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Sept. 15, 2011, 1:12 p.m. | By Molly Nicholson | 12 years, 9 months ago

A new school year means new fashion rules

A new school year doesn't just call for a new wardrobe, but for a change in fashion rules within Blazers' stylish closets. This year is about following the rules and keeping it classy - even when summer heat makes you want to throw on a bathing suit and head to the pool. Luckily, the fashionable experts at SilverChic will show you how to be SchoolChic all year long.


This year is the year of headbands, which are perfect for keeping unwanted hair and bangs out of your face during any school activity or while you concentrate on that class test. With a large variety of headbands sold in nearly every store, you have to remember to keep it simple. Twist and tie headbands allow you to transform your hair with bows, ties or creative designs and are this season's perfect accessory.

Sorry Steven Tyler, but rooster feather hair extensions are not cool for school. Show your teachers how much you know about animal cruelty and say nay to the rooster feathers. Although they give the impression of bohemian style and allow drab hair to become slightly more glam, the practice of killing roosters for the feathers outweighs this bandwagon fashion.

Blair student Taylor Smith mixes stripes with a fun fall trend, tribal print.  Photo courtesy of Molly Ellison.


Tribal print patterns are on the rise and can easily fit into any wardrobe for this school year. And don't be afraid to mix tribal prints with bright colors. No matter what, everyone will be noticing your trendy style as you strut down the hallways.

Summer is the perfect time to show off tanned bellies, but when the school year comes around it's time to put away the crop tops. And you really don't want to end up in someone else's dingy old gym shirt if a teacher disapproves. Opt for other asymmetrical shirts that can still cover up.

Senior Anthony Jankoski shows off his Blazer red pair of denim pants, a definite trend for this school year. Photo courtesy of Emma Lansworth.


To battle the AC in school and look trendy all at the same time, a pair of dark colored jeans should be your go-to for school fashion – they never go out of style. Say goodbye to bright pink and yellow pants and hello to darker hues such as brown, blue and green. These jeans work with any style and with any color top.

To ensure you're not distracting too many people and causing accidents with your outrageous outfit, get rid of printed leggings or pants with bold patterns and colors. Leave the bold prints for your shirts.


Charity is the best way to start off the best school year, so save up your summer job money and donate to Toms, an innovative shoe brand. Not only are you helping to provide shoes for less privileged kids, but you're also getting versatile and comfortable shoes in all different shades, patterns, textures and styles.

Classic Toms, such as these, are a comfortable staple of Blazers' fall wardrobes.  Photo courtesy of Molly Ellison.

Hauling all of your school supplies up tons of stairs is bad enough in even the more comfortable shoes, so high heels are definitely not the route to go for back to school styles. Unstable walking (plus freshman running to class) never can end well. So save your towering shoes for homecoming and try on a pair of cute strappy sandals or colored sneakers instead.

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