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May 18, 2011, 1:30 p.m. | By Molly Nicholson | 12 years, 6 months ago

The best tips for the most stylish prom

There are movies about it, songs about it, and clothes everywhere about it: it's prom season! Besides the drama of who's going in which limo and of course finding the right date, prom is all about the quest for the perfect dress. The most intense shopping a girl will ever do occurs in the weeks before prom in search of the perfect look. Looking for that best prom dress can be a hassle; all those different colors, patterns and styles can send anyone into a shopping coma, but with this prom expert's advice, you are certain to be left looking elegant, girly and of course, SCOphisticated. This year's prom boasted a wide array of gorgeous gowns, following the underlying rules to the tee.

Solid colors, especially shades of blue, are popular and the perfect choice for a dress. Seniors Eve Brown and Samantha Boyd both wear different shades of blue with detailing which includes draping and small beading.  Photo courtesy of Eve Brown.

Bold colors, not patterns

The easiest way to narrow down your search for a prom dress is by choosing the right color for you. Solid colors are always better than patterns because of the simplicity these dresses offer. Although some may feel the urge to express their individuality – which is always a good thing – large, overbearing patterns that cover a whole dress are not the way to go: a person's beauty can easily be lost under all the fabric. Stick to patterns at the bottom of the dress or - even better - don't wear them at all. If you really want to do a patterned or designed dress, stick to one base color and stay with the same basic pattern. Prom season is also the time for vibrant colors, so don't shy away from showcasing a bright teal or vibrant yellow.

Style is everything

Repeat after me: Kate Middleton's ball gown is not the right style for prom; Kate Middleton's ball gown is not the right style for prom… Students should remember there is limited space on the dance floor; so long trains or puffy skirts on ball gowns have no place at prom. This year prom-goers should look for column gowns and sweetheart necklines to wear. Draping is an excellent way to add a unique twist onto any dress. Moveable fabric, such as chiffon, jersey and satin, is perfect for fun and flirty time.

Although Kate Middleton looked completely gorgeous in her wedding dress, a similar dress has no place at prom. Stray away from trains and dresses that restrict movement.  Photo courtesy of OK! Magazine .

When it comes to beading or jewels directly on a prom dress, everyone should look for small but elegant detailing. Large broaches or fully sequined dresses are overbearing and take away from the beauty of the person wearing the dress. The same goes for lace as well: lighter colored dresses can combine lace into a more formal look, but darker colored lace takes away from the sophistication of a prom dress.

One-shouldered gowns are always a plus, especially when they include small beading or jewels or even some feathering. They also look good on everyone, even if the wearer has a spring sports tan.

Time to accessorize

Ball gowns are not appropriate for this century's prom because of the fabric's overbearing intensity. Prom goers should look for a sleeker or more form fitting gown. Photo courtesy of

Ladies be warned that prom is neither the time nor the place to go overboard with accessories. Keeping it simple is the best way to look good, while still adding a small amount of flare. When wearing darker blue or black dresses, colorful necklaces are a must have. Trying a turquoise or sunny, lively color helps bring some energy to a darker dress.

Shoes are another great way to add a pop. Avoid black shoes with a lighter colored dress, but feel free to purchase funky heels. With shorter dresses, remember not to go too overboard with harsh buckles or too many straps that can clutter a shoe and take away from a dress.

Attention juniors, sophomores and freshmen

Prom is meant for juniors and seniors, although an occasional underclassman will attend. If you aren't a senior, you should not be spending money on a long dress. Use this occasion to wear short dresses full of ruffles and make sure to leave the long dresses for senior year.

No matter when or where you go to prom, this simple guide to proper prom attire will help anyone make the perfect decision. And remember ladies and gentlemen, fitted is always the way to go.

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