The Roscoe's treasure of Takoma Park

Dec. 21, 2009, 6:33 p.m. | By Blake Morgan-Gamber | 14 years, 5 months ago

Neapolitan pizzeria is successful with fresh, creative pizza toppings

Along the main street of Takoma Park lies a welcoming, upscale pizzeria that embodies the inviting, bubbly spirit of its community. Surrounded by animated shops and vivacious people, Roscoe's Neapolitan Pizzeria rises above ordinary pizzerias and stands out among its neighboring restaurants on Carroll Avenue.

Roscoe's Neapolitan Pizzeria stands in Old Town – the heart of Takoma Park. Picture courtesy of the Takoma Voice.

The name for this bustling pizzeria was inspired by an unusual visitor to restaurants and shops that lined the more historic part of Takoma Park 10 years ago: a rooster named Roscoe. The free-spirited rooster appeared mysteriously in Takoma Park one day and graced residents with his spontaneous presence. Although he no longer roams the city, Roscoe remains a town emblem and a small, commemorative statue of him rests on a podium on Carroll Avenue.

The much anticipated Roscoe's pizzeria, which opened earlier this summer, possesses an eye-catching exterior and a modern, yet cozy, interior. However, because Roscoe's is divided into two dining rooms, the mellow ambiance of the pizzeria is visually interrupted. Guests who are forced to sit in the second dining room are separated from the prioritized, yet limited seating of the main dining room. Both rooms, however, have a sophisticated and urban vibe that makes visitors feel comfortable and at ease.

Warm-hearted service also enhances the enjoyment of a dining experience at Roscoe's. Waiters are personable and are more than willing to discuss the menu with patrons. Servers appear and act classy. Though their service is speedy, servers are never pushy about meals and are not disruptive to table conversation.

A statue of Roscoe reminds Takoma Park residents of the free-spirited rooster who once roamed the town's streets. Picture courtesy of Roadside Architecture.

The pizza available at this upscale Takoma Park pizzeria is as delectable as it looks. Customers can order an array of individual-sized pizzas topped with interesting combinations of ingredients. Most pizzas will appeal to a vegetarian crowd since Roscoe's provides a wide variety of vegetable mixtures for toppings. Pizzas available to vegetarians include the Totto, the Fughi and of course, the Roscoe, which is topped with spinach, mushroom and roasted red pepper. For meat eaters, the Ruspante pizza delightfully blends chopped mixed bell peppers with chunks of grilled chicken. The delicious tomato sauce that lines the pizza's thin crust and joins it with gooey mozzarella cheese is full of flavor.

Also available to vegetarians are filling salads that encompass a variety of toppings. In particular, the Mediterranean salad surpasses its fellow salads. This dish combines baby spinach leaves with olives, diced tomatoes, green onion and goat cheese, all topped with a sun dried tomato vinaigrette dressing. Non-vegetarians who choose to order salad have the option of adding a topping of shrimp or chicken for a few extra dollars.

Roscoe's Italian-inspired menu has tasty meal options other than pizza and salad. The prosciutto panini is a cheesy combination of ham, tomato and arugula that is scrumptiously layered between two pieces of toasted Italian bread. The complimentary tastes in this appetizing sandwich blend nicely and will make any adventurous eater's stomach satisfied.

The modern, contemporary interior of Roscoe's provides for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. Picture courtesy of Zagat.

Although the delicious entrees would fill any customer, the desert menu at Roscoe's is not to be missed. The selection of available ice creams serves as a sweet end to a gratifying meal. The chocolate gelato has a smooth texture that will satisfy anyone with an affinity for both chocolate and ice cream. For fruit enthusiasts, the fresh mango sorbet is reminiscent of actual fresh mangoes. Roscoe's tiramisu is also worth the full stomach. Customers will be glad to make room for this scrumptious cocoa-espresso cake.

Although the presentation and taste of dishes at this fashionable pizza place do not disappoint, entrées are pricy in comparison to the amount of food that is served. Pizzas are the most expensive entrées on the menu and are disappointingly costly: personal-sized pizzas, which are honestly too small to satisfy any hungry stomach, are at least $12 or $13.

Roscoe's Neapolitan Pizzeria is expensive, but any entrée will satisfy a customer with an appreciation for Italian food and fondness for the hearty company of Roscoe's employees. The dining experience at this restaurant would surely make Roscoe the rooster proud.

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