NFL Week Four Predictions

Sept. 27, 2014, 1:12 p.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Agam Mittal, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper | 9 years, 9 months ago

After another week of NFL action, the standings remained pretty much the same. Sam and Bobby are widening the gap between Sasha and our dynamic duo known as Romalia. With Sasha out of town for most of the week, he called upon tech staff all-star Agam Mittal to make his picks for the week and attempt to boost him back up the leaderboard. Let's see how the picks shape out this week.


1. Sam: 30-18
2. Bobby: 28-20
3. Sasha: 25-23
4. Romalia: 22-26

Giants at Redskins
Sam: Giants
Bobby: Redskins
Agam: Redskins
Romalia: Redskins

Sam says: After a great performance from both teams last week, I like the Giants to pass on the Skins for plenty of yards just as the Eagles did.
Bobby says: Kirk Cousins destroyed the Eagles backfield last week. I think he keeps it up this week.
Agam says: The Giants offense is improving, and as Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo promised in the preseason, Eli is completing over 70% of his passes.
Romalia says: The Redskins looked good against the Eagles and against the Giants, a divisional foe, they have a chance to win

Packers at Bears
Sam: Packers
Bobby: Bears
Agam: Packers

Sam says: Aaron Rodgers has been dominant over the Bears, Jay Cutler on the other hand vs Green Bay, a quarterback rating under 70. I take the Packers
Bobby says: Eddie Lacy has yet to get going, and I question whether Aaron Rodgers can take over the game against the Bears defense.
Agam says: Eddie Lacy and the entire Packers offense will get back on track and shred the swiss-cheese Bears run defense.
Romalia says: The Packers have been a little disappointing to start this season but this trend will end against the Bears who with Jay Cutler at quarterback they will lose.

Bills at Texans
Sam: Texans
Bobby: Bills
Agam: Texans

Sam says: After an awful loss last week in New York, the Texans will get RB Arian Foster back from injury this week. With Foster, the home field advantage, abd their stout defense, I like the Texans in this game.
Bobby says: The Texans looked awful last week. They had an easy start to their schedule but I don't think J.J. Watt and Co. will be able to handle EJ Manuel and C.J. Spiller.
Agam says: I think this Texans defense bounces back from a tough outing against the Giants and wreaks havoc on an inconsistent EJ Manuel.
Romalia says: The Texans disappointed last week but expect that to change this week against the Bills who will have a hard time getting past J.J. Watt.

Titans at Colts
Sam: Colts
Bobby: Colts
Agam: Colts

Sam says: After the Titans crushed the Chiefs in week one, they have steadily looked worse and worse. They're running game is really suffering and it won't improve at Indy.
Bobby says: This is Andrew Luck's breakout season and it will be highlighted by a weak Titans defense in this game.
Agam says: A rejuvenated Ahmad Bradshaw and this strong Colts offense should take care of business.
Romalia says: The Titans looked terrible last week and against the Colts they won't look any better.

Panthers at Ravens
Sam: Panthers
Bobby: Ravens
Agam: Ravens

Sam says: Although WR Steve Smith is out for blood against his former team, the Panthers are too after a devastating loss last week to the Steelers. The Panthers defense led by LB Luke Kuechly will dominate the shaky Ravens offense.
Bobby says: Ravens have proved me wrong every game so far this season. I'm hopping on the team bandwagon this week. Rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro is the real deal.
Agam says: It hurts to pick against my team, but as Steve Smith said after he got traded, there will be Panthers blood and guts everywhere.
Romalia says: Cam Newton will lead the Panthers to a victory, even over the rejuvenating Ravens.

Lions at Jets
Sam: Lions
Bobby: Lions
Agam: Lions

Sam says: The Lions defense just shut down the Packers and the Jets secondary is one of the worst in football. You do the math.
Bobby says: If the Lions defense can shut down the Packers, they will have no trouble shutting down the Jets. Megatron rolls.
Agam says: Megatron and Golden Tate against that weak Jets secondary? I'm going with the Matt Stafford and the Lions in this one.
Romalia says: The Lions will have fun this week as they play the Jets who have looked uninspired this season.

