NFL Week Eight Predictions

Oct. 25, 2014, 4:02 p.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Agam Mittal, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 7 months ago

We, Romalia believe it is time to renounce our position on NFL predictions due to our current record.Technical director Agam Mittal, is moving up to the line of scrimmage, with his expertise and knowledge, and is ready to take his shot at Predictions. Hopefully, he will prove to be a more apt predictor than us. Good luck to Agam and we apologize for this abrupt shift in management.


1. Sam: 68-38
2. Sasha: 64-42
3. Bobby: 63-43
4. Agam: 57-49

With that, let's look at the experts picks for week eight.

Chargers at Broncos

Sam: Broncos
Bobby: Broncos
Sasha: Broncos
Agam: Broncos

Sam says: After the Chargers loss last week against the Chiefs, they are in for a big challenge this week. I think the Broncos run defense will trouble RB rookie sensation Branden Oliver and force the Chargers into a one dimensional offense.
Bobby says: The Broncos are undoubtedly the best team in the NFL. The Chargers are good, but they showed some serious weaknesses last weekend in their loss to the Chiefs.
Sasha says: The Broncos took down the 49ers with ease in week seven. The Chargers are about the same caliber as the 49ers so look for a repeat.
Agam says: Whichever team controls the clock and time of possession will win this game, and I think the Broncos take this one in a close game between the two best quarterbacks in the league right now.

Lions at Falcons

Sam: Falcons
Bobby: Lions
Sasha: Lions
Agam: Lions

Sam says: Although they are not at home, this game is truly a must win game for Atlanta, and I think they pull it off.
Bobby says: Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense has fallen into a rut, whereas the Lions and Stafford got hot late against the Saints.
Sasha says: Calvin Johnson could be back this week. If he is the Lions will dominate, even if he isn't though Detroit will still come out on top with their top ranked defense and scrappy offense.
Agam says: The Falcons offensive line has been awful and they have a bottom-10 defense. The Lions have a great defense and a pretty good offense, especially if they get Megatron back, so I don't see the Falcons winning.

Rams at Chiefs

Sam: Chiefs
Bobby: Chiefs
Sasha: Chiefs
Agam: Chiefs

Sam says: Even after beating the Seahawks, the Chiefs need desperately to keep up with the Chargers and the Chiefs and will win again this week.
Bobby says: Both teams had impressive upset-wins last week, but the Chiefs are the better team in the end. Jamaal Charles is back, and they're at home, Kansas City rolls.
Sasha says: After defeating the hottest team in football last week, the Chiefs are overflowing with confidence. The rams will get trounced.
Agam says: Jamaal Charles is going through a concussion protocol; if he's active, the Chiefs should be able to win this game on his legs against this leaky Rams defense. If not, look for a close game that the veteran Alex Smith will be able to win.

Texans at Titans

Sam: Texans
Bobby: Texans
Sasha: Texans
Agam: Texans

Sam says: With their positive offensive strides from last week. I like the Texans to win this game.
Bobby says: Both teams are pretty bad, but Tennessee is coming off a sloppy loss against the Redskins, which is bad. First half MVP J.J. Watt and the Texans roll.
Sasha says: The Texans started off strong but, as of now, both teams don't have anything going for them but the Texans seem to have more than Tennessee after the Titans loss to the Redskins.
Agam says: That was ugly for the Texans at the end of the first half against the Steelers on Monday Night Football, but questions at the quarterback position for the Titans makes it hard to pick them this week.

Vikings at Buccaneers

Sam: Buccaneers
Bobby: Vikings
Sasha: Buccaneers
Agam: Vikings

Sam says: I'll take the Bucs front seven to torment QB Teddy Bridgewater and take over this game.
Bobby says: This is one of many bad games this week. Both teams are bad, but I'll take my chances with the Vikings.
Sasha says: These may be the two worst teams in football but I see the Bucs breaking out for the first time in awhile.
Agam says: The Vikings actually looked pretty good last week until giving up a game-winning drive to Kyle Orton and the Bills, and they should be able to beat this pretty terrible Buccaneers team.

