NFL Week 5 Predictions

Oct. 11, 2015, 2:44 p.m. | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 8 months ago

1. Bobby: 42-21
2. Sandeep: 40-23
3. Charlie: 37-26
4. Lauren: 37-26

Colts at Texans
Bobby: Colts
Sandeep: Colts
Lauren: Colts
Charlie: Texans

Bobby says: Houston is miserable.
Sandeep says: Even without Andrew Luck, the Colts can take this game easily.
Lauren says: Andrew Luck has struggled, but he should get back on track in this matchup.
Charlie says: Arian Foster better prove me right and break out sooner rather than later. The Texans are capable of beating the Colts minus Vontae Davis.

Bears at Chiefs
Bobby: Chiefs
Sandeep: Chiefs
Lauren: Chiefs
Charlie: Chiefs

Bobby says: Bears don't stand a chance, even after a rare win last week.
Sandeep says: The Chiefs secondary hasn't been doing so well, but they're in luck because neither has the Bears passing attack. Expect a close game, but the Chiefs to come on top with great pressure on quarterback Jay Cutler.
Lauren says: The Colts are still a much better and developed team than Texans even without Andrew Luck and will be able to win this game.
Charlie says: The Bears might win one every once in awhile, but it definitely won't happen two weeks in a row.

Seahawks at Bengals
Bobby: Bengals
Sandeep: Bengals
Lauren: Bengals
Charlie: Seahawks

Bobby says: Seattle is simply not the same team it was last year. Times have changed, Cincinnati takes it at home.
Sandeep says: The Seahawks have only scored five touchdowns this season and the Bengals have almost always been leading in every game they have played so far. This will also be a close game, but the Bengals will come away with the win.
Lauren says: This game will be really interesting the Seahawks have been on and off this season and the Bengals have played pretty solidly throughout the season. The Bengals will probably struggle against the Seahawks defense for awhile but will eventually come away with the win.
Charlie says: Andy Dalton has yet to play a defense as good as Seattle this season. We'll see the interception-throwing Andy Dalton of old, and Richard Sherman will lock down AJ Green.

Redskins at Falcons
Bobby: Falcons
Sandeep: Falcons
Lauren: Falcons
Charlie: Falcons

Bobby says: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are going to do some dangerous things to the Redskins secondary.
Sandeep says: The Redskins secondary is pitiful. They have no chance against arguably the best wide receiver in the league in Julio Jones.
Lauren says: The Falcons are looking really good this season and the Redskins won't be able to defend the Falcons powerful offense.
Charlie says: Julio Jones. Devonta Freeman. The Skins don't have a chance.

Jaguars at Buccaneers
Bobby: Jaguars
Sandeep: Jaguars
Lauren: Buccaneers
Charlie: Jaguars

Bobby says: T.J. Yeldon is going to help the Jags run the ball and overpower Tampa Bay.
Sandeep says: Winston is having the same turnover trouble that Bortles had in his rookie season. There aren't many games where the Jaguars have an edge at the quarterback position, but in this one they do and Bortles will lead them to a win.
Lauren says: Giving this one to the Bucs, this game is going to be rough but I'm going to give the Bucs the edge.
Charlie says: Blake Bortles has two great receivers to throw the ball to, and he's been far more consistent than Winston this season.

Saints at Eagles
Bobby: Saints
Sandeep: Eagles
Lauren: Eagles
Charlie: Eagles

Bobby says: Drew Brees looked great last week despite the injury, and Philadelphia is still struggling defensively.
Sandeep says: The Eagles offense has had trouble clicking, but their high-speed playing style can put some strain on the Saints defense.
Lauren says: The Saints are defense is dismal and if the Eagles can take advantage of that then they'll be able to win this game.
Charlie says: Even the Eagles rocky defense can crash the Saints terrible o-line. DeMarco Murray could have the big game we've all been waiting for.

Browns at Ravens
Bobby: Ravens
Sandeep: Ravens
Lauren: Ravens
Charlie: Ravens

Bobby says: Not even close. Running back Justin Forsett looked great last week against Pittsburgh, and he won't slow down in this matchup.
Sandeep says: The Ravens will be missing key players Steve Smith Sr. and Crockett Gillmore, but Cleveland has the worst defense in the NFL.
Lauren says: The Ravens are a weakened team this season but the Browns are pretty bad. The Ravens should be able to step up and win this game.
Charlie says: The Ravens have to win this division game to have a chance this season. But without Steve Smith, it'll definitely be close.

