Getting a splash out of water sports

By Olivia Bevacqua | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Sophomore Jocelyn Dowling has one thing on her mind as she fights her way through the Potomac River's raging rapids in July 2003: staying afloat. Capsizing could mean the loss of three days' worth of food and supplies tied loosely to the seat behind her. Water sprays across her face as she maneuvers through the whitewater, edging past jagged rocks that dwarf her red canoe.

Amazing Blazers

By Luke Bostian | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Blair may have seen years of bad luck in the sports department, but if history teaches anything, it is that Blair is capable, every now and again, of producing a truly stellar athlete. These ten are the greatest Blazers in the sports history of Silver Spring and Takoma Park.

Renovations Spring into action

By Tina Peng, Eliot Stein | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

The Discovery Communications building's warmly lit main lobby smells of plastic, Windex and fresh paint. A cheerfully dinging mechanical contraption pushes and shakes rainbow-colored balls down a series of tracks. Outside, as a family passes by on the sidewalk, its wide-eyed toddler glances back five times at "Stan,” a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil replica that glares malevolently through the glass wall.

No strings attached

By Elizabeth Packer | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Samantha Baker sits across from her longtime crush Jake Ryan, their faces lit by the candles glowing on the birthday cake in-between them. This scene from the classic 1980s movie Sixteen Candles ends with Jake asking Samantha out after the two share a kiss. Oh, the simple days, when romance ruled, and friends were just friends. At Blair, where "going out,” "hooking-up” and "friends with benefits” are common, the dating lines have been blurred and romance is no longer required for physical intimacy. While many Blazers still choose committed relationships, friendships that include sexual hook-ups are becoming increasingly common.

First day runs smoothly

By Anthony Glynn | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Teenage diabetes on the rise

By Colby Chapman | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Coloring in the Lines

By Lily Hamburger | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

WUSA folds

By Ellie Blalock | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

The Women's United Soccer Association (WUSA) announced its closure on Monday, September 15, due to low attendance and poor sponsorship, according to WUSA's announcement came days before the Women's World Cup began on September 20.

Diversity at Blair after 50 years of Brown v. Board

By Karima Tawfik | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Combs in hand, two black girls work diligently and delicately to finish cornrowing their friends' hair amidst the bustle of 5A lunch. Next to them, three Latino boys are sprawled out among the benches talking, and a few feet away, two white students finish their lunches before the whole group rises and joins the student body of the most diverse school in Montgomery County—a school that 50 years ago accepted only white students.

Girl assaulted near Blair

By Elizabeth Green | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Hispanic Club Performance

By Zach Mellman | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

The Hispanic club will be performing dances and beautiful messages for their parents and the Blair community in the SAC, on Friday, December 6, at 7:00 PM. All are invited to view this presentation of Hispanic traditions and culture.

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