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Fuddruckers - making a good name for fast food

By Greg Kohn | April 10, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

One of the newest additions to the Downtown Silver Spring scene, Fuddruckers huddles in between the popular Cold Stone Creamery and Z Pizza. Its bright yellow awnings draw the eye in, and a taste from inside will ensure that people come back.

Rollin with Stromboli

By Boris Vassilev | April 1, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Nestled just a few blocks from the Bethesda Metro Station, in that area of the world where Bethesda suddenly ends and Chevy Chase begins, lies Stromboli, a hamlet of food for the working man if there ever was one.

Il Pizzico is a pinch of excellence

By Sean Howard | March 23, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Many travelers on Rockville Pike likely pass Il Pizzico without half a thought of what it might be. Situated in a dull strip mall on the side of the road, few would suspect that they are missing out on one of the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in the Washington, D.C.-metropolitan area.

1894 adds up to success

By Kiera Zitelman | Feb. 25, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Kensington's Cafe 1894 does not have a lot to compete with in the small downtown area that otherwise consists of a casual sandwich and bagel shop. It recently opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and its limited menu does have a few gems. While it might not be a weekly destination, Cafe 1894 is a pleasant spot offering some imaginative food.

Great-tasting Thai food is hidden in Wheaton

By Kevin Teng | Feb. 24, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Walking distance from Wheaton Plaza is a small, modest Thai restaurant. Looking cozy cozy in a run-down parking lot, beset by small shops on either side, Ruan Thai's outside appearance makes it easy to miss, but the food is memorable and will keep customers coming back for more. For a reasonable price, Ruan Thai's fresh food trumps the meager portions of more upscale restaurants.

Bob's 88 - pitch in the pot

By David Zheng | Feb. 17, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

While Bob's 88 Shabu Shabu lacks the glamor of other restaurants and eateries that dot the aisles of the new Rockville town center, it more than makes up for its deficiencies with its unique do-it-yourself meals. Deviating from conventionally bland Asian cuisine, Bob's 88, not to be confused with Bob's Noodle 66 right across the street, mixes excellent cuisine with an experience to remember.

Houston's, we have a problem

By Pia Nargundkar | Feb. 12, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Tucked underneath some offices in a strip mall and next to a maternity store, Houston's Restaurant on Rockville Pike looks like the perfect comfy Americana joint. Neatly trimmed hedges line the outside, creating a private outdoor waiting area. The "No cell phones" sign painted on the door protects against rude diners and the spacious restaurant is well decorated with numerous paintings and sconces lining the wall.

La Bamba: something to dance about

By Susie Branson | Feb. 10, 2008, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

The attraction to this small Mexican restaurant on Georgia Avenue initially begins with the catchy, festive name, but soon develops into more, as La Bamba offers a spectacular blended menu of spicy cultural Mexican food. Unfortunately, while the restaurant's recent renovation is the first step in transforming the dingy interior into a cute and quaint setting, certain elements of the old drab La Bamba still remain, resulting in a dining experience that may encourage certain audiences to "La Bamba" their way out of there.

"Green Papaya" shows mixed colors

By Alisa Lu | Oct. 28, 2007, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

In the ritzy, glitzy section of Bethesda, scores of restaurants featuring food from Italian to American line the picturesque streets. In the heart of these restaurants stands Green Papaya, a Vietnamese restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere but a disjointed menu that includes both mouth-watering and utterly bland dishes.

Viridian: A tasty brunch for all

By Jenny Williams | Sept. 25, 2007, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Viridian is a classy Washington D.C. restaurant that offers a heavenly selection of brunch-themed meals. The menu features modern cuisine and specials including omelets, vanilla French toast and Belgian waffles. Although quite simple, these tasty dishes are an enjoyable treat for all.

WingFest, part I

By Alex Hyder, Simon Kanter | March 12, 2007, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Wings: the final frontier. After so aptly and—ahem—selflessly conquering the realm of burgers on our heroic quest to find, for the edification of our readers, that which can only be described as the acme of beefiness, we could only contemplate what our next quest would be. Finally, on a dark, stormy night, otherwise known as last Tuesday, the answer came to us in the pepsin-induced haze of a dream: let there be wings!

Check out Cesco

By Priyanka Gokhale | Feb. 6, 2007, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Almost every major street in Downtown Bethesda is dotted with one or two Italian restaurants aiming to distinguish themselves from the rest with unique flourishes and affectations. From the minute you step into Cesco to the second you leave, this trattoria will make you feel like royalty, if only for one night.

Moby Dick's offers a new taste to downtown

By Erica Turner | Feb. 1, 2007, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Should you find yourself in downtown Silver Spring and in the mood for something other than the hustle and bustle of typical chains, then Moby Dick: House of Kabob, is the place to stop for some traditional Persian cuisine.

