NFL Week One Predictions

Sept. 5, 2014, 2 p.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 8 months ago

With the new school year comes a new season of SCO NFL Predictions. Check out our picks and analysis to greatly improve your NFL IQ.

With the new school year comes a new season of SCO NFL Predictions. Bobby Pfefferle and Sasha Tidwell are two newcomers attempting to dethrone defending champion Sam Popper. Coming off a last place year, Rohan Oprisko has decided to team up with Amalia Chiapperino, their dynamic duo will be known as "Romalia”. Every week our SCO experts pick every NFL game and give you some analysis to get you ready for all the NFL action on Sundays.

Packers at Seahawks

Bobby: Seahawks

Sam: Seahawks

Sasha: Seahawks

Romalia: Seahawks Bobby says: Fresh off a Super Bowl championship, the Seahawks are going to burst out of the gate in this game and show the rest of the league their ready to repeat. Last time these teams met in Seattle, the replacement refs decided the outcome of the game. This year, the Seattle crowd, the 12th man, will be the decisive factor.

Sam says: Although the Packers are destined for a great season as long as QB Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy, this is the type of game that the Seahawks always seem to step up and show why they are the defending Super Bowl champs. Expect the Seahawks to control the clock and keep Rodgers off the field.

Sasha says: With Packers QB Aaron Rodgers finally healthy; the Packers look to do damage this week, but with the best defense in the league, it looks like Seattle will squander those hopes.

Romalia says: With the Seahawks coming out with the same key figures that helped them achieve a Super Bowl championship last year, it seems as though the Packers have a small chance. Another factor is the raucous crowd which should definitely influence the game in favor of the Seahawks.

Saints at Falcons

Bobby: Saints

Sam: Saints

Sasha: Saints

Romalia: Saints

Bobby says: This game is going to be closer than expected, but ultimately the better team wins. The Saints offense should overpower the Falcons defense. Drew Brees just has too many options to pass to, including new rookie WR Brandin Cooks.

Sam says: The Falcons and Saints are always entertaining, but I expect the Saints to pull out a close one behind the arm of Drew Brees.

Sasha says: Drew Brees is good year in and year out and with potential young stars like Marques Colston and Brandin Cooks as targets. It seems like the Saints should roll over this Falcons Defense.

Romalia says: With the Falcons secondary consistently being the laughing stock of the league, the Saints should have no problems rolling over them. Combined with the fact that the Falcons offense is inconsistent to say the least, I can't see a chance for them to get a victory.

Vikings at Rams

Bobby: Rams

Sam: Rams

Sasha: Vikings

Romalia: Vikings

Bobby says: The Rams' improved defensive line will put heavy pressure on the Vikings offensive line, forcing Matt Cassel to make bad decisions.

Sam says: In a division with the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals, the Rams are quietly a top 10 defense in the league. Although Adrian Peterson will get his fair share of offensive production, the Rams defense will win them this game.

Sasha says: Look for Adrian Peterson to be eager to make some big plays out of the gate and let his defense work.

Romalia says: The Rams are consistently an average team and this trend will continue this year, first losing to the Vikings who should be better this year than last and with Adrian Peterson who knows.

Browns at Steelers

Bobby: Steelers

Sam: Steelers

Sasha: Steelers

Romalia: Steelers

Bobby says: Big Ben has a lot of options to throw to, and Le'Veon Bell could help run away with this game.

Sam says: The Browns are a mess on offense and Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau's defenses have dominated inexperienced quarterbacks for his entire tenure with Pittsburgh.

Sasha says: A healthy Roethlisberger is a good sign for the Steelers and with plenty of reliable targets and a Browns defense that is nowhere to be found, the steelers should pull out the W.

Romalia says: Even though the Browns have been talked about and hyped for maybe the first time ever because of the addition of Johnny Manziel, all of this glamour will fade as soon as they lose to the Steelers in their first game of the season.

Jaguars at Eagles

Bobby: Eagles

Sam: Eagles

Sasha: Eagles

Romalia: Eagles

Bobby says: Nick Foles is one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league. He threw 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Add that with LeSean McCoy and the Eagles take the dub.

