NFL Week Two Predictions

Sept. 13, 2014, 10:50 a.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 9 months ago

After a very surprising week one, our experts are all looking to rebound in week two. Newcomer Bobby Pfefferle has a one game lead on the field. With a frenzy of big time, evenly matched games in line for week two, it should be a great weekend of NFL football, and a struggle for our experts to pick them all.

After a very surprising week one, our experts are all looking to rebound in week two. Newcomer Bobby Pfefferle has a one game lead on the field. With a frenzy of bigtime, evenly matched games in line for week two, it should be a great weekend of NFL football, and a struggle for our experts to pick them all.

Standings:1. Bobby: 11-5

2. Sam: 10-6

3. Rohan: 10-6

4. Sasha: 10-6

Steelers at Ravens

Bobby: Steelers

Sam: Ravens

Sasha: Steelers

Romalia: Steelers

Bobby says: Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, and Markus Wheaton. Simply put, the Steelers offense has a lot of options. I wouldn't trust Joe Flacco to be any better this week than last week.

Sam says: In the midst of all the Ray Rice controversy, the NFL is taking more heat than the Ravens, and in primetime I expect the ravens to pass the ball better and win this game against the rival Steelers.

Sasha says: Roethlisberger was impressive against the Browns in week one and I think the Steelers defense can hold this week Ravens offense. Especially when they don't have Ray Rice.

Romalia says: After nearly succumbing to the Browns last week, the Steelers will take full advantage of a Ravens team who will not have time to recover from the Ray Rice scandal. Steelers fans should have a much calmer sunday this week.

Dolphins at Bills

Bobby: Dolphins

Sam: Dolphins

Sasha: Dolphins

Romalia: Dolphins

Bobby says: Bills had a great game last week against Chicago, but it was a fluke. The Dolphins on the other hand, are for real.

Sam says: The Dolphins defense was sio impressive last week, hard to go against them.

Sasha says: Last week against the Patriots the Dolphins looked confident and ready to take the AFC East. They've proved they can beat the good teams and now face one of the worse teams in the league.

Romalia says: Even though the Bills defeated the Bears last week, there luck will run out this week as the Dolphins will bring them back to reality. After defeating New England, all the pressure is on the Dolphins and they will deliver.

Jaguars at Redskins

Bobby: Redskins

Sam: Jaguars

Sasha: Redskins

Romalia: Jaguars

Bobby says: This game will be close, but look for Robert Griffin III and the offense to explode in this game. DeSean Jackson will have a big game in his debut at FedEx Field.

Sam says: Against the Eagles last week, the Jaguars showed two things. They are a young team with lots of talent, and they still have a lot to learn. I like the Jaguars to rebound against a worse Redskins offense that will not put up 34 points in one half.

Sasha says: RGIII couldn't find the end zone against the Texans but he still managed to complete 29 of 30 passes. Look for Gruden to change up the calls in the red zone to get the Redskins there first win of the season.

Romalia says: Washington showed their fans what was to come this season in the first game and this will continue against the always lowly Jaguars. Even though for a second the Jaguars thought this season was going to be different after going up 17-0 in the first half against the Eagles, the classic Jaguars returned and lost. This week will be different as they will triumph against washington.

Cowboys at Titans

Bobby: Titans

Sam: Titans

Sasha: Titans

Romalia: Titans

Bobby says: The Titans schooled the Chiefs last week. They looked better than they have in years. I'm hopping on the bandwagon. For this game at least.

Sam says: The question in this game is whether the Titans offense can produce and actually help their defense. With a very stellar 111.4 quarterback rating against a solid Chiefs defense, expect a big game from supposed draft bust QB Jake Locker.

Sasha says: The Titans upset the Chiefs big time on Sunday and look to take the momentum into this Sunday against a struggling Cowboys squad.

Romalia says: After surprisingly beating the Chiefs in the first game, the Titans will be able to dominate the lowly Cowboys, who with the bum Tony Romo at their helm look posed to lose this week as well.

Cardinals at Giants

Bobby: Cardinals

Sam: Cardinals

Sasha: Cardinals

Romalia: Cardinals

Bobby says: Carson Palmer looked very impressive last week. Meanwhile, Eli Manning and the Giants offense looked terrible. If Andre Ellington is 100% healthy for this game, it shouldn't even be close.

Sam says: The Cardinals secondary will keep their defense dominant against a Giants team all of a sudden in big trouble.

Sasha says: The Giants defense got trounced by Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford in week one. Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals look to take advantage of the Giants sudden lack of confidence.

Romalia says: The Cardinals got very lucky last week against the Chargers and their luck will continue when the face the Giants who looked terrible in their first game.

Patriots at Vikings

Bobby: Patriots

Sam: Patriots

Sasha: Patriots

Romalia: Patriots

Bobby says: The Patriots haven't started a season 0-2 since Tom Brady took over in New England. After getting stunned by the Dolphins last week, look for him to get back on track against the Vikings.

Sam says: No way the Pats go 0-2 against two average teams. That will not happen.

Sasha says: Tom Brady and New England haven't had the start they wanted but their primary RB Ridley should get more action this week to combine with an angry and determined Brady.

Romalia says: The Patriots will recover from last week with a solid performance against the Vikings, who come into the game feeling like they have already lost.

Saints at Browns

Bobby: Saints

Sam: Saints

Sasha: Saints

Romalia: Saints

Bobby says: Drew Brees and the Saints offense had a good game last week. Unfortunately for them Matt Ryan had a better game. Saints get back on track in this game.

Sam says: Blowout of the week right here. The best way to beat a cornerback driven defense like the Browns is to spread the football around. And nobody does that better than Drew Brees.

Sasha says: Brees will throw for at least three touchdowns an Ingram should contribute to the blowout as he had two touchdowns in week one.

Romalia says: After suffering an overtime loss to the Falcons last week, the Saints will respond by pummeling the Browns.

Falcons at Bengals

Bobby: Falcons

Sam: Bengals

Sasha: Falcons

Romalia: Falcons

Bobby says: Matt Ryan is back. It's official. Ryan now has a healthy Julio Jones and Roddy White. This team is good.

Sam says: As good as the Falcons looked last week, AJ Green is still going up against a mediocre secondary and the Bengals fierce front seven is going up against an inexperienced offensive line. I like the Bengals.

Sasha says: The Saints offensive line may be inexperienced but, the momentum that the Falcons have after beating the tough Saints offense should carry over into this matchup.

Romalia says: After a surprising win against the Saints where the Falcons actually played defense for the first time in a long time, they should dispose of the Bengals pretty easily.

Lions at Panthers

Bobby: Lions

Sam: Lions

Sasha: Lions

Romalia: Lions

Bobby says: The Lions put a beating on the Giants last week. Even with Cam Newton returning, I think Stafford and Calvin Johnson keep rolling.

Sam says: The Lions looked great last week and they have an offense full of playmakers. I'll take them again this week.

Sasha says: With Megatron and Stafford the Lions offense is seemingly unbeatable.

Romalia says: After an impressive first win of the season and Cam Newton just coming back I believe the Lions will edge the Panthers in this one.

Rams at Buccaneers

Bobby: Buccaneers

Sam: Buccaneers

Sasha: Buccaneers

Romalia: Buccaneers

Bobby says: Shaun Hill is not worthy of a starting job in the NFL. The Rams are a joke.

Sam says: The Rams are such a good team aside from the quarterback position, which unfortunately for them is the most important one, that can singlehandedly win or lose a game. I feel bad for the Rams.

Sasha says: The rams have nothing going for them as of now and the Bucs need to take advantage of this.

Romalia says: The Rams are terrible and the Buccaneers will profit this one and come away with a win.

Seahawks at Chargers

Bobby: Seahawks

Sam: Seahawks

Sasha: Seahawks

Romalia: Seahawks

Bobby says: Simply put, the Seahawks are Super Bowl bound.

Sam says: As much as I want to pick the Chargers in an upset, the Seahawks front seven should make the Chargers one dimensional offensively just like Arizona did with a weaker front seven.

Sasha says: The Seahawks have a chance to go undefeated this season and the chargers are definitely not the team to stop them.

Romalia says: The Seahawks picked up from where they left last season and the Chargers are the next victim on their list.

Texans at Raiders

Bobby: Texans

Sam: Texans

Sasha: Texans

Romalia: Texans

Bobby says: The Texans offense struggled last week against the Redskins. But this weeks matchup isn't much difference. Even with a struggling offense, J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney should be able to keep things under control on the defensive side.

Sam says: Expect a very heavy dose of RB Arian Foster in a huge win for the texans, their defense and run game should dominate. Reminds me of the Texans who would clinch the AFC South by thanksgiving a couple years back.

Sasha says: The Texans made short work of the Redskins offense last week, the Raiders aren't much better.

Romalia says: The texans defence proved they are all that they are made out to be and against the Raiders, there defence will prove once again a key factor in their victory.

Jets at Packers

Bobby: Packers

Sam: Packers

Sasha: Packers

Romalia: Jets

Bobby says: After a long weekend, the Packers are back home in Lambeau against a very weak Jets team. Packers take this game easy.

Sam says: As mush as I want to I just can't pick the Jets in this one, if only they still had Revis in their secondary.

Sasha says:

Romalia says: The Jets want to continue their success this season and against a Packers team that didn't impress against the Seahawks, they can do it.

Chiefs at Broncos

Bobby: Broncos

Sam: Broncos

Sasha: Broncos

Romalia: Broncos

Bobby says: Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas where indestructible last week. This should be an easy win for Denver.

Sam says: Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the Broncos still have Peyton Manning.

Sasha says: A horrible loss last week left the Chiefs with all types of problems offensively. They should struggle against Denver.

Romalia says: The Chiefs looked terrible and Peyton is coming to town. Easy win for the Broncos

Bears at 49ers

Bobby: 49ers

Sam: 49ers

Sasha: 49ers

Romalia: 49ers

Bobby says: The 49ers have the opportunity to stomp on a Bears team that struggled against the Bills.

Sam says: At home I expect the 49ers offense t win them this game after looking so impressive early against the Cowboys.

Sasha says: The 49ers played great last weekend and that should continue. The Bears seem to be in trouble.

Romalia says: The Bears looked terrible against the Bills, a team they should beat and if they can't get a result against the Bears they can't get one against the 49ers.

Eagles at Colts

Bobby: Colts

Sam: Eagles

Sasha: Colts

Romalia: Colts

Bobby says: It's rough when you have to open your season against Peyton Manning. However, this week the Colts take a dub. Andrew Luck is on the cusp of greatness.

Sam says: The Eagles offense bounced back to life in the second half against Jacksonville. Then again, so did the Colts against Denver. This will be the closest game of the week because neither team wants to lose.

Sasha says: The Eagles look shaky on offense so far. We all know what Nick Foles can do but I didn't see it in game one. Im going with Luck and the Colts this week.

Romalia says: The Eagles played the poor Jaguars and needed a rally to win that game. Against the Colts it won't be easy to achieve that same feat. Colts win.

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