Buccaneers at Steelers
Sam: Steelers
Bobby: Steelers
Agam: Steelers
Romalia: Steelers

Sam says: This is this week that the Steelers look to set themselves as serious competitors in the AFC North division with a big win this week against the befuddled Bucs.
Bobby says: Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell make a deadly combo for any defense in the league.
Agam says: The Steelers are coming off of a dominant performance and I see them doing more of the same against the hapless Bucs. This team is strong offensively.
Romalia says: After the complete debacle last week against the Falcons, the Buccaneers will not be able to rebound back and defeat the Steelers.

Dolphins at Raiders
Sam: Dolphins
Bobby: Raiders
Agam: Raiders

Sam says: The Dolphins are making everyone forget about their week one statement win over the Patriots. I like the Dolphins to win this big game in London led by their best pass rusher Cameron Wake.
Bobby says: Raiders first win of the season? Why not.
Agam says: With a clear #1 wideout in James Jones and MJD back from injury, I think the Raiders could win this one against a shaky Ryan Tannehill.
Romalia says: After beating the Patriots, the Dolphins have stumbled a little bit but expect them to get back to winning ways this week.

Jaguars at Chargers
Sam: Chargers
Bobby: Chargers
Agam: Chargers

Sam says: This game can actually be close if RB Donald Brown is stopped by the Jaguars good front seven.
Bobby says: Phillip Rivers doesn't lose at home. Period. Oh, and Jacksonville is a joke.
Agam says: This one projects to be over by halftime. The Jaguars defense won't be able to stop Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and Keenan Allen.
Romalia says: The Jaguars have shown the World once again what it means to be terrible. Winless this season they will not get there first win in this one.

Falcons at Vikings
Sam: Falcons
Bobby: Falcons
Agam: Vikings

Sam says: Teddy Bridgewater will struggle without Adrian Peterson beside him in the backfield.
Bobby says: Matt Ryan had no trouble dominating the Tampa Bay secondary, and his hot streak should continue this week.
Agam says: I can see Teddy Bridgewater playing well against a pretty weak Falcons defense, and Matt Ryan doesn't play well outdoors on the road. This is my sleeper pick of the week.
Romalia says: The Falcons after crushing the Buccaneers will face a tougher challenge in the Vikings who look inconsistent. The edge in this game will be Matt Ryan who will lead the Falcons to a victory.

Eagles at 49ers
Sam: Eagles
Bobby: 49ers
Agam: Eagles

Sam says: At home the 49ers have consistently been good against the Eagles. However, the 49ers are struggling defensively and having trouble finding their running game. This has been the bread and butter of the 49ers under Jim Harbaugh for his entire tenure.
Bobby says: The 49ers have struggled in the first three weeks of the season, but Colin Kaepernick showed some signs of life last week. 49ers take the home game.
Agam says: The 49ers defense hasn't looked like it has in the past few seasons, and neither has Colin Kaepernick. Shady Mccoy, Darren Sproles and Chip Kelly's high paced offense should be able to run past the 49ers in a game with shootout potential.
Romalia says: The 49ers don't look amazing but against the Eagles who can't play in the first half of the game they should be able to come out with a comfortable lead that will help them through the rest of the game.

Saints at Cowboys
Sam: Saints
Bobby: Saints
Agam: Saints

Sam says: No way the Cowboys defense can stop the Saints offense.
Bobby says: The Saints are just another Super Bowl contender starting off slow. They'll find it this week in Dallas.
Agam says: Drew Brees is on the road, but he should play at his usual level as long as he's indoors: I predict 300 yards and 3-4 touchdowns against this Cowboys defense that has surpassed expectations but got lit up by Austin Davis (who?) last week .
Romalia says: The Cowboys somehow have done pretty good so far this season but Drew Brees should take advantage of their terrible defense.

Patriots at Chiefs
Sam: Chiefs
Bobby: Patriots
Agam: Chiefs
Romalia: Patriots

Sam says: Tom Brady has been pressured on an absurd 26% of his dropbacks this season. The Chiefs will take advantage of this and with the return of Jamaal Charles, get a big win at home.
Bobby says: The Chiefs having nothing rolling for their offense without Jamaal Charles.
Agam says: The rowdy Arrowhead crowd will bring it for this Monday Night Football matchup and a near-healthy Jamaal Charles, emerging downhill threat Travis Kelce, and the improving Chiefs defense may prove to be too much for the Patriots who struggled last week against the Raiders.
Romalia says: The Chiefs have looked terrible and the machine that is the Patriots will benefit from that fact.

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