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Blazers destroy Colonels, 62-27

By Sophia Deng | Feb. 2, 2009, 7:25 p.m. | In Blair »

Blair's girls' varsity basketball team (7-8) soundly defeated the Magruder Colonels (3-12) Friday night with a spectacular score of 62-27. The Lady Blazers dominated in the first half and maintained their momentum until the very end.

Lady Blazers sneak past Warriors, 57-51

By Sophia Deng | Jan. 16, 2009, midnight | In Blair »

The girl's varsity basketball team (6-5) shot past the Sherwood Warriors (3-8), overcoming a twenty-point deficit at half-time. Weak passing and defense plagued the Lady Blazers in the first half, but they were able to correct their mistakes in the second half and rally back to secure a huge 57-51 comeback win.

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