NFL Week Three Predictions

Sept. 23, 2011, 11:37 a.m. | By Jacob Buchholz, Langston Taylor, Molly Nicholson, Eli Schwadron | 12 years, 8 months ago

'Skins-Cowboys on Monday night headline week three's set of games

Are the Lions for real? It sure looked like it last week, as Detroit obliterated the Chiefs 48-3 thanks to 294 passing yards and four touchdowns from QB Matt Stafford. Superstar runningback Jamaal Charles tore his ACL in that same game, cutting his season short and probably dashing any playoff hopes for Kansas City. Meanwhile, Cam Newton threw for his second straight 400-yard game, but the Panthers couldn't finish the deal, losing 30-23 to the reigning Super Bowl champion Packers. In Atlanta, Michael Vick went down with a concussion against his old team, and as a result the Eagles fell 35-31. All of our experts did well last week – Eli and Jacob are now out in front with a record of 23-9. Let's see what week three has to offer.


Eli: 23-9

Langston: 17-15

Jacob: 23-9

Molly: 22-10

Sunday, Sep. 18

Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints

Eli: Saints

Langston: Saints

Jacob: Saints

Molly: Saints

Eli says:

Arian Foster's status is undetermined for Sunday. Brees was awesome again in week two, throwing for 270 yards and three scores. Same old, same old in week three.

Langston says:

Arian Foster only ran for 33 yards last week, while Drew Brees threw for three touchdowns. Saints win, but this one will be surprisingly close.

Jacob says:

The Saints have played the best of the NFC North and fared pretty well coming out 1-1 with a close loss to the defending champs. The Texans have been impressive but Arian Foster has yet to play like last year.

Molly says

This is the first major test for the Texans new defense, but Drew Brees will find a way to win. He always does. Saints take this one.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Eli: Eagles

Langston: Eagles

Jacob: Eagles

Molly: Eagles

Eli says:

Michael Vick went down with a concussion in a week two loss to the Falcons. Luckily for Philly, he's just been cleared to play on Sunday. The Giants didn't look much better in week two despite grabbing a W against St. Louis. I'll take the Eagles at home.

Langston says:

I've been wrong about both Giants games so far, so New York fans should be happy I'm picking against them. Expect Michael Vick to return strongly in week three.

Jacob says:

The Eagles have been humbled and they're coming back with fire. The Giants have not shown much in the first two weeks, with Eli Manning looking pathetic in both games.

Molly says

Although Michael Vick got a concussion last weekend he will be back and looking for redemption. The Giants let the Rams gain 300 plus yards passing, so the Eagles will take advantage of New York's poor coverage.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers

Eli: Panthers

Langston: Jaguars

Jacob: Panthers

Molly: Panthers

Eli says:

Cam Newton has been playing out of his mind but Carolina hasn't been able to seal the deal. The Panthers will finally get their first W of the season against a mediocre Jags team. Shout out to my man Sean R in the comments section.

Langston says:

Cam Newton throws for his third 400-yard passing game, but also throws at least two interceptions. The Jags will bounce back from last week's less-than-impressive loss to the Jets.

Jacob says:

Cam Newton has thrown for 854 yards in two games now but somehow Carolina has yet to come out with a win. Their luck will change week three against Jacksonville. The Jaguars are having serious QB problems and rookie Blaine Gabbert might get some playing time.

Molly says

Cam Newton is destroying the field and has thrown for more than 400 yards in the past two games, so Panthers will take advantage of the Jaguars lackluster defense.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Eli: Patriots

Langston: Patriots

Jacob: Patriots

Molly: Patriots

Eli says:

The Bills are rolling, winners of two straight. But the Pats are on another level right now. Look no further than Tom Brady's stats for proof of that – he's 63 for 88 with 940 yards and seven touchdowns through eight quarters of football. New England stays perfect.

Langston says:

Tom Brady > everyone on the Bills.

Jacob says:

No one is stopping Tom Brady anytime soon. It will not be a blowout though – Fitzpatrick will put up big numbers against the Pats D.

Molly says

Big test for the undefeated Bills, but it's Tom Brady so let's be real.

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Eli: Dolphins

Langston: Dolphins

Jacob: Dolphins

Molly: Dolphins

Eli says:

I see both of these teams finishing last in their respective divisions this year, so don't expect many fireworks in this low-stakes affair. That said, I see Chad Henne hitting Brandon Marshall for a score or two and Miami coming out on top.

Langston says:

Cleveland managed to give up 19 to the Manningless Colts, while Miami has lost to the Patriots and Texans, two solid teams. I'm picking Miami again this week – go Dolphins!

Jacob says:

Miami has a great rushing attack with rookie Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in the backfield. Miami has played close with two good teams while Cleveland has yet to face a real opponent.

Molly says

The Dolphins may be 0-2, but they've played some tough games. Playing the Browns is the perfect opportunity to gain a little respect back.

San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals

Eli: Bengals

Langston: 49ers

Jacob: 49ers

Molly: 49ers

Eli says:

Andy Dalton threw for 332 yards and a pair of scores in a two-point loss to Denver last week. I'll go with Cincinnati.

Langston says:

The 49ers are bad, but the Bengals are just awful.

Jacob says:

There's not much going for either of these teams, but the 49ers have a good enough defense to stifle Andy Dalton and the Bengals attack. It will be a low scoring game that is not worth anybody's time.

Molly says

The Bengals pass defense isn't great. Look for Vernon Davis to have a big game after a slow start to the season.

Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans

Eli: Titans

Langston: Titans

Jacob: Titans

Molly: Titans

Eli says:

Okay, I've almost had it with Chris Johnson. If you've just inked a $53.5 million deal, there's no excuse for you to rush for a combined 77 yards (2.3 per carry) over two games. Even without the CJ we know and love, Tennessee takes this one as long as Matt Hasselbeck keeps finding young stud Nate Britt at wideout.

Langston says:

While the Broncos were busy almost losing to the Bengals, the Titans took down a Ravens team that is poised to go deep in the playoffs. Chris Johnson will break out in this home game for the Titans.

Jacob says:

Hasselbeck is looking good with his new team after pulling off an incredible upset against Baltimore. The Broncos have had two close games so far but both games were against weak opponents.

Molly says

Coming off a big win against the Ravens, the Titans looked sharp and definitely should blow the top off of this weeks match-up. Chris Johnson is off to a slow start due to the time him missed during his holdout. This game should be the perfect opportunity for Johnson to break out and to have the kind of game that we're all used to seeing.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

Eli: Lions

Langston: Lions

Jacob: Lions

Molly: Lions

Eli says:

Check out what I wrote about Detroit in week one. Was I right or was I right?

Langston says:

The NFC North has been turned on its head, and the Lions are for real this year. Detroit advances to 3-0 in Minnesota.

Jacob says:

There has been a flip in the NFC North where Detroit is 2-0 and Minnesota is 0-2. After this week it will be 3-0 and 0-3.

Molly says

Matthew Stafford is off to a tremendous start and the Lions seem to be on a roll that will continue straight through Minnesota.

Baltimore Ravens at St. Louis Rams

Eli: Ravens

Langston: Ravens

Jacob: Ravens

Molly: Ravens

Eli says:

After looking unstoppable against Pittsburgh in week one, the Ravens took a step back when they fell 26-13 vs. Tennessee. Baltimore should still be able to outplay a struggling Rams team on the road.

Langston says:

The Ravens have too much talent not to bounce back and beat the Rams. It's time for Joe Flacco to establish himself as one of the premiere quarterbacks in the NFL.

Jacob says:

The Ravens are looking for a bounceback and St. Louis is just the team to do that against. The Rams have been completely inconsistent so far, showing shades of both excellence and mediocrity.

Molly says

As a devoted Ravens fan, I know that Baltimore will be looking for redemption after last week's loss to the Titans. The Rams don't stand a chance.

New York Jets at Oakland Raiders

Eli: Jets

Langston: Jets

Jacob: Jets

Molly: Jets

Eli says:

New York beat up on Jacksonville 32-3 last week. Meanwhile, the silver and black fell to the Bills despite 323 yards and two touchdowns from Jason Campbell (why couldn't he do that when he was on the 'Skins?). The Jets and their stellar defense improve to 3-0 on the year.

Langston says:

Jason Campbell had a very good game against the Bills in Week 2, but the Raiders still lost. Jets advance to 3-0 on the road.

Jacob says:

The Jets put it all together last week, winning 32-3. Darren McFadden has been excellent but he'll have trouble against the Jets D.

Molly says

After letting the Bills come back last week, the Raiders have let me down. The Jets defense will hold the Raiders back throughout the game.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

Eli: Chargers

Langston: Chargers

Jacob: Chargers

Molly: Chargers

Eli says:

The Chargers are coming off a loss but it was against a terrifying New England offense. Jamaal Charles is done for the season with a torn ACL and the Chiefs are not the same team they were in 2010-11. Phillip Rivers puts up big numbers and San Diego wins big at home.

Langston says:

Last week, San Diego was defeated at the hands of the almighty Tom Brady, while Kansas City got steamrolled by the Lions Express. Given that the Chiefs have given up 89 points in two games, Phillip Rivers should be licking his chops. San Diego hands KC its third bad loss to start the year.

Jacob says:

2011 Season: Chiefs 10 - Opponents 89.

Molly says

Easiest pick of the week. After losing Jamaal Charles last week for the season (I wonder if the Lions mascot is doing okay), the Chiefs are done.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

Eli: Cardinals

Langston: Seahawks

Jacob: Cardinals

Molly: Cardinals

Eli says:

The Cards put up a solid fight against the ‘Skins and they'll have no problem taking down a Seattle team that got obliterated 24-0 by the Steelers.

Langston says:

In this battle of the bottom feeders, only one team can remain winless. The Cardinals don't really have an offensive option other than Larry Fitzgerald. Seattle avoids 0-3.

Jacob says:

Seattle is pathetic in every aspect of the game. Arizona is just a little less pathetic.

Molly says

The poor Seahawks don't stand a chance next to the constantly improving Cardinals.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eli: Falcons

Langston: Falcons

Jacob: Falcons

Molly: Falcons

Eli says:

Atlanta beat Philly's "super team" in week two, 35-31. Matt Ryan threw for four touchdowns on just 195 yards, and Michael Turner rushed for a buck 14 and a score. The Falcons will move to 2-1 after a win over their NFC South rival Bucs on Sunday afternoon.

Langston says:

I'd expected more than 84 yards from Falcons wide out Roddy White in his first two games, and I expect more this week, too. Atlanta will come out ready to play after their come-from-behind win over the Eagles.

Jacob says:

The Falcons looked great against Philly and they are on top of their game right now. Tampa Bay is still struggling to establish a real running game and Josh Freeman cannot carry the team alone.

Molly says

Matt Ryan didn't have his best game last week, yet he threw for four touchdowns against an impressive Eagles secondary. The running game of the Falcons also didn't disappoint, so I'm going with the Falcons this week.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Eli: Packers

Langston: Packers

Jacob: Packers

Molly: Packers

Eli says:

The Pack didn't even play all that well in week three and yet they still managed to put up 30 points. Aaron Rodgers is good for at least 300 yards and two touchdowns every week – and that's on a bad day. Chicago falls to 1-2 and Green Bay stays undefeated.

Langston says:

I'm looking forward to this game, one of two exciting NFC North match-ups this weekend, but mostly because Aaron Rodgers will light it up again.

Jacob says:

The Pack have shown significant defensive problems, but Jay Cutler is not good enough to exploit them. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers is on the top of his game and he has the best receivers in the NFL at his disposal.

Molly says

The Saints destroyed the Bears, the Packers beat the Saints; therefore, the Packers will win against the Bears.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

Eli: Steelers

Langston: Steelers

Jacob: Steelers

Molly: Steelers

Eli says:

Pittsburgh turned things around in a big way, steamrolling Seattle 24-0 last week. The Colts are nothing without Peyton Manning.

Langston says:

One day, the Colts will be able to win without Peyton Manning. That day is not this Sunday.

Jacob says:

The Colts without Manning are sad. The Steelers are still recovering from being manhandled week one but a game against Indy should be just the medicine they need.

Molly says

Peyton Manning is letting everyone down, and the Steelers defense will tear Kerry Collins' offense to shreds.

Monday, Sep. 19

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

Eli: Redskins

Langston: Redskins

Jacob: Redskins

Molly: Redskins

Eli says:

Oh baby. Dallas and Washington on Monday night – can't get any better than that. And my 'Skins are 2-0? Let's go. Look for Fred Davis to have another big game and for Washington's two-headed monster, Tim Hightower and Roy Helu, to combine for close to 200 yards rushing. Grab your popcorn people, this should be a good one.

Langston says:

Awww yeaaah, Washington-Dallas! I may be wrong, but there's no way I can pick the Cowboys here.

Jacob says:

'Skins against the 'Boys in a Monday Night showdown and Rex Grossman is the man for the job. Tony Romo is questionable which would be a huge loss for the Cowboys.

Molly says

The Redskins seem to be on a roll, and Tony Romo is questionable for Monday night, which leaves the Cowboy offense very vulnerable. The Redskins got this one.

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