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Sept. 19, 2012, 2:25 p.m. | By Aanchal Johri | 10 years ago

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No matter what the latest fashion is, you can always feel secure while wearing these classics because they are too eye-catching to get old. All of these styles come with a wide variety, so if you are looking for originality, you can easily find your own way to fit these popular styles into your closet. But be warned: just because they are classics doesn't mean everyone can pull them off.

Photo: Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester demonstrates that nothing makes an outfit look more put together than wearing a matching headband.  Photo courtesy of CW.


Nothing makes an outfit look more put together than a matching accessory, especially if it's one for your hair. With the countless number of textures, patterns and styles, finding the perfect headband for your personality is not an issue. Plastic ones have the danger of looking tacky. Instead, go for fabric or lined ones with a layer of satin. As a basic rule, if your outfit is plain, then your headband is vibrant. Similarly, if your outfit is elaborate and colorful, then your headband is plain. Unless your headband is the exact same shade as your clothing, make sure it's either a completely neutral color (black or white) or a completely contrasting color (navy shirt, yellow headband). Wearing a maroon red shirt and a strawberry red headband would be a devastating mistake.

Along with the colorful variety, there are many different ways of actually wearing the headband. Pulling back your hair completely tends to appear more clean-cut, but many girls also pull their side bangs forward to avoid the mistake of looking bald. And then there are the girls who wear headbands to cover fly-aways when their hair is up in a high ponytail. Wearing it this way only works if you're going for a more athletic look, so be sure to pick a headband accordingly: a headband with a bow and a sports jersey do not bode well.


Sequins are spritely little mirrors that reflect the sun, putting you right in the center of the spotlight. Not everyone can pull of wearing sequins and if you're not looking for attention, wearing anything sparkly is highly inadvisable. Try silver, gold, white and black sparkles for a more sophisticated look, but if you're just going on a stroll in the park, pastel-colored sequins will pass for a more casual look. Also remember that the smaller each sequins is, the better it ends up looking. Small ones attract more light and larger sequins end up looking bulky and too heavy anyway. Sequined dresses are perfect for a night out at a concert or a celebration dinner. Just ask Taylor Swift; sequined skirts are harder to pull off, but just between you and I, they can definitely be an asset to the closet if they are worn well.

Photo: This pair of Sperry Topsiders has sequins on it. Photo courtesy of Sperry.

Sperry Topsiders

Though traditionally meant for men, there has lately been an influx of the feminine version of these boat shoes as well. Comfy, relaxed and trendy, these shoes can be worn anywhere from a quiet time at the library to an afternoon out with friends. The original Sperry topsiders are made of genuine, dark-brown leather and have tan stitching lines along the outside. Many new styles are venturing into striped or plaid patterns. Whichever one suits you is fine, but check to make sure the sides don't pinch your toes before you buy them!

Other classic styles include button-down shirts (sleeves rolled half-way up of course), the all-purpose leather belt and chiffon scarves. Hit the mall, Blazers, the season is changing and so should your wardrobe.

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