Top Ten Tweets 2/13-2/19

Feb. 20, 2017, 6:03 p.m. | By Nate Bodner, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott | 6 years, 9 months ago

The NBA All-Star Game and A Day Without Immigrants

Every week on Silver Chips Online the top ten tweets will aim to highlight the ten most important, most clever, or funniest tweets of the week. Keep caught up with news, sports, and social media in this week's roundup.
During interviews with members of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA All-Star break, star point guard Kyrie Irving revealed to the media that he truly believes the world to be flat. He was later backed up by teammates Lebron James and Kevin Love.
This week the Women's March Twitter account announced an upcoming protest dubbed "A Day Without a Woman." This comes in the wake of "A Day Without Immigrants," and calls for working women everywhere to take the day off to prove their effect on the world.
During the "A Day Without Immigrants" protest this week, numerous immigrants across the country boycotted by not showing up to work. This tweet by CNN shows a note that one group of protestors sent in to work letting their bosses know that they did their work for the day ahead of time so that the protest would not affect the business.
The Twitter account DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) Music Plug shouted out two Blair students this week. The rappers pictured gained a lot of internet support for their group Frail Boys', first song, 2AM.
Time sent out the magazine's newest cover this week via twitter. The cartoon shows President Donald Trump dealing with chaos inside of his White House, and came complete with an animated video showing the gail force winds and flying papers in his office.
This year's NBA All-Star Game was, as-per-usual, widely criticized for its lack of defense and "real basketball." The above tweet by przemek garczarczyk shows the shot chart for the game. Which is funnier, the ridiculous number of three pointers and half court shots, or the ridiculous number of easy dunks?
This tweet comes from NBA Dunk Contest winner Glenn Robinson III of the Indiana Pacers. Robinson was largely unknown coming into the contest, which many considered to be among the worst in recent history despite the return of internet sensation Aaron Gordon.
The Bachelorette announced this week that the title role of this season's reality show will be held by Rachel Lindsay, the first black woman in the history of the show, pictured above. The announcement was officially made on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Youtube sensation Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg came under fire this week by the Wall Street Journal, who accused the star of anti-semitism in his videos. Pewdiepie fired back by asking that the Wall Street Journal take it up with him before going to his sponsors, namely Disney. As a result, Disney is dropping Pewdiepie, and will not be airing the TV show that they produced with him earlier this year.
Barack Obama tweeted out this photo of himself and Michelle Obama for Valentine's Day, celebrating the 28 years they have been married. Former president Obama is still on vacation following the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

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