Rams at Packers
Bobby: Packers
Sandeep: Packers
Lauren: Packers
Charlie: Packers

Bobby says: The Packers have got to lose at some point. It won't be this week, however.
Sandeep says: The Rams have been very inconsistent this season and the Packers defense has been performing incredibly. The Packers come away 5-0.
Lauren says: The Packers are playing amazingly so far this season they'll be able to beat the Rams who have played inconsistently.
Charlie says: I really want to go with Todd Gurley and the Rams in this one, but it's tough to bet against Aaron Rodgers.

Bills at Titans
Bobby: Bills
Sandeep: Bills
Lauren: Bills
Charlie: Titans

Bobby says: The Bills' secondary defense struggled to defend Odell Beckham last week, but Tennessee doesn't have the same quality receivers. Bills win in an ugly one.
Sandeep says: Buffalo's defense is adept in trickery. Marcus Mariota has taken to the NFL well, but he is still a rookie and his offensive line is very weak.
Lauren says: This game will be an offensive struggle for both teams but in the end the Bills will come through.
Charlie says: Sammy Watkins is out, and Boobie Dixon will be the Bills starting running back. Marcus Mariota would make a better running back than that man.

Cardinals at Lions
Bobby: Cardinals
Sandeep: Cardinals
Lauren: Cardinals
Charlie: Cardinals

Bobby says: These poor Lions have an incredibly difficult schedule to start the season. Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals are one of the best teams in the leagues, and are going to be hungry to get back in the win column.
Sandeep says: The Lions aren't as bad a team as their record seems to suggest, they've just faced incredibly difficult matchups. The trend continues against the Cardinals who have arguably the best secondary in the league.
Lauren says: The Lions defense will not be able to hold up against the offensive power of Carson Palmer and because of this the Cardinals will win the game.
Charlie says: Carson Palmer will bounce back from his first loss of the season against an embarrassingly bad Lions secondary.

Patriots at Cowboys
Bobby: Patriots
Sandeep: Patriots
Lauren: Patriots
Charlie: Patriots

Bobby says: If Dallas was healthy this could be a really good game.
Sandeep says: The Cowboys are again without Dez Bryant and Tony Romo and this will cost them against the Patriots at full strength.
Lauren says: The Cowboys are still riddled by injury and the Pats are going to be able to easily take the win against them.
Charlie says: Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will try to continue their undefeated season after their Week 4 bye, and what better way to do it than against the injury marred Cowboys.

Broncos at Raiders
Bobby: Broncos
Sandeep: Broncos
Lauren: Broncos
Charlie: Raiders

Bobby says: The Denver Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl.
Sandeep says: Peyton Manning is starting to show signs of the passing machine he was last year with a 300 yard game against the Lions. The Broncos also have the best defense in the league and Carr hasn't been pressured much yet. The Raiders offense will crumble and Manning will take care of the rest.
Lauren says: This game could be really interesting. The Raiders have gotten progressively better and the Broncos are playing well but are missing some of their dominance from past seasons. This game will be competitive but the Broncos and Manning will still come out on top.
Charlie says: The Broncos haven't played any truly good teams yet this year, and the Raiders have enough weapons at their disposal to take them.

49ers at Giants
Bobby: Giants
Sandeep: Giants
Lauren: Giants
Charlie: Giants

Bobby says: Somebody stop Odell! Or hope he doesn't punch you first.
Sandeep says: The Giants are coming off of a good win and the 49ers, well, are not looking good this season.
Lauren says: The 49ers are still a hot mess, anyone can beat them.
Charlie says: The Giants defense this year has been pretty good, and the 49ers have been anything but. Eli Manning can hit OBJ for a couple touchdowns.

Steelers at Chargers
Bobby: Chargers
Sandeep: Chargers
Lauren: Chargers
Charlie: Steelers

Bobby says: I never doubt San Diego at home.
ndeep says:
Rivers won me my fantasy matchup last week and hopefully that performance will follow him into this week where he plays a weak Steelers secondary.
Lauren says: The Steelers are missing their QB and will have to rely on their running game which is good but if the Chargers defense plays well is capable of being stopped.
Charlie says: Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown can take the Chargers even without a legitimate quarterback, and Martavis Bryant has now returned from suspension.

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