NFL Week 7 Predictions

Oct. 25, 2015, 1:25 p.m. | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 9 months ago

The race is heating up between our prediction squad as Lauren has posted the best record in three consecutive weeks. Charlie's upset calls continue to backfire, and send him deeper into last place. While Bobby and Sandeep are in tight competition with one another for the top spot.

1. Bobby: 59-32
2. Sandeep: 57-34
3. Lauren: 56-35
4. Charlie: 52-39

Seahawks at 49ers
Bobby: Seahawks
Sandeep: Seahawks
Lauren: Seahawks
Charlie: Seahawks

Bobby says: I'm seriously starting to doubt Seattle and their defense, but not quite ready to take the 49ers over them.
Sandeep says: The 49ers have been really inconsistent and overall just a weak team.
Lauren says: Seattle hasn't been playing well but the 49ers have been playing worse.
Charlie says: The Seahawks have looked bad this year, but not bad enough to lose to the 49ers.

Bills at Jaguars
Bobby: Bills
Sandeep: Jaguars
Lauren: Bills
Charlie: Jaguars

Bobby says: Blake Bortles has been struggling all season, and I don't think playing in London will help.
Sandeep says: The Jaguars are London's team...
Lauren says: The Bills are a mess but the Jags are well… still the Jaguars.
Charlie says: The Jaguars coaching staff has experience in London, and right now they have a better quarterback and receivers than Buffalo.

Buccaneers at Redskins
Bobby: Redskins
Sandeep: Redskins
Lauren: Redskins
Charlie: Redskins

Bobby says: With Jameis Winston throwing picks left and right, and the absence of Doug Martin, the Bucs offense is hard to bet on. Redskins aren't much better but they're good enough to win.
Sandeep says: The Bucs have not been looking so hot lately and the Redskins defense might just be able to hold strong.
Lauren says: Picking the Redskins always makes me nervous but I'm going to go with them this week anyways because their defense should be able to shut down the Bucs.
Charlie says: Don't look now, but the Redskins have cobbled together a pretty good defense, which will do well against the Bucs run-heavy attack.

Falcons at Titans
Bobby: Falcons
Sandeep: Falcons
Lauren: Falcons
Charlie: Falcons

Bobby says: The Falcons secondary should have no trouble shutting down Mariota.
Sandeep says: The Falcons are coming off a tough loss against a division team and are looking to prove themselves against a weak team.
Lauren says: The Falcons are just a much stronger team than the Titans. Period.
Charlie says: Even though they lost a shocker to the Saints last week, I'm still on board with the Falcons offense.

Saints at Colts
Bobby: Saints
Sandeep: Colts
Lauren: Colts
Charlie: Colts

Bobby says: I'll take New Orleans with the upset here. They have momentum in their favor after stealing a win from Atlanta last week. Look for Drew Brees to punish a demoralized Colts team.
Sandeep says: That "trick play" had me in tears but the Colts really made the Patriots earn their win.
Lauren says: The Colts looked impressive last week despite losing, if they can play to the same level from now on they won't have many more losses.
Charlie says: Andrew Luck actually made a game of it against the Patriots, and he looks to have finally moved past his early season woes.

Vikings at Lions
Bobby: Vikings
Sandeep: Lions
Lauren: Vikings
Charlie: Lions

Bobby says: The Vikings are establishing themselves as a playoff team, and playoff teams don't lose to the Lions.
Sandeep says: It's been said that it's impossible to succeed in the NFL without a strong quarterback, but the Vikings and the struggling Teddy Bridgewater are putting that to the test. The key matchup in this game should be Calvin Johnson against the Vikings D, which is one of the best in the league.
Lauren says: Adrian Peterson is going to have a huge game against the Lions defense and if Bridgewater can limit the turnovers the Vikings can come away with this win.
Charlie says: Detroit at home, coming off a high scoring game against the Bears has a chance against the Vikings, and the coaches will make the team feel like this is a must-win.

Steelers at Chiefs
Bobby: Steelers
Sandeep: Steelers
Lauren: Steelers
Charlie: Steelers

Bobby says: Ben Roethlisberger may be back on Sunday apparently. With him, Steelers win undoubtedly. If it's Landry Jones, things could get a little shaky in KC.
Sandeep says: The Chiefs are again without star running back Jamaal Charles and as a result are not able to rack up yardage and points.
Lauren says: Despite the losses of some key players the Steelers have found ways to win and stay in the game. They should be able to defeat the offensively lacking Chiefs.
Charlie says: Without Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs are not much of an offensive threat. Martavis Bryant, Le'Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown should trample this defense.

