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Potato and leek soup

By Alexis Egan | May 8, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Spring may have finally hit the DC area, but it's never too late to enjoy some cold weather food, especially if it's cool out. Potato and leek soup is an easy recipe to follow and even easier to clean up. The soup's smooth and rich texture allows the dish to be served as an appetizer individually or as an entrée with bread and a simple salad. Served with bread or croutons, potato and leek soup is perfect for the rainy days of May.

Tasty taco meat

By Iliya Smithka | May 4, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

For a quick fiesta, make this simple recipe for taco meat! While the name may be a bit misleading, this festive food can be eaten in any number of ways: either in a taco as specified in the name, in a cheesy queso dip for your nachos, on a sandwich like a sloppy joe or with elbow macaroni, cabbage and cheese for a main dish. Taco meat is a veritably versatile food.

Quick-and-easy kulfi

By Priyanka Gokhale | April 12, 2007, midnight | In Desserts »

In India and other parts of South Asia, "kulfi" is a dessert used to stave off the heat of summer. Children are often seen licking calorie-rich kulfi that has been molded into popsicles, but this dessert is often served as a finale at the end of a full-course meal. Cold and creamy, this dish is similar to ice cream but contains no air. Kulfi can come in many flavors, if the right fruit purees and spices are added, but the best kulfi is sweet, rich and plain.

Lemon Meringue Pi

By Julie Zhu, Alexis Egan | March 14, 2007, midnight | In Desserts »

March 14, or 3/14, celebrates the Archimedes constant, better known as the notorious pi, by sporting the first three digits with its month and year. As for its other lesser-known digits, at 1:59:26 p.m. today, loud choruses of the irrational number may be heard throughout excited math classrooms. Of course, there are other ways to commemorate pi without memorizing hundreds of its infinite decimals. One way, perhaps the favorite way, is to eat pie. Pie is significant not only because it sounds like the Greek letter pi, but also because it physically embodies the notable constant that represents the ratio between the circumference and the diameter of a perfect circle. But please, no thinking about math is required; only chewing and savoring is absolutely necessary when eating this delightful lemon meringue pie. And, of course, don't forget to swallow.

Vegetable Frittata

By Julia Mazerov | March 14, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

What better way to spice up an otherwise boring gathering with some zest? This piquant Frittata is the perfect dish for business meetings, book club gatherings, or potlucks of any sort. Chock full of veggies, this pie is perfect for pleasing all parties, vegetarians included. Spell out anything, from someone's name to a "congratulations" with red peppers on the top for some personal flair.


By Gus Woods | March 6, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

What is a chupaqueso? The answer is simple: it is delicious. How do you make one? The process is simply fun. With this straightforward and little-known recipe under your chef's belt, you'll be astounding throngs of dinner guests in no time. Invented by Howard Taylor, creator of the web-comic space opera "Schlock Mercenary," this dish will make you feel like a true hero.

Nutty Noodles

By Julie Zhu | March 2, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

Chinese recipes are always hard to come by since, apparently, most Chinese chefs have completely done away with any form of measurement. The number of swift shakes of the salt shaker replaces the use of tablespoons and teaspoons. Oil is measured only by the area it covers in the frying pan. Oriental cooking is all about improvisation, flinging spices, herbs and hopefully not msg in the air at whim. But on certain occasions, Chinese moms can be tracked down and forced to be precise about their pinching, flinging, dashing and pouring. Here is one of my favorite summer dishes:

Bubble Tea

By Rachita Sood, Julie Zhu | March 2, 2007, midnight | In Drinks »

Originally a popular after-school refreshment among Taiwanese children, this Frappuccino of the eastern world is making its way into cities and towns across the nation. Chewy bubbles swirl in a creamy tea blend, making bubble tea truly unique. Most malls only offer cheap powdered imitations, so try this delicious homemade recipe to delight your friends with an Oriental favorite.

Native American Tacos

By Alexis Egan | Feb. 22, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

Even though Maryland is far from the Midwest, the food from Midwestern Native American tribes can be recreated with relative ease and maximum flavor. This dish combines thick, sugary bread with traditional taco accessories like lettuce, tomatoes and beef to form a messy and delicious main course. Prepare yourself for a totally new taco experience!

Doro Wat

By Betsir Zemen | Feb. 20, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

Doro Wat, also called Dorho Sebhe, is one of the most common Ethiopian dishes. Doro Wat, a spicy Ethiopian sauce with chicken and eggs, is normally served with injera. Injera is a spongy, flat bread that can be bought at any Ethiopian market in Maryland. Once you try this Ethiopian dish, your taste buds will experience a unique, unforgettable delight!

Great green guacamole

By Will Bucher | Feb. 3, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Football season is almost over, and those days of Sunday fun are coming to a close. Though this recipe can be used for every occasion, the final celebration of the season can be topped off with a bowl of guacamole.

Scrumptious Sides

By Miriam Ragen | Jan. 3, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Sometimes even the best meal can be ruined by a few unappealing side dishes; fruit cake is a serial meal spoiler. Luckily, SCO has taken the time to compile some side dishes that will have everyone asking for more this winter.

