NFL Week 4 Predictions

Oct. 4, 2015, 1:58 p.m. | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 8 months ago

1. Bobby: 32-16
2. Sandeep: 30-18
3. Charlie: 29-19
4. Lauren: 26-22

Ravens at Steelers
Bobby: Steelers
Sandeep: Steelers
Lauren: Ravens
Charlie: Ravens

Bobby says: Michael Vick's got this, right?
Sandeep says: Even though Roethlisberger is out, the Ravens have looked pitiful so far.
Lauren says: Roethlisberger is out and the Ravens are are desperate for the win. The Ravens will step up and win this game.
Charlie says: Big Ben's down, and the Ravens are 0-3 going against their division rivals. Joe Flacco will really show up this game, and Steve Smith will score multiple touchdowns.

Jets at Dolphins
Bobby: Jets
Sandeep: Jets
Lauren: Jets
Charlie: Dolphins

Bobby says: The Dolphins might be the home team, but playing in London isn't going to help them find their groove.
Sandeep says: The Dolphins have been struggling so far but the Jets defense has been very strong.
Lauren says: The Dolphins have not looked great this year and while the Jets aren't the greatest team in the NFL, they'll come through.
Charlie says: The Dolphins haven't looked great this year, but they can stop the poor passing attack built around Ryan Fitzpatrick. Chris Ivory looks like he may be out for another week, and even if he does play he won't be at the top of his game.

Jaguars at Colts
Bobby: Colts
Sandeep: Colts
Lauren: Colts
Charlie: Jaguars

Bobby says: The Colts haven't looked good this season, and there is a serious concern in Indianapolis. No matter how badly they play however, they can still take Jacksonville.
Sandeep says: The Colts are playing another easy division game coming off a division win last week. They got this one in the bag.
Lauren says: Though the Colts haven't looked great this season they'll definitely be able to get the win against Jacksonville.
Charlie says: Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Blake Bortles make up one of the most promising air attacks in the league, and they can beat this Colts team.

Giants at Bills
Bobby: Bills
Sandeep: Bills
Lauren: Bills
Charlie: Bills

Bobby says: The Bills are exceeding all expectations, and they will continue to do so against a mediocre Giants team.
Sandeep says: Tyrod Taylor has been sensational and the Bills defense has been rock solid. Against a Giants team that has struggled, the Bills should get the W.
Lauren says: The Bills look good this season and the Giants in comparison have continuously struggled.
Charlie says: The Bills look great, and even though Sammy Watkins is dealing with an injury Tyrod Taylor and company can take down the Giants.

Panthers at Buccaneers
Bobby: Panthers
Sandeep: Panthers
Lauren: Panthers
Charlie: Panthers

Bobby says: The Panthers went out and got Jared Allen to fill in for the injury of Charles Johnson. The Panthers defensive line should have no trouble putting pressure on Jameis.
Sandeep says: Cam Newton has been surprisingly dominant thus far and is playing the delicate Buccaneers defense. The Panthers will easily shut down the Bucs.
Lauren says: CAM NEWTON!!
Charlie says: The Panthers are 3-0 and Cam Newton shows no sign of slowing down. He will pick apart a weak Bucs secondary.

Eagles at Redskins
Bobby: Eagles
Sandeep: Eagles
Lauren: Redskins
Charlie: Redskins

Bobby says: I'm not ready to give up on this Eagles offense yet. This team has a ton of potential, and Sam Bradford has an opportunity to find his receivers this week against the Redskins secondary.
Sandeep says: The Eagles have been disappointing me, but it's not yet time to give up all hope. The Redskins have been struggling thus far and their defense isn't looking too great. Hopefully this is Bradford's breakout week he jumpstarts the Philly offense.
Lauren says: Neither the Eagles or the Redskins have looked good this season, but the Redskins have had some bright spots in their running game, and have played some generally solid games, if they stick to what they're good at then they should be able to win this game.
Charlie says: The Skins will put the ball back on the ground, running an attack behind rookie running back Matt Jones. The Eagles' defense looks awful so far this year.

Raiders at Bears
Bobby: Bears
Sandeep: Raiders
Lauren: Raiders
Charlie: Raiders

Bobby says: I'm not ready to buy into this Raiders hype. They're the Raiders after all. Chicago might not be much better, but they have home field advantage in this one.
Sandeep says: Both Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery are injured and the Bears offense will suffer. The Raiders offense, on the other hand, looks strong.
Lauren says: The Bears looked dismal last week against the Seahawks, and although the Seahawks are a premier team, I still don't think they'll be able to overcome the Raiders who have looked increasingly good this season.
Charlie says: Derek Carr looks like the real deal, and he has a wealth of weapons around him. The Bears have Matt Forte and Jimmy Clausen, who could be looking at their second shutