NFL Week Twelve Predictions

Nov. 21, 2014, 11:47 a.m. | By Robert Pfefferle, Agam Mittal, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 7 months ago

1. Sam: 106-55 2. Bobby: 99-62 3. Sasha: 98-63 4. Agam: 95-66


1. Sam: 106-55

2. Bobby: 99-62

3. Sasha: 98-63

4. Agam: 95-66

With Sam widening his lead on the field, let's check out our experts picks for week twelve.

Chiefs at Raiders

Sam: Chiefs

Bobby: Chiefs

Sasha: Chiefs

Agam: Chiefs

Sam says: It looked like the Raider's best bet for a win was against the Rams. Now that they've beaten Denver, the Raiders may be looking at the second all time 0-16 season

Bobby says: The Chiefs have established themselves as one of the top teams in the NFL. After beating the reigning champions, the Chiefs should steamroll all over the Raiders.

Sasha says: The Raiders could easily be on their way to a winless season. They haven't been able to do anything whatsoever this season.

Agam says: Since their 0-2 start, the Chiefs have won 6 of their 7 games and are now one of the hottest teams in the NFL. Surprisingly, they are doing this virtually without a passing attack by riding the legs of Jamaal Charles, who will tear up the league's 3rd worst run defense.

Browns at Falcons Sam: Falcons

Bobby: Falcons

Sasha: Falcons

Agam: Falcons

Sam says: Now somehow first in their division after starting 3-6, if the Falcons don't have any fire to compete, they're in deep, deep trouble.

Bobby says: Matt Ryan has struggled to get in sync with Julio Jones since the third week of the season. This however, is a great matchup for the Atlanta to find their offense against a beaten-up Browns defense.

Sasha says: The Browns were fighting for the lead in the division but after a loss to the Bengals and the Steelers it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Matt Ryan and the Falcons will take care of them and find a way to pull this one out.

Agam says: I like the Falcons at home in this one, looking to strengthen their hold on the division lead, even though Josh Gordon should have a huge season debut against this weak secondary.

Titans at Eagles

Sam: Eagles

Bobby: Eagles

Sasha: Eagles

Agam: Eagles

Sam says: The Eagles get back to their winning ways after last week's meltdown. The Eagles had their 21 game takeaway streak broken last week, they get that hunger back on defense this week against the Titans.

Bobby says: The Birds were destroyed in Green Bay last week, but that's behind them. Look for Philadelphia to take out their frustration on the Titans.

Sasha says: The Eagles will utilize their strong rush defense and stop the Titans only fire power in Bishop Sankey.

Agam says: The Titans got absolutely run over by Leveon Bell last week, and Shady Mccoy should continue this trend and lead the Eagles to an easy win.

Lions at Patriots

Sam: Patriots

Bobby: Patriots

Sasha: Patriots

Agam: Patriots

Sam says: Matt Stafford over his career is a surprising 0-15 against teams over .500 on the road. I like that trend to continue against the surging Patriots.

Bobby says: The Patriots are undoubtedly the best team in the NFL and will win the game in Foxborough. Make no mistake however, the Lions won't make it an easy win.

Sasha says: Megatron and Stafford did not look strong last week and will have to step it up if they want to beat this tough New England squad.

Agam says: The Patriots have scored 40+ points in their last three games, and although they'll have trouble doing that again against the league-best Lions defense, they should be able to win this matchup.

Packers at Vikings

Sam: Packers

Bobby: Packers

Sasha: Packers

Agam: Packers

Sam says: The Packers are reminding me of their 2010 Championship season. Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out and their defense is getting a bunch of takeaways.

Bobby says: The Vikings offense has struggled to put points on the board in the past number of weeks. Teddy Bridgewater doesn't have any type of an offensive-line to get comfortable in the pocket. On the other hand, the Packers dismantled Chicago and Philadelphia. They will add Minnesota to the list as well on Sunday.

Sasha says: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are completely dominating right now. They will blow through the Vikings in Minnesota.

Agam says: The Vikings secondary will not be able to stop Aaron Rodgers, who is on a tear and probably won't even have to play the fourth quarter is this one.

Jaguars at Colts

Sam: Colts

Bobby: Colts

Sasha: Colts

Agam: Colts

Sam says: The Colts are not playing their best, but they don't need to to beat the Jaguars. The Jaguars rank 26th in the league in both passing and rushing defense.

Bobby says: With Dwayne Allen and Ahmad Bradshaw out, the Colts should be concerned. In this game however, they will have no trouble beating the Jaguars shorthanded.

Sasha says: I feel like a broken record. The Jaguars are awful and their win against the Browns was fluke. There is no way they beat the Colts on the road.

Agam says: I wonder if I'll be picking the Jaguars to win again, but it certainly won't happen this week against emerging superstar Andrew Luck.

Bengals at Texans

Sam: Bengals

Bobby: Texans

Sasha: Bengals

Agam: Texans

Sam says: This is the game where Arian Foster's injury will really hurt the Texans. In this game, they'll become one dimensional then struggle offensively.

Bobby says: This game could go either way, but in the end it's hard to know what Andy Dalton will show up. Ryan Mallet and the Texans offense looked good last week, and they will scrape by Cincinnati.

Sasha says: Andy Dalton and the Bengals are underrated. They are in the race for first place in the North. They are three and four over their last four games and are coming off a dominating win in New Orleans. Bengals pull this one out on the road.

Agam says: If Andy Dalton plays at an elite level like he did last week, they should be able to win this game, but I don't think that happens this week against Ryan Mallet and an underrated Texans team. J.J. Watt is ridiculous.

Jets at Bills

Sam: Jets

Bobby: Bills

Sasha: Bills

Agam: Jets

Sam says: In a Detroit dome instead of the Buffalo snow, I'll take the Jets. Percy Harvin has given their offense some much needed speed, and their defense has always been great.

