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May 1, 2013, 1:08 p.m. | By Caroline Gabriel | 11 years, 2 months ago

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It's prom season. You have everything picked out already: your date, your hair, your makeup, your ride, your dinner… but wait! What are you going to wear? No need to worry. If you still have not found the perfect prom dress, SCO's experts are here to help you find your dream dress.

Long vs. short
It is sort of an unspoken rule that seniors traditionally wear long dresses to prom and juniors, sophomores and freshmen wear shorter dresses. But there is no set in stone commandment that everyone must follow. If you like the longer, more elegant styled dresses then choose one to wear. If you think you will get too hot in a longer dress or you simply want to show some leg, try a shorter dress. The length of your dress is ultimately up to your own personal preferences and a "tradition" does not matter.

When it comes to prom dresses, there are plenty of options. Photo courtesy of The Style and Beauty Doctor.

Straps vs. strapless
When deciding whether to buy a dress with or without straps, just keep two things in mind: whether or not you need support and personal style preference. Personally I love the sweetheart style dress. This style compliments every body shape and is just overall flattering. But if you are more top-heavy, keep in mind that this type of dress may not stay up too well and you may want to buy a dress with straps. When looking at dresses that have straps, there are many options. Two popular ones are halter-top dresses and spaghetti strap dresses. Either style would give plenty of support while still looking fashionable and prom-appropriate.

Bottom of the dress
There are so many different types of dresses with different skirt styles. You could get a flowy dress, a tight dress, a mermaid style dress, a high-low dress, a dress with a tutu bottom, a dress with a slit… the options are endless. Personally I think tight dresses are a better fit for homecoming, mermaid styled dresses look good on very few people and tutu dresses are just plain ugly. But hey, if you like how it looks on your body, then wear it. Otherwise, a long flowy dress is a great, classic prom-styled dress, and high-low dresses are very in-style right now and can look elegant. Dresses with long slits can also look very sophisticated as long as the slit is not too high.

When you are at prom, it is going to look like a rainbow because almost everyone will be wearing a colored dress. If you are having trouble picking a specific color, try sticking to basics. White, cream, pale pink or any nude colors look good on almost anyone. Otherwise, red, black or navy blue are very classic colors that flatter many. If you want brighter colors, pick whichever color suits you best. I would just recommend avoiding neon and multi-colored dresses because those tend to be overwhelming and unpleasant.

Whatever style or color dress you end up picking just remember confidence is key. Pick something that makes you feel good and you will look good too.

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