Bezu — a delightful kiss of flavors

By Jasleen Salwan | Dec. 29, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Though tucked away in the rather drab Potomac Village, Bezu, a new restaurant whose name is French for "kiss," is a lively spot. Its contemporary décor, complete with tiled white designs on the Mediterranean-orange walls and a backlit onyx bar, contributes to the vivacious atmosphere. The exceptionally friendly staff also amicably welcomes visitors as soon as they arrive.

"Piratz" treasure

By Alexis Egan | Dec. 4, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

While Silver Spring's "Piratz Tavern" lacks Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley in starring roles, the new buccaneer restaurant does look like it came straight out of the Caribbean.

Middle Eastern Cuisine — an ethnic party in your mouth

By Cassie Cummins | Nov. 14, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

The streets of Old Town, Takoma Park are dotted with local restaurants, each one unique. And while Middle Eastern Cuisine may not look like anything special from the outside, do not be fooled — it really is one-of-a-kind.

Homecoming hot-list

By Julia Mazerov | Oct. 11, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

No matter what grade you're in, you can probably associate the month of October with one particular event—Homecoming! To many, it's much more than just a dance. Annually, over a thousand Blazers are decked in the fall's latest fashions and formal wear and go out to dinner, making the event more than just a dance. Well, Homecoming may be only a week away, but it's certainly not too late to make this year's experience unforgettable. Several of the area's best and most group-friendly restaurants have been hand-selected with an eclectic mix of cuisine, prices and locations for all your pre-homecoming needs. Make your reservation today!

An elegant blast from the past

By Courtney Burtraw | Oct. 5, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Walking into Clyde's Grill at Gallery Place on a Friday night is like stepping back in time. The lighting is dim, the food is good, the place is packed and the Victorian era saloon-inspired decor creates an aura of opulence and luxury.

Italy has never felt so close to home

By Poorva Singal | Aug. 31, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

A first glance at the dinner menu does not seem too welcoming for a vegetarian. But don't be fooled; the few veggie-friendly choices are quite appetizing and authentic. This small Italian cuisine located in Bethesda offers deliciously cooked food that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Pass the Samosas

By Rachita Sood | Aug. 31, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

From cities lining the coast of the Arabian Sea to small villages in the northern state of Punjab, the unique food of India varies with every mile. Tucked away in Bell's Corner just outside of downtown Rockville, Bombay Bistro captures this delectable cuisine with its large menu and delicious food.

McGinty's: Silver Spring's Irish jewel

By Meaghan Mallari | April 27, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

After returning home from a tour through Ireland over spring break, I was disappointed to find that because I was not 18, I was unable to eat and enjoy traditional Irish music and dancing after 9 p.m. in a pub back in Ireland. The only pub my friends and I were able to eat in (at 6 p.m.) was a place named O'Neill's, a cozy pub in Dublin that served buffet-style meals. Fortunately for me and residents in and around Silver Spring, McGinty's Public House has recently opened, providing authentic Irish culture to downtown Silver Spring and City Place Mall.

Chips burger showdown, part I

By Alex Hyder, Simon Kanter | March 24, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

In this parlous era of terrorism and bird flu, of lobbying scandals and Donald Trump's toupee, there still remains one last vestige of hope: the hamburger. Nothing could be purer, more quintessentially American, than a thick slab of beef wedged between loads of fixins and a toasted bun.

Cheap eats for Blazers on a budget

By Natasha Prados | March 7, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

This El Salvadorian restaurant combines a great atmosphere and affordable prices. Lit almost like a nightclub and decorated with beautiful Latin American art, patrons will feel classy but comfortable in El Gavilan. The only unpleasant aspect of eating at El Gavilan is the occasional live music act, which, although it may spark patrons' interest, prevents any sort of conversation.

Old-school diner is Deli-cious

By Abe Schwadron | Feb. 16, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

Walk through the dingy front door of The Woodside Deli, and you may be expecting overcooked burgers and dry pancakes. But don't be fooled by the Deli's outwardly uninviting, outdated looks. The Woodside's extensive menu of mouth-watering chow and friendly service will have you calling the diner "hip" in no time.

Philly Flavor in Silver Spring

By Ethan Kuhnhenn | Feb. 10, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

The cheese steak is an American classic. A native of Philadelphia, this greasy but delicious sub is often the staple of delicatessens, sandwich shops and restaurants across the nation. While the Philly cheese steak has transcended the Philadelphia city limits and can now be found nearly everywhere, is it possible for a steak and cheese to possess the same flavor, succulence and aura outside its Philly home?

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