Chicken curry with asian pears

By Alexis Egan | Jan. 3, 2007, midnight | In Entrées »

Instead of trekking to the far corners of the county just to grab a taste of great Indian flavor and spices, Blazers can make their own at home. Chicken Curry with Asian Pears, dish with a variety of different roots, is distinctly reminiscent of the tastes of India, but also of other flavors. Strongly flavored with curry, a spice used in South Asian cooking, the dish is filling enough to stand alone, but tastes even better accompanied with rice. The variety of different toppings that the dish can be served with gives the recipes makers creative freedom.

Homemade Dumplings

By David Jia | Oct. 30, 2006, midnight | In Entrées »

A few hundred years ago, a tradition began that mandated people eat only dumplings on the Chinese New Year. Nowadays, pre-prepared dumplings can be found in any Chinese store. Even so, homemade dumplings have a certain indescribable flavor that can't be found in store-bought brands. If you still don't think it's worth the trouble, making dumplings is a fun experience, and the results are more than worth the effort put into it. So find a nice Saturday afternoon, gather the entire family and have lots of fun making your own dumplings!

Transylvania Pork Stew

By Erica Turner | Oct. 29, 2006, midnight | In Entrées »

This hearty stew is full of meat and vegetables and is sure to cure anyone under a hunger spell. After a chilly night in the pumpkin patch, this southwestern-flavored stew recipe will warm up any superhero, monster, ghost or vampire. The stew also comes with a bat-shaped pastry cut-out.

Spiced Bat Wings

By Erica Turner | Oct. 29, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

The unusual addition of curry to this recipe makes these chicken wings especially delicious. The savory flavor creates a new snack that will leave people wanting more of this Halloween snack.

Butterfinger Caramel Apples

By Erica Turner | Oct. 29, 2006, midnight | In Desserts »

Everyone knows when it is time for Halloween, it is time for caramel apples. Enjoy this seasonal treat with a little Butterfinger twist!

Fruit pizza

By Miriam Ragen | Oct. 12, 2006, midnight | In Desserts »

Think pizza and you'll probably think of a delicious Italian pie, dripping with tomato sauce and cheese. But think again — this pizza has a tropical twist. The fruit pizza is a refreshing dessert that is simple to make and a delight to stare at. Fruit pizza can be made with any type of fruit and your guests will surely be impressed by its eyecatching display.

Texas ranch potato salad

By Simon Kanter | Oct. 11, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

Ever wish your potato salad tasted more like ranch dressing and bacon? Well now it can, with this new recipe for Texas ranch potato salad! This creamy, decadent dish goes perfect with any barbeque or packed lunch. It's fun for the whole family!

Blonde brownie beastliness

By Johanna Gretschel | Oct. 2, 2006, midnight | In Desserts »

For many party-going Blazers, there is but one epic question that is all but unanswerable: cookies or brownies? Now, an answer has finally descended from the heavens. These chocolate chip cookie bars present the perfect balance between cookies and brownies. Whatever you decide to call them, they are perfect for parties as well as after-school and late-night snacking.

Perfect peach cobbler

By Johanna Gretschel | Oct. 2, 2006, midnight | In Desserts »

Already feeling overwhelmed by school? Do you miss the carefree days of summer? Are you wondering what to do with your surplus of summer peaches? Reminisce about those sweet summer nights over a delicious peach cobbler.

S'more cake

By Alexis Egan | Sept. 24, 2006, midnight | In Desserts »

Nearly every Blazer has had at least one chance to enjoy the sticky sweetness of a just-roasted marshmallow, the crunchy taste of graham crackers and the creamy warmth of chocolate. But for many, this taste is only available in the wilderness, where campfires are legal, or in the microwave, where the result is often explosive. Fortunately, the taste of S'mores can be easily replicated in the form of a cake. A sticky but sweet treat, the cake has the flavor of both marshmallows and chocolate, with the added zest of sponge cake. This S'more cake is a perfect way to recreate your favorite rustic treat in the warm, bear-free environment of your own kitchen.

Beat the heat with lassi

By Pia Nargundkar | Sept. 18, 2006, midnight | In Drinks »

While the summer heat has almost faded, the weather has recently been throwing us some scorchers. And what better to enjoy in this hot weather than a refreshing, ice-cold glass of lassi. This traditional drink of India is easy to make and much healthier than any fast-food milkshake or sundae.

Chai – Spiced Milk Tea

By Poorva Singal | Aug. 8, 2006, midnight | In Drinks »

Tea is known as chai in varying parts of the world. Signifying milk tea in India, chai is a popular beverage amongst many people of the nation. This recipe uses a just a couple of spices to give a wonderful flavor that is soothing and hard to resist.

Bonanza banana bread!

By Courtney Burtraw | Aug. 6, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

No matter how much you like the fruit, there comes a time in everyone's life when they are faced with a bunch of overly ripe bananas. What better way to impress friends and family than to present them with fresh, homemade banana bread? This moist, sweet recipe is delicious for breakfast, or can be served with fruit for dessert. It's a great way to put to good use bananas that are past their prime, without just throwing them away.

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