Seahawks at Panthers

Sam: Seahawks
Bobby: Seahawks
Sasha: Seahawks
Agam: Seahawks

Sam says: As much as I want to pick Carolina at home, the defending champs are reeling and this is their first must-win game of the season.
Bobby says: The defending champs are now underdogs to make the playoffs. If they want to make it to the post-season, this is a must win game.
Sasha says: The Seahawks were completely upset at home last week. Look for them to bounce back on the road against Carolina.
Agam says: Carolina somehow leads the terrible NFC South, but they've been the worst defensive team in football over the last 4 weeks. Look for this trend to continue against the defending champs.

Ravens at Bengals
Sam: Bengals
Bobby: Ravens
Sasha: Ravens
Agam: Bengals

Sam says: I know, I have been rolling with the Bengals all season, even picking them in a 27-0 loss at Indy last week. But in QB Andy Dalton's career, they are significantly better at home, and their defense will improve to win them this game.
Bobby says: Surprisingly, the Ravens offense has been the one of the best in the NFL so far this season. The Bengals won the first matchup in Baltimore, but the Ravens take this one.
Sasha says: Joe Flacco has come up big this season and the Bengals won't be able to stop him and his scrappy offense.
Agam says: The Bengals win at home, period. This should be a good, hard-fought divisional game, full of field goals and big hits. The Bengals are a terribly inconsistent team but getting AJ Green back might help them.

Dolphins at Jaguars

Sam: Dolphins
Bobby: Dolphins
Sasha: Dolphins
Agam: Dolphins

Sam says: The Dolphins WR duo of Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline will lead the Dolphins to a big win in Jacksonville. However, the story of Jaguars RB Denard Robinson is a great one. A former star QB at the University of Michigan, was forced into the switch to RB in the NFL and is making a name for himself.
Bobby says: A battle of Florida football should leave Miami victorious. The Dolphins were very impressive last week against the Bears. Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon are keeping opposing offenses down.
Sasha says: The Dolphins need to use this game to build confidence for the future. There is no way the Jags take this one.
Agam says: Believe it or not, Tannehill has been one of the best quarterbacks in the month of October, with over a 70% completion rating and a 104.0 passer rating. Tannehill has thrown for over 244 yards and 2 scores in 3 straight games and the improving Jaguars defense should be pretty beatable in this Florida matchup.

Bears at Patriots

Sam: Patriots
Bobby: Bears
Sasha: Bears
Agam: Patriots

Sam says: The Pats are so good at home. And with the Bears offense struggling, their defense has not picked up the slack. Expect the Bears defense, not their offense to doom them today.
Bobby says: All the signs are pointing against the Bears in this game. They're stumbling, and New England has become one of the hottest teams in the NFL. But lets not forget the Bears have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league with Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and Martellus Bennett. After Marshall called out Jay Cutler last week, I think Cutler steps up this week.
Sasha says: The Bears have won all their games on the road this season and look to continue this streak in Foxborough.
Agam says: After a scary-bad start to the year, Tom Brady has been scary-good. Meanwhile, the Bears big-money players (Marshall, Jeffrey, Cutler) have been underwhelming of late, and there have been reports of problems in the locker room between Marshall and Cutler. Let's not forget that the Pats are playing in Foxborough.

Bills at Jets

Sam: Jets
Bobby: Jets
Sasha: Jets
Agam: Bills

Sam says: I'm feeling the Jets today with their great defense and WR Percy Harvin's debut.
Bobby says: Debuting Percy Harvin and the Jets roll. The Bills are now without C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. Things don't look good in Buffalo.
Sasha says: Look for New York to use Chris Ivory as a workhorse and pound the Bills defensive line.
Agam says: The Bills lost their running backs and are now relying on Orton and their rookie WR Sammy Watkins. This is a face off between two top 5 run defenses, so the team that wins will do so through the air. I trust Kyle Orton more than Geno Smith, so I'm going with the Bills to spoil Harvin's NYJ debut.

Raiders at Browns

Sam: Browns
Bobby: Browns
Sasha: Browns
Agam: Raiders

Sam says: After a loss to the Jaguars, it does not get much worse for the Browns. But remember, this was a team that beat the Saints at home, has one of the league's best running games, and has CBs Joe Haden and rookie Justin Gilbert in their secondary.
Bobby says: Another bad game. The Browns should win this game but only because the Raiders are awful.
Sasha says: The Browns are coming off a tough loss to Jacksonville. The Browns have some firepower though, so look for them to bounce back and take down the worst team in football at home.
Agam says: The Browns got completely owned by the Jaguars last week, and Hoyer looked awful. It might be #ManzielTime in Cleveland. For the worst team in football, the Raiders aren't THAT bad.

Eagles at Cardinals

Sam: Eagles
Bobby: Cardinals
Sasha: Cardinals
Agam: Eagles

Sam says: This game features two teams that are accustomed to dominating in one area, offense of the Eagles and defense for the Cardinals. But are now becoming great in other areas of their game. Whichever team is the more well rounded will win this one, and because of their special team heroics, I'll take Philly.
Bobby says: This is the game to watch in Week 8. The red-hot Cardinals have won 12 of their last 15 games dating back to last year. Carson Palmer seems to be in sync with receivers Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald. On top of that, Andre Ellington has looked good the past two weeks.
Sasha says: The Eagles are an extremely strong squad but they won't be able to put out the fire in Arizona.
Agam says: The Cards defense hasn't looked the same this year, and they could get into a shootout here. I like the Eagles' chances; they simply have more weapons.

Colts at Steelers

Sam: Steelers
Bobby: Colts
Sasha: Colts
Agam: Colts

Sam says: I am just feeling the Steelers in his one. After their monday night football win, they looked great. They'll win this game because of their dynamic offense led by RB Le'Veon Bell and WR Antonio Brown. However, if they lose this game, it will be because Andrew Luck torches their secondary.
Bobby says: The Colts are on a roll. They tore apart Cincinnati's defense, and should have no trouble getting by Pittsburgh.
Sasha says: The Colts' offense has been dominant and the steelers' defense has not. Look for Indianapolis to come out with this road win.
Agam says: The Colts have been great this season and the Steelers have been up and down. If the Steelers are at their best, this could be a close one, but who knows which Steelers team we'll see.

Packers at Saints

Sam: Saints
Bobby: Packers
Sasha: Packers
Agam: Saints

Sam says: The Saints are bad this year, but since their divisional foes have not been much better, they are facing must win games to make the playoffs as a division winner. This is a Sunday night stage, at home, that the Sean Payton coached team and a Drew Brees quarterbacked team seem to always win.
Bobby says: At the beginning of the season this matchup looked like it would be one of the best of the entire season. But, the Saints have been a disappointment this season, and the Packers should breeze (Brees...get it?) through the Saints.
Sasha says: The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are on a roll. Even at the Superdome, the Saints won't take this one.
Agam says: Jimmy Graham still isn't 100%, but I have to pick the Saints at home in a must-win. Neither of these teams has a great defense.

Redskins at Cowboys

Sam: Cowboys
Bobby: Cowboys
Sasha: Redskins
Agam: Cowboys

Sam says: An upset would be more likely if Kirk Cousins was playing, not a perennial bust in Colt McCoy. The Jay Gruden experiment in D.C. is falling flat on its face, while Dallas is beginning to look like the best team in football.
Bobby says: Dallas is a legitimate playoff team, and they're hotter than ever.
Sasha says: One of the biggest upsets of the season.
Agam says: Tony Romo will have his way on primetime with this beaten up Redskins defense, which has already lost DeAngelo Hall and just lost Brian Orakpo to a torn pectoral muscle. It'd make for a more intriguing matchup if RG3 played.

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