SpringChic comes early this year

April 1, 2012, 12:21 p.m. | By Molly Nicholson | 11 years, 8 months ago

Spring is already here, so take the time to become a blooming fashionista

As spring begins, the flowers begin to bloom, and we get our first glimpse of warm weather. Wait, ignore that last sentence; we seem to have skipped spring all together and gone directly into summer. Even though it's only April, it already feels like the middle of July - enough so that Blair Boulevard is already full of summer apparel mixed with lingering winter outfits. Luckily, SilverChic is here to make sure you stay cool in this unseasonably warm weather, without wearing a bathing suit to school.


Senior Shakeisha Harmon wears a bright floral headband, as an alternate to a floral scarf that she may wear for the windier weather. Photo courtesy of Isabel Hendrix.

Sunglasses aren't everyone's favorite things, but with this hot, ultra-sunny weather, the smartest and chicest way to protect your eyes is with sunglasses. Look for brands with ultraviolet ray protection and don't be afraid to ask your friends for their opinion to find the best shape for your face. As far as headwear, floral headbands, taking a cue from blossoming nature, are going to be making a huge splash this season.

Blazers, ladies and gentleman alike, need to put away their decorative scarves and save them for autumn. This spring is too hot for even the lightest scarf, which would surely stick to your skin, and make the classroom's heat that much more intense.


Sophomore Isabelle Brown matches a striped top with anchor earrings for a sailor effect. Photo courtesy of Isabel Hendrix.

We live close to so many shorelines, from Sandy Point State Park to Annapolis and the Eastern Shore, that spring break is the perfect opportunity to break out your bold navy and white stripes. Nautical-themed outfits are the best way to show your summer spirit, as well as rock an underappreciated style. If you don't like how you look in stripes, then try throwing some lace into your wardrobe; this is delicate and feminine way to show off your curves.

Bulky, cover-up sweaters are great for winter, but with this beautiful weather outside, they're only going to make you melt while you sit through class. Instead, try a loose fitting tissue t-shirt, which will allow for better air flow and is a perfect way to incorporate that way-too-big shirt your crazy aunt gave you as a present.


Sophomore Maya Habash sports a long-sleeve lace shirt. Photo courtesy of Isabel Hendrix.

The start of summer means shorts, skirts and now rompers, but for those cold summer nights hanging out on a porch or the ocean's shore, you need a pair of jeans. The best type of jeans for a spring or summer adventure is a pair of white jeans. White jeans have a warm weather aura about them that will make any outfit come together effortlessly. Just don't get any Chipotle on them.

Although denim miniskirts are great as a pool or beach cover-up, they aren't the best item of clothing for a long school day. In fact, they can become a quick way for security and administrators to make you change into your friend's smelly gym shorts, which are so not your style.

Even if your entire wardrobe consists of blacks, whites and grays, colorful sandals or sneakers can add that bright pop of color as you walk through the crowded halls of Blair Boulevard. For people who aren't quite ready for colorful flip-flops, invest in a pair of Lebron 9 Summit Hornets or Lebron 9 South Beaches sneakers, both of which are coming out soon and are sure to make anyone look fashion forward and unique.

Even though oxfords were popular last year, they are definitely on their way out for this spring. But don't be too quick to ditch yours at Value Village just yet. I'm sure they will be perfect for this fall when the leaves begin to change color and your sweaters emerge from your closet once again.

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