NFL week six predictions

Oct. 10, 2013, 8:47 p.m. | By Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Jacob Popper, Abel Chanyalew | 10 years, 8 months ago

Sam pulls even with Jacob after another intense week of predictions

After a week full of upsets and surprises, our experts are back to predict another week. Week five held many unexpected events including the Raiders upsetting the Chargers, the Colts taking down the Seahawks and the Jets narrowly defeating the Falcons on Monday night. This week, the Broncos host the Jaguars in the most lopsided game so far this season. Also, the undefeated Saints travel to New England to play a very good Patriots team that might have star Tight End Rob Gronkowski back for the first time this season.

All of our experts had difficult weeks last week and are looking to improve in week six. Sam has come back to tie his twin brother Jacob after Jacob had overtaken the lead the previous week. Abel and Rohan on the other hand, find themselves slightly distanced from the two leaders at the moment. This is SCO NFL predictions, however, anything can happen.


1. Jacob 51-26

1. Sam 51-26

3. Abel 45-32

4. Rohan 40-37 Giants at Bears

Jacob: Bears

Sam: Bears

Abel: Bears

Rohan: Bears

Jacob says: The Giants are digging themselves into an ever deeper hole with each consecutive loss this season. After being blown out at home last week, the Bears won't let the home fans down twice.

Sam says: Eli Manning is not the reason I'm grabbing the Bears, it is because of their absolutely awful run game, and their o-line doesn't protect Eli Manning.

Abel says: The Giants are just bad.

Rohan says: The Bears are due for a win this week and against a poor Giants team, they will be able to come up with a win.

Bengals at Bills

Jacob: Bengals

Sam: Bengals

Abel: Bengals

Rohan: Bengals

Jacob says: After handing Tom Brady and the Pats their first loss of the year last week, the Bengals will have an easy chore disposing of lowly Buffalo.

Sam says: The Bills are starting a guy named Thad Lewis at QB, the only Thad i have ever heard of comes from the TV show BMS. That's a troubling sign.

Abel says: Maybe with a healthy EJ Manuel I would've picked the Bills, but I'd rather not pick the team starting a guy I've never heard of..

Rohan says: The Bengals have impressed in recent weeks and they will continue to find their winning groove against the Bills.

Lions at Browns

Jacob: Lions

Sam: Browns

Abel: Browns

Rohan: Lions

Jacob says: The Lions took a beating last week in Green Bay and coach Jim Schwartz will not let them forget it. Look for an inspired performance from QB Matt Stafford against a solid Browns' D.

Sam says: The Browns' defense is for real and all of a sudden they have weapons on the outside with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. Megatron has major swelling in his knee, it will be hard for him to play, and even if he does, he won't be able to be 100% effective and that's just what Browns' lockdown CB Joe Haden needs to shut him down.

Abel says: The Lions' offense looked lost last week without Calvin Johnson. And if he does play this week, Johnson, who isn't 100%, will face off against one of the best corners in the league in Joe Haden. The Browns are on a bit of a roll, and I'm trusting that Brandon Weeden won't ruin that.

Rohan says: The Lions' defensive line will be able to demolish the Browns' offensive front. These occurrences will be pivotal to the outcome of the game: a Lions victory

Raiders at Chiefs

Jacob: Chiefs

Sam: Chiefs

Abel: Chiefs


Jacob says: Despite the Raiders' upset win last week, there's no way they can roll into Arrowhead and beat the surging Chiefs.

Sam says: The Chiefs force turnovers and don't create any. That's a good recipe for success in the NFL.

Abel says: I would love to pick the Raiders here with the way they're playing on both sides of the ball and the way Alex Smith looked last week. But the Raiders are having a hard time running the ball and the Chiefs' top ranked defense will force Terrelle Pryor to beat them on his own. Playing right into the hands of Kansas City's defensive backs.

Rohan says: The Chiefs are sick. With the number one defense, the Chiefs' will shut down Terrelle Pryor this week and can continue to depend on Alex Smith.

Panthers at Vikings

Jacob: Vikings

Sam: Vikings

Abel: Vikings

Rohan: Panthers

Jacob says: Adrian Peterson will help the Vikings control the clock and keep dual threat QB Cam Newton on the bench.

Sam says: The Panthers have a flying front seven, one of the best in football, and I honestly think they can stop AP. But because of home field, a bye week to prepare and Cam Newton's struggles, give me the Vikes.

Abel says: Cam Newton and the Panthers' offense has been simply awful. Adrian Peterson and the Vikings are coming off a week of rest.

Rohan says: The Vikings are too one dimensional of a team. Putting the team on his back will wear down AP this week.

Steelers at Jets

Jacob: Jets

Sam: Jets

Abel: Jets

Rohan:Jets Jacob says: For the first time this year I'm picking those J-E-T-S Jets. The Steelers' defense is clearly a shell of what they used to be.

Sam says: Jets' Head Coach Rex Ryan has really silenced the haters now, I'm impressed. He's got ultimate bragging rights now.

Abel says: Unlike my colleagues here, I'm very hesitant about picking the Jets in this game. Remember the last time they had an impressive win this year? They got smacked by the Titans the following week. But the Steelers have instilled zero confidence in me.

Rohan says: After coming off an impressive victory against the Falcons, the Jets will take advantage of their momentum and defeat the Steelers.

Eagles at Buccaneers

Jacob: Eagles

Sam: Eagles

Abel: Buccaneers


Jacob says: Rookie Mike Glennon will again be starting at QB and the combination of Tampa's hot weather plus the Eagles' speedy offense will have the Bucs' D huffing and puffing.

Sam says: The Bucs are just very confused right now. They released their starting QB, and now they are facing problems trying to create a new offensive scheme. It's too much for right now.

Abel says: Of course Sam picked the Eagles (who are only one game up in a bad NFC East). I'm taking the Bucs in an upset. Without Mike Vick, the Eagles can't completely run Chip Kelly's uptempo, running quarterback style, meaning (I believe) they'll have to play more of a conventional offensive style. This plays right into the hands of a very good Bucs' defense, especially in the secondary. Mike Glennon and his talented receivers should have a good day against Sam's swiss cheese Philadelphia defense.

Rohan says: The Eagles will shake off their poor start and will win their second game in a row, handing the Buccaneers their fifth loss of the season.

Packers at Ravens

Jacob: Ravens

Sam: Packers

Abel: Packers


Jacob says: The Packers have not yet won on the road and the Ravens are yet to lose at home. Look for Joe Flacco and Ray Rice to power the Ravens to an upset win against the Packers' "middle of the pack” defense.

Sam says: The Packers' defense has been horrible in pretty much every category this season. But the one thing they do well is they'll pounce on a turnover prone QB in a heartbeat and so far this season that's been Joe Flacco.

Abel says: The Ravens are barely squeaking out wins against teams each week, but they'll need to score to win this one, and it won't happen.

Rohan says: The Ravens do not have enough offensive weapons to win this one. The Packers on the other hand, have a plethora of offensive weapons at their disposal, which will lead them to the win.

Rams at Texans

Jacob: Texans

Sam: Texans

Abel: Texans

Rohan: Texans

Jacob says: Look for Texans' QB Matt Schaub to finally not throw a pick-6 this week at home.

Sam says: Matt Schaub won't play amazingly better, but the Texans' system this week offensively will go back to the basics. A rush 35 times, bigtime play action, get the Tight Ends involved in the receiving system. That will help the troubled Schaub.

Abel says: Give it to Arian Foster.

Rohan says: After a poor performance from Matt Schaub last week the Texans will rebound against the subpar Rams.

Jaguars at Broncos

Jacob: Broncos

Sam: Broncos

Abel: Broncos


Jacob says: Peyton Manning will probably be able to sit this one out from the second quarter on.

Sam says: The odds in Vegas have this matchup as the most lopsided NFL game since 1970. If there's a game I'd bet my life savings on, this would be it…… if only there's a place where I could.

Abel says: Dude.

Rohan says: Now that the Broncos survived through the scare last week against the Cowboys, they will benefit from the fact that they will play against arguably the worst franchise in the NFL.

Titans at Seahawks

Jacob: Seahawks

Sam: Seahawks

Abel: Seahawks


Jacob says: The Seahawks dropped their first game of the year last week in Indy. Look for the 12th man to aid them this week and cause havoc for backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tennessee.

Sam says: The Seahawks may be shaky as of late but they haven't lost a home game since the 2011 season, that says a lot.

Abel says: The Seahawks are tough to beat at home.

Rohan says: The Seahawks had a tough loss against the Colts last week and will make amends against the Titans. Russell Wilson will continue to impress and will lead the Seahawks to victory.

Cardinals at 49ers

Jacob: 49ers

Sam: 49ers

Abel: 49ers


Jacob says: The niners and cardinals somehow have identical 3-2 records coming into this matchup. Look for QB Colin Kaepernick to have a field day against Arizona.

Sam says: A very interesting matchup in this game is 49ers' WR Anquan Boldin against Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson, which Peterson should win. But I still like the 49ers and their defense.

Abel says: Cardinals won't go anywhere with Carson Palmer or that offensive line.

Rohan says: The 49ers had a strong showing against the Texans. Look for them to repeat that performance against the Cardinals this week.

Saints at Patriots

Jacob: Patriots

Sam: Saints

Abel: Saints

Rohan:Saints Jacob says: With the Pats expecting the return of TE Rob Gronkowski, the Saints will finally have a match for their own man TE Jimmy Graham. Tom Brady will outgun Drew Brees in this shoutout.

Sam says: I have been repping the Saints as a dark-horse Super-Bowl pick since week one and now they are the only undefeated team in the NFC. Even in Foxborough against Tom Brady I love Drew Brees and this new, amazing Saints defense.

Abel says: The Patriots don't disclose injury information, so who knows if Rob Gronkowski will play, especially since there's been speculation EVERY week with no actual playing time ever occuring. Tom Brady isn't having a fun time up there in New England with this new group of receivers. All I have to say for the Saints is Jimmy. Graham.

Rohan says: The Saints just keep on winning and although this will be a hard game I do not think the Patriots will be able to stop Drew Brees and the Saints' offense.

Redskins at Cowboys

Jacob: Cowboys

Sam: Cowboys

Abel: Redskins

Rohan: Cowboys

Jacob says: Tony Romo put up record numbers in last week's loss at Denver, and he should be able to thrash the Redskins' defense this week.

Sam says: The Redskins' defense can't stop a nosebleed. The only thing that can beat Tony Romo is himself.

Abel says: I'll happily be a homer here and pick the Redskins.

Rohan says: Although he did throw a crucial pick, Tony Romo had a sublime performance against the Broncos. He will follow up this performance with a win against the Redskins who are coming off a bye but with RGIII still not throwing confidently, I do see them winning this game.

Colts at Chargers

Jacob: Colts

Sam: Colts

Abel: Colts


Jacob says: Indy is coming off of a big win against Seattle and San Diego is reeling after an embarrassing defeat to Oakland. Andrew Luck and the Colts' offense should put up big points.

Sam says: The amazing sophomore season of Andrew Luck is completely overshadowing the equally amazing sophomore season of WR TY Hilton. What a dynamic player he's turning into.

Abel says: The Colts look like a legit Super Bowl contender. I wouldnt be surprised by a Chargers win, though.

Rohan says: Last week's performance against the Seahawks demonstrated the type of caliber team the Colts are. They will follow up that hard earned victory with another one against the Chargers, who lost to the Raiders out of all teams last week.

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