Browns at Rams
Bobby: Rams
Sandeep: Rams
Lauren: Rams
Charlie: Rams

Bobby says: Coming off the bye week, I expect St. Louis to have a good week. They've racked up some impressive wins in the first several weeks of the season. They should be able to beat the Browns. Should, not will.
Sandeep says: St. Louis has exceeded expectations (almost) all season and should be capable of pulling off the win over the Browns who haven't been looking too shabby themselves.
Lauren says: The Browns run defense is terrible, and the Rams have had some great games this season. They should have no problem beating the Browns.
Charlie says: The Browns have looked surprisingly mediocre of late, but the Rams can ride Todd Gurley to an easy victory at home.

Texans at Dolphins
Bobby: Dolphins
Sandeep: Dolphins
Lauren: Dolphins
Charlie: Dolphins

Bobby says: Despite the coaching change, there's still some hope in Miami after stomping on the Titans. Lamar Miller has been playing up to par recently, and the trend should continue.
Sandeep says: The Dolphins have started to come together as a team and should be able to roll over the weak Texans.
Lauren says: This game will be close but the Dolphins are the stronger offensive team.
Charlie says: The coaching change in Miami has turned the team back in the right direction, and at home they can beat the Texans.

Jets at Patriots
Bobby: Patriots
Sandeep: Patriots
Lauren: Patriots
Charlie: Jets

Bobby says: When will the Patriots lose?
Sandeep says: Charlie really over-hypes the Jets just because he has a couple of their players on his fantasy team. The Patriots are coming off a tough game against the Colts but should win this key division game.
Lauren says: The Jets have been playing well but not that well. The game will probably be close but the Pats still come away with the win.
Charlie says: To answer Bobby's question, this is when the patriots will lose. The Jets combination of Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Chris Ivory has a chance to win this, and they will capitalize.

Raiders at Chargers
Bobby: Chargers
Sandeep: Chargers
Lauren: Chargers
Charlie: Chargers

Bobby says: Phil Rivers and Antonio Gates are a great combo. They'll have it easy this week against Oakland's defense.
Sandeep says: Both Rivers and Gates are in the throes of their resurrection season and should stomp all over the Oakland D.
Lauren says: The Oakland defense is not great so Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense should be able to dominate.
Charlie says: Phil Rivers is having a great season, and I like the two tight-end sets against a Raiders team that can't stop the position.

Cowboys at Giants
Bobby: Giants
Sandeep: Giants
Lauren: Giants
Charlie: Giants

Bobby says: Eli Manning is playing like...Eli Manning. Who really knows what to expect of him this week, but I think he should still get the Giants past Dallas.
Sandeep says: Dallas has just been very unlucky this season. Their offense is looking better but I don't think it is good enough just yet to score more than Manning and OBJ.
Lauren says: Dallas is getting slightly better but aren't to the point where they can outscore the Giants , Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. who have lot more experience playing together.
Charlie says: Dallas has been hyping their revamped offense all week, but the Matt Cassel/Christine Michael combo won't fair well in New York.

Eagles at Panthers
Bobby: Eagles
Sandeep: Panthers
Lauren: Panthers
Charlie: Panthers

Bobby says: I don't know how, but Chip Kelly is going to find a way to pull off the upset.
Philadelphia has a ton of potential that hasn't been tapped into yet this season.
Sandeep says: The Panthers pulled off the win against the Seahawks in Seattle. If they can do that, they can hold off the Eagles at home.
Lauren says: Cam Newton for MVP. I'm a huge Cam Newton fan (If you haven't noticed). The Panthers are playing really well so far this season and after beating Seattle last week (called it) they'll continue to win against the Eagles.
Charlie says: In Philly, I might have taken a risk with the Eagles, but the Panthers can continue their undefeated season at home.

Ravens at Cardinals
Bobby: Cardinals
Sandeep: Cardinals
Lauren: Cardinals
Charlie: Cardinals

Bobby says: Despite the disappointing loss at home last week, Arizona has a good opportunity to get back on track against Baltimore.
Sandeep says: The Cardinals didn't look so good last week but the Ravens haven't looked good all season.
Lauren says: The Ravens are struggling a lot this season, they had a really disappointing loss last week against a not so great team, and despite the loss last week if the Cardinals play even decently they should come up with a win.
Charlie says: For the first time this season, I'm picking the Ravens to lose. I need to accept that Baltimore just doesn't have it this year.

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