NFL Week Three Predictions

Sept. 21, 2014, 6:48 p.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 8 months ago

After a tough week for most of our experts, Sam has regained his lead in the standings he held for many week last week. Sasha is even and Romalia is only two games back from the rest of the pack. This week offers an opportunity once again shake up the standings. Lets see how the experts can do.

After a tough week for most of our experts, Sam has regained his lead in the standings he held for so many weeks last year. Sasha is even and Romalia is only two games back from the rest of the pack. This week offers an opportunity once again shake up the standings. Lets see how the experts do in a very exciting day of the NFL.


1.Sam: 18-14

2.Bobby: 17-15

3.Sasha: 16-16

4. Romalia: 14-18

Buccaneers at Falcons

Bobby: Falcons

Sam: Falcons

Sasha: Falcons

Romalia: Falcons

Bobby says: It's hard to tell whether the good or bad Matt Ryan will show up. But even with a bad Matt Ryan, I think the Falcons take this game.

Sam says: Without someone on the Buccs secondary to cover WR Julio Jones, I expect the Falcons passing game to be unbeatable at home.

Sasha says: Tampa's running game may be a little better than Atlanta but every other facet of their offense is worse. If the Falcons can get a strong Matt Ryan they should pull this one out.

Romalia says: After a disappointing loss last week to the Bengals, the Falcons are going to bounce back against division rivals in the Buccaneers who have not impressed this season.

Chargers at Bills

Bobby: Chargers

Sam: Chargers

Sasha: Chargers

Romalia: Bills

Bobby says: After a great win last week, Philip Rivers is going to keep rolling in Buffalo. However, C.J. Spiller and EJ Manuel will make this game a must-watch.

Sam says: With a dynamic RB who can catch passes like Danny Woodhead, the Chargers will be able to neutralize the pressure of that dynamic Bills front seven and the pressure that helped knock off the Dolphins last week.

Sasha says: The Chargers are high off their upset of the Seahawks and look to hold onto their momentum and take down the weak Bills.

Romalia says: After surprising everyone winning their first two games, the Bills will come to this game as an underdog again and beat the Chargers. With Philip Rivers as quarterback you can never know what is going to happen so the Bills can win this one.

Cowboys at Rams

Bobby: Cowboys

Sam: Cowboys

Sasha: Cowboys

Romalia: Cowboys

Bobby says: If Dallas sticks to DeMarco Murray and the running game, they should win this game. But if Tony Romo decides he wants to throw the ball, the Rams could shut down Dallas.

Sam says: The Rams can't score, and make up for it by playing bad defense.

Sasha says: Tony Romo hasn't been consistent this year to say the least but even with a weak Romo the Cowboys should get this win against a weak Rams running defense.

Romalia says: The Rams are terrible and the Cowboys will take advantage of that and get the win away from home. Even the doldrums of Tony Romo will not lose them the game.

Redskins at Eagles

Bobby: Eagles

Sam: Eagles

Sasha: Redskins

Romalia: Redskins

Bobby says: Nick Foles and Darren Sproles make a great combo, after grinding out a tough win against the Colts, they should beat the Redskins easily.

Sam says: After two straight second half comebacks, the Eagles are very confident, even when trailing. However, that doesn't mean they don't need to get off to better starts.

Sasha says: The Redskins dominated the Jaguars, even without RGIII. Their offense is looking stronger and their defense shutdown Jacksonville with 11 sacks. Desean Jackson should also be hungry to beat his former team

Romalia says: With RGIII injured, the Redskins now are not as predictable with a pocket passer in Kirk Cousins, than with RGIII and because of this they will pull off a shock win against the eagles.

Texans at Giants

Bobby: Texans

Sam: Giants

Sasha: Texans

Romalia: Texans

Bobby says: The Texans aren't a very good team, but they have proved that they can beat other bad teams. J.J. Watt on defense and offense is an exciting player to watch.

Sam says: The Giants basically the the game away to the Cardinals with a variety of turnovers, they won't lose another game like that again. Tom Coughlin is too good of a head coach.

Sasha says: The Giants are one of the worst teams in football right now. The Texans aren't anything special either but Arian Foster should find some holes in this Giants defense.

Romalia says: The Texans at 2-0 already equalled their win tally from last year and they look to surpass the record from last year defeating the Giants. The Giants have given little reason to trust them and they will get pummeled this week.

Vikings at Saints

Bobby: Saints

Sam: Saints

Sasha: Saints

Romalia: Saints

Bobby says: Saints fans should be worried about their 0-2 start, but they shouldn't be worried about the Vikings this week. No way a weak Vikings offense, even with Adrian Peterson, overcomes the Saints.

Sam says: This is a blowout. With the Saints at home for the first time all year, in the words of Rohan Oprisko, there will be no mercy for the Vikings.

Sasha says: The Vikings will not be able to do anything positive against Brees and the Giants this week in New Orleans.

Romalia says: After a disappointing start to the season, the Saints will look to rebound against the Vikings and get their first win of the season.

Titans at Bengals

Bobby: Bengals

Sam: Bengals

Sasha: Titans

Romalia: Bengals

Bobby says: The Bengals have been very impressive so far this season. Even if A.J. Green is out, Andy Dalton will be able to connect with Mohamed Sanu.

Sam says: After the Titans offense made the dreadful Cowboys defense look like the Seahawks last week at home, I see nothing good coming from this matchup in Cincy.

Sasha says: The Titans looked promising in the first game of the season but in Week 2 they ended all hopes by losing to Dallas. Dalton and the Bengals should come through this week, even with an injured A.J. Green.

Romalia says: I hate to do it but I'm going to have to go to with the Bengals this week. They burned me twice and this week I'm going to pick them.

Ravens at Browns

Bobby: Browns

Sam: Ravens

Sasha: Ravens

Romalia: Ravens

Bobby says: Johnny Manziel who? Brian Hoyer has thrown for more than 200 yards two weeks in a row. If the NFL can agree to a new drug policy, Hoyer might be throwing to Josh Gordon in this game.

Sam says: Although the Browns had a very impressive home win last week against the Saints, they have primarily relied on their running game all season, with over 42% of their total yardage being on the ground. Thats well above the league average. Against the first tough ground defense they are facing all season, expect the Browns to struggle offensively.

Sasha says: Against the Steelers the ravens showed that, without Ray Rice, they can still compete and be tough to beat.

Romalia says: The Ravens impressed last week against the Steelers and the will continue this fashion against the Browns who will not win this game. Packers at Lions

Bobby: Packers

Sam: Packers

Sasha: Lions

Romalia: Packers

Bobby says: The Lions couldn't handle Cam Newton's passing game, and they definitely won't be able to handle Aaron Rodgers' passing game. Packers get a win in a high scoring, offense based game.

Sam says: QB Aaron Rodgers has a 9-1 record against the Lions, with his only loss coming when he left the game with an injury. Expect the Lions to make the Packers offense one dimensional, but Rodgers is just too good and Matt Stafford is just too turnover prone.

Sasha says: The Lions defense will rebound this week and Megatron will feast on this weak Packers pass defense.

Romalia says: The Lions disappointed last week and they will do it again losing to Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay.

Colts at Jaguars

Bobby: Colts

Sam: Colts

Sasha: Colts

Romalia: Colts

Bobby says: After two consecutive losses, the Colts are hungry for their first win and should have no trouble getting it in Jacksonville.

Sam says: The Colts are probably the worst team to face in week three. After an 0-2 start, the Colts are in a very serious "must win” game.

Sasha says: The Jaguars have nothing going for them right now and their confidence level is at its lowest point. The Colts need to take advantage of this and get their first win of the season.

Romalia says: The Jaguars let us down last week and this week we will not let it happen again. Against Andrew Luck, the Jaguars have no chance.

Raiders at Patriots

Bobby: Patriots

Sam: Patriots

Sasha: Patriots

Romalia: Patriots

Bobby says: After a rough Week 1 loss to the Dolphins, the Patriots have a breeze of a schedule to get back on track. They dominated the Vikings in Week 2 and they will dominate the Raiders in Week 3.

Sam says: Expect awesome play across the board for the Pats.

Sasha says: Look for Patriots to blow through the Raiders this week with no problems.

Romalia says: The Raiders showed everything that is wrong with them last week and this week against the clinical Patriots they will lose in splendid fashion.

49ers at Cardinals

Bobby: Cardinals

Sam: 49ers

Sasha: 49ers

Romalia: 49ers

Bobby says: Drew Stanton looked very impressive last week filling in for Carson Palmer. He shocks San Francisco in an upset.

Sam says: I don't see Drew Stanton playing very well this week against a stout 49ers defense.

Sasha says: There is no way the Cardinals will upset the Giants as Gore is coming of a terrific game and Kapernick looks to run and pass all over the Cardinals.

Romalia says: Cardinals are a crappy franchise and the 49ers will show hem what an actual franchise can do. Also Frank Gore will display his superb running skills once again.

Broncos at Seahawks

Bobby: Seahawks

Sam: Broncos

Sasha: Broncos

Romalia: Seahawks

Bobby says: Russell Wilson is 16-1 at home. Even against Peyton Manning, Seattle's defense should hold the fortress down and help them win.

Sam says: With a whole offseason to game plan, one of the smartest quarterbacks in the game and a revamped defense, I expect the Broncos to avenge their super bowl loss and beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

Sasha says: A rematch of the Superbowl should have the Broncos hungry and determined to change the tides.

Romalia says: In the Super Bowl rematch this year the result will be the same as the last time they met. The Seahawks defence will show why defence wins you championships.

Chiefs at Dolphins

Bobby: Dolphins

Sam: Chiefs

Sasha: Chiefs

Romalia: Dolphins

Bobby says: Without Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs have nothing rolling for their offense. Ryan Tannehill could easily have a breakout game against the mediocre Chiefs defense.

Sam says: With the Dolphins offensive line looking very suspect last week, Tamba Hali and that fierce Chiefs d-line should be all over the quarterback this week. Also, expect the injury to Jamaal Charles to be overcome by a stellar performance from backup RB Knile Davis.

Sasha says: After the Dolphins beat the Patriots in Week 1 they haven't looked to strong. I think week 1 was just an upset and even though the Chiefs don't have Charles, the Dolphins will go back to their usual selves this week.

Romalia says: The Dolphins, although losing last week will come back against the Chiefs who look as terrible as ever.

Steelers at Panthers

Bobby: Panthers

Sam: Panthers

Sasha: Panthers

Romalia: Panthers

Bobby says: Cam Newton looked great last week coming off that injury. If Kelvin Benjamin can hold onto the ball the Panthers roll.

Sam says: Last week we all forgot just how good the Panthers are at home. If their performance is even close to last week's, they'll win on sunday.

Sasha says: After losing to the Ravens, the Steelers don't feel to good. Look for Pittsburgh to fail to bounce back this week against a strong Cam Newton.

Romalia says: The Steelers somehow lost to the Ravens last week and because of that there is no way they can get a victory this week.

Bears at Jets

Bobby: Bears

Sam: Bears

Sasha: Jets

Romalia: Jets

Bobby says: The Jets almost pulled off an upset in Green Bay, but it was a fluke. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall make a great combo.

Sam says: Last week the Jets offense showed they can't keep a lead against a very bad Green Bay defense. That's not a good sign heading into monday night against the Bears.

Sasha says: On paper the Jets shouldn't beat the Bears but I'm feeling a mini upset for New York.

Romalia says: There is another quarterback I would love to add to my bum list and that is Jay Cutler. His consistent uninspiring performances have helped me decide to pick the Jets in this one.

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