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Jan. 9, 2013, 1:22 p.m. | By Melissa Arias | 11 years, 6 months ago

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Congratulations Blazers, we have survived the false Mayan prophecies, holiday shopping and crazy holiday parties. Now it's a new year and that means new trends. The upcoming trends in 2013 are similar to those of 2012 in the sense that they are recycling old fashion styles. Here are SCO's predictions of the upcoming year.

In terms of clothing, the trends that are going to be popular are bold stripes, electric color, and 70's inspired denim.

Bold Stripes

Fashion is returning to the past, and stripes make another comeback. How do you make a stripe bold? The key to this trend is choosing eccentric and electric colors to make the stripes look livelier, while still maintaining a sophisticated look. Apart from sophistication, vertical stripes accentuate girls' figures.

70s-inspired denim flair

Flared jeans willl be coming back this season.  Photo courtesy of Chicous.

70's inspired denim is one of the most prominent upcoming trends. Look for high-waisted jeans and flared bottoms in light colors. It is quite a statement, but yes, retro jeans are in again. These jeans give a casual, laidback appearance, and are eye-catching.

The half-side braid

This is not a casual braid; it looks classy yet daring. If you want to make this braid, here's how.
Straighten your hair out by blow-drying it using a flat brush. This is an optional step, but it is easier to braid small braids on straight hair rather than curly hair. For a sleeker look, you can take a flat iron and iron your hair. After that, create a side part. You can pick the side for the part or bangs, it can be whichever you prefer, but keep in mind that the braid will not be going on that side.

The halfside braid is an interesting take on a regular braid.  Photo courtesy of Fashionising.

The half braid starts from the ear and works towards the rear of your head. The way you would braid it, is like a mini Dutch or French braid right above your ear. On the same side of your hair that you created your side part, start by taking a one-inch section of hair from the back of your ear and then braid or cornrow this strand backwards to create a long braid.

Once you have the braid done, fix your part and make sure the other side of your hair is combed. You can proceed to the final step, and pin the braid under your hair. Make sure to tuck it in to give it a unique look.

These are only a few of the many new trends that will be appearing in the New Year. Other hair trends include low-ponytails and as for clothes, expect Bermuda shorts in the spring. With all these new trends, 2013 should be a fun year, as far as clothing and hair is concerned. Hopefully these will give you some ideas for this year. Happy New Year, Blazers!

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