Sam says: The Jaguars are all of a sudden a young team with lots of talent, unfortunately it will not show as soon as week one against a hungry Eagles team.

Sasha says: The Jaguars have ranked last in the league in sacks over the last two seasons so Foles should have plenty of time in the pocket to find his targets and with McCoy on the ground it looks like the sky's the limit for the Eagles offense.

Romalia says: The Jaguars are terrible. There is no other way to describe it, but this year they may do a little better but still not enough to beat the Eagles who should have an easy time.

Raiders at Jets

Bobby: Jets

Sam: Jets

Sasha: Oakland

Romalia: Jets

Bobby says: The Raiders and the Jets both need improvements. Just that the Jets aren't quite as bad as the Raiders, which is why a new and improved Geno Smith will lead the Jets to victory.

Sam says: Although the Jets offense may be a work in progress, their Head Coach Rex Ryan is a defensive genius who should trouble rookie QB Derek Carr.

Sasha says: Geno Smith is coming off a season where he gave up 21 interceptions and only threw for only 12 TDs. Even against a below average Raiders offense I don't see the Jets pulling this one out.

Romalia says: The Jets have had their missteps in the past but we think against the Raiders these missteps will not be present as they play one of the weaker opponents in the league.

Bengals at Ravens

Bobby: Bengals

Sam: Bengals

Sasha: Bengals

Romalia: Ravens

Bobby says: The Ravens are overrated and the Bengals are underrated. Last year, Andy Dalton was one of the best quarterbacks in football. It wasn't a fluke.

Sam says: Many NFL experts are wondering about the Bengals this season. Over the offseason, they lost both of their genius coordinators to head coaching jobs, they lost some great defensive players and signed their quarterback to a questionable contract extension. Nevertheless, I am picking them against the average Ravens.

Sasha says: With Joe Flacco coming off of the worst season of his career, the Ravens will be lucky if their .500 at the end of the season. The Bengals on the other hand have won 30 games in 3 seasons with Andy Dalton and look to continue this trend against a mediocre Raven's pass defense.

Romalia says: Joe Flacco is a bum, there is no other way to describe it, but against a bigger bum in overhyped Andy Dalton, the Ravens will win. The factor they will rely on most, will be there defense who should come out ready to play.

Bills at Bears

Bobby: Bears

Sam: Bears

Sasha: Bears

Romalia: Bears

Bobby says: Matt Forte is an elite running back, partially because he racks up so many receiving yards. Look for him and WR Brandon Marshall to be targeted frequently by Jay Cutler

Sam says: The Bears high powered offense will just be too much for the Bills, who really struggled this preseason.

Sasha says: Forte looks to lead his team to their first W of the year against a Bills franchise that hasn't made the playoffs in 15 years and hasn't had a winning season in 10.

Romalia says: The Bears couldn't have been happier to receive the Bills in their season opener, a team who will always be mediocre.

Redskins at Texans

Bobby: Texans

Sam: Texans

Sasha: Redskins

Romalia: Texans

Bobby says: Let's face it. The Redskins are bad. There's some hope for a good year in Washington, but not in this game. Rookie Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt will break through the weak Washington offensive line and stopping RGIII, and the running game.

Sam says: With their change in coaching staff, this Texans defense is ready and has the talent to return to the league's best.

Sasha says: I know it's early in the season but this is a must win for the Redskins. The skins are fired up and ready to show that when their offense is healthy they can do some damage.

Romalia says: The Redskins are a disaster waiting to happen. RGIII played 10 series this preseason and somehow managed to get sacked four times. Coming up against the menacing Texans front seven it looks bad for RGIII. Add the factor that the game is in Houston this game will be an easy victory.

Titans at Chiefs

Bobby: Chiefs

Sam: Chiefs

Sasha: Chiefs

Romalia: Chiefs

Bobby says: Tennessee doesn't have much going for its offense. Kansas City, meanwhile, has a lot going for its defense. The Chiefs will shut down the Titans, easy.