Bobby says: Kyle Orton and the Bills offense has plenty of weapons to pound on the Jets. Both teams are hungry to keep their seasons alive, but Buffalo should win.

Sasha says: The Bills will take this one out in a blizzard against a weak Jets squad.

Agam says: The Bills got no practice time this past week, stuck under five feet of snow in Buffalo. Meanwhile, the Jets had an impressive win over the Steelers in Week 10 and are coming off their bye, and they should be able to beat this Bills team that has not scored a touchdown in their last 21 drives.

Buccaneers at Bears

Sam: Bears

Bobby: Bears

Sasha: Bears

Agam: Bears

Sam says: The Bears at home, in potentially bad weather, will rely heavily on short passes to Matt Forte to neutralize the Bucs pass rush.

Bobby says: Jay Cutler loves to complete passes. Just sometimes they're with the other team. His turnover ratio is atrocious, but he will find the end zone as well.

Sasha says: Even though Tampa Bay is coming off a win in DC that doesn't mean anything. The Redskins beat themselves not the other way around. Look for the struggling bears to get back on track against this horribly Buccaneers defense.

Agam says: Neither of these teams is strong on defense, and despite the emergence of Mike Evans, the Bears offense can beat the Buccaneers offense in a potential shootout.

Cardinals at Seahawks

Sam: Seahawks

Bobby: Cardinals

Sasha: Cardinals

Agam: Seahawks

Sam says: All signs point to the Cardinals winning this football game. They are 9-1, and the defending champs are losing more and more of their swagger as the season moves along. However, I like the Seahawks to win this game. Their third ranked passing defense will beat up on Drew Stanton. The Seahawks get back to winning, at home where they still possess the league's second best home record this season.

Bobby says: Whether pretty or not, Arizona is winning football games in all scenarios. The Seahawks on the other hand, are falling apart left and right. Marshawn Lynch is ready to leave, and center Max Unger is out for the season. Things are looking sunny in Arizona, but gloomy in Seattle.

Sasha says: The Cardinals just beat one of the toughest teams and maybe the toughest receiver in football. They have shown they can take on any defense in the league and defend any offense. Wilson and Lynch won't be able to overcome the Cardinals.

Agam says: The Seahawks are really hard to beat at home, and although Drew Stanton played very well last week, I don't see that continuing this week potentially playing without top wideout Larry Fitzgerald against this stingy secondary.

Rams at Chargers

Sam: Chargers

Bobby: Chargers

Sasha: Chargers

Agam: Chargers

Sam says: The Chargers offense is due for a bounceback game after last week's mediocre performance against the Raiders. As for the Rams, they're such a hard team to pick given thee instability at quarterback.

Bobby says: The Rams have risen up to the occasion all season, but San Diego is almost a guaranteed win at home.

Sasha says: Ryan Mathews finally looks healthy and will help this Chargers offense come back to life.

Agam says: Philip Rivers has not looked like himself, but the Chargers will win this game against the Rams, who have few weapons outside of RB Tre Mason.

Redskins at 49ers

Sam: 49ers

Bobby: 49ers

Sasha: Redskins

Agam: 49ers

Sam says: The Skins are facing criticism they are not used to. They are clearly struggling to handle it and the main culprit is their Head Coach Jay Gruden. That's a bad sign.

Bobby says: I thought the Skins could beat the Bucs, but they couldn't. Washington is officially awful. Kaepernick and Frank Gore will destroy the Redskins.

Sasha says: RGIII has to shut up the haters this week and have a big game. If he doesn't the Redskins need to give up on him and turn to McCoy but I see him having his first dominating performance since 2012.

Agam says: This Redskins defense is really struggling, and the 49ers should be able to dominate the Redskins, who have hit rock-bottom.

Dolphins at Broncos

Sam: Broncos

Bobby: Broncos

Sasha: Broncos

Agam: Broncos

Sam says: Peyton Manning and the Broncos should rebound from last week. It's that simple.

Bobby says: The Broncos have gotten shut down the past two weeks, and Miami's offense is rolling. However I think Peyton Manning gets back on track in Denver this week.

Sasha says: Denver will recover at home this week and put an end to the Miami hot streak.

Agam says: Peyton Manning has struggled against the Dolphins in the past and the Broncos are dealing with all sorts of injuries on offense. The good news is, they're at home and playing against a one-dimensional Dolphins offense which Demarcus Ware and Von Miller should be able to shut down.

Cowboys at Giants

Sam: Giants

Bobby: Cowboys

Sasha: Giants

Agam: Cowboys

Sam says: Give me the Giants in an upset. I like how they are beginning to move the ball in their new west coast offense. If they can eliminate turnovers, I like them to beat Dallas.

Bobby says: Tony Romo is playing like a top quarterback, and Demarco Murray is the top running back. Meanwhile, the Giants offense and defense has struggled to find an identity all season.

Sasha says: Rashad Jennings will tear apart the weak Cowboys rush defense.

Agam says: Eli Manning and the Giants struggled last week and well-rested Demarco Murray should get the win this week.

Ravens at Saints

Sam: Saints

Bobby: Ravens

Sasha: Ravens

Agam: Saints

Sam says: The Saints at home are always good in primetime. I'm just not yet sold on the Ravens.

Bobby says: The Saints are just not a good football team anymore. Meanwhile Baltimore's defense is one of the best in football.

Sasha says: I thought the Saints had turned it around but they haven't. Joe Flacco and his squad will take them down in the superdome.

Agam says: The Saints have lost two in a row at the Superdome, and this is a desperation game for them to stay alive in the division. I think they pull out the must-win.

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