alemayehu | March 23, 2014, 2:58 p.m. | In International »

International news from the week of Mar. 17- Mar. 22.

Ethics come before rights

By Birhan Alemayehu | Jan. 2, 2014, 1:24 p.m. | In Op/Ed »

The emotional wounds are still fresh in our minds, but now the wounds have been opened again with the release of the 911 calls.

Blair places first at Latin Certamen Plebianum competition

By Birhan Alemayehu | Dec. 10, 2013, 3:54 p.m. | In Local »

On Nov. 16, Eleanor Roosevelt High School hosted the annual Latin Certamen Plebianum competition in which Blair students competed in two events and won two trophies.

16 and 17-year-old Blazers vote in Takoma Park elections for first time

By Birhan Alemayehu | Nov. 21, 2013, 5:52 p.m. | In Local »

On Nov. 5, 16 and 17-year-old Takoma Park teenagers voted in the city's municipal election for the first time since the voting age was lowered to age 16 in May.

No debating the greatness of Blair's debate team

By Birhan Alemayehu | Nov. 10, 2013, 1:49 p.m. | In Clubs »

The 76 member debate team has been defending county champions two years running.

New advisor for Student Government Association

By Birhan Alemayehu | Oct. 9, 2013, 2:55 p.m. | In Features »

Already a 10th grade English teacher, 11th grade Advanced Placement English Language and Composition teacher and girls' varsity volleyball coach, Klein, can add another thing to his list of things he does at Blair: Student Government Association (SGA) advisor

Couch Potato: 2013 fall TV premieres

By Birhan Alemayehu, Harini Salgado | Oct. 8, 2013, 5:16 p.m. | In Entertainment »

It's that time of year again. Time to grab your favorite spot on the couch, a blanket, some snacks and settle down in front of the TV. This fall there are lots of seasons that people are excited for, including many returning and new shows.

New cell phone policy at Blair 2013

By Birhan Alemayehu | Sept. 30, 2013, 1:59 p.m. | In Local »

On Aug. 27, 2013 Principal Renay Johnson announced that Blair welcomed a new, less strict, cellphone policy for this school year that will allow Blazers to use their cellphones in the hallways before any of their classes.

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Photo: Fourth Quarter

By Birhan Alemayehu | April 15, 2014, midnight | In ‎Latest »

The coveted yet stressful Fourth Quarter begins.