Sam says: Although I am picking Kansas City, don't be surprised if the Titans pull of the upset. Unlike my peers, I believe their offense will be much improved. The only reason I am picking KC is the running back position, Jamaal Charles is a beast for the Chiefs.

Sasha says: Weak Tennessee offense vs. strong Chiefs defense. Strong Chiefs offense vs. weak Tennessee defense.

Romalia says: As the Chiefs do every year, they will start out strong and this trend will continue against the Titans.

Patriots at Dolphins

Bobby: Dolphins

Sam: Patriots

Sasha: Patriots

Romalia: Patriots

Bobby says: Miami sends a message that they're ready to take over the AFC East in this game.

Sam says: In a very close game the Patriots win. However, don't be shocked if the Dolphins give the Pats a run for their money in the AFC East.

Sasha says: Brady and Belichick are starving for their fourth Super Bowl title and with a healthy Gronkowski and a reworked secondary, that title looks like it's in reach.

Romalia says: The Patriots are the Patriots constant and good, with the Hernandez scandal in the background, the Pats will go to Miami and do their business and then leave.

Panthers at Buccaneers

Bobby: Buccaneers

Sam: Panthers

Sasha: Panthers

Romalia: Panthers

Bobby says: On paper the Panthers should have no trouble beating the Buccaneers. But I smell upset all over this game, especially if Cam Newton sits.

Sam says: I love the Bucs new Head Coach Lovie Smith's defense, I just don't know if I'm sold on their offense.

Sasha says: The Panthers beat the Bucs in every category.

Romalia says: With Cam Newton on the helm of the Panthers we can't see them suffering to a defeat at the hands of the Buccaneers.

49ers at Cowboys

Bobby: 49ers

Sam: 49ers

Sasha: 49ers

Romalia: 49ers

Bobby says: Kaepernick and Crabtree are ready to prove their doubters wrong.

Sam says: Without All-Pro linebacker Sean Lee, the Cowboys defense has more holes than Spongebob SquarePants.

Sasha says: Kaepernick's always a double threat and Frank Gore may be 31 but he's still one of the elite running backs in the league.

Romalia says: Once again the Cowboys will have a lackluster season and it begins in against the 49ers who should run away with this game.

Colts at Broncos

Bobby: Broncos

Sam: Broncos

Sasha: Broncos

Romalia: Broncos

Bobby says: Two words. Peyton Manning. Manning destroys his old team and outshines Andrew Luck in a very offense-based game.

Sam says: In a revenge game, the Broncos win thanks to their revamped defense and their arsenal of weapons on offense, even without Wes Welker who is suspended and concussed.

Sasha says: The Broncos offense is just too good right now and even though the colts made some solid defensive additions in the off season, it won't be enough to slow down Manning.

Romalia says: The replacement will not succeed. Andrew Luck will put up a fight but he will lose to a Peyton Manning ready to forget about last year.

Giants at Lions

Bobby: Lions

Sam: Lions

Sasha: Lions

Romalia: Lions

Bobby says: Running back Joique Bell could prove to be the difference maker in this game.

Sam says: The Giants will have trouble stopping the Lions quick passing attack. Also, the Lions now have something they haven't had since before some of the freshmen even heard of football, a wide receiver to complement Calvin Johnson. WR Golden Tate will star on Monday Night next to Megatron

Sasha says: Megatron and Stafford will have no problem taking down this weak Giants Defense

Romalia says: With their offensive power, the Lions should have no problem in dispatching Eli and the average Giants of last year.

Chargers at Cardinals

Bobby: Cardinals

Sam: Chargers

Sasha: Cardinals

Romalia: Chargers

Bobby says: Wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd should have no trouble getting open, as long as quarterback Carson Palmer can connect with them.

Sam says: Even on the road, I think the Chargers will wear down the Cardinals normally stout front seven with their fast paced offense.

Sasha says: Fitz looks to start his season right coming off a ten touchdown season in 2013. Lets just hope Palmer can hit his targets.

Romalia says: For hometown pride we are going to go with the Chargers. Philip Rivers could have a good game which would propel them to a win. Another reason is that the Cardinals are a substandard franchise. Lets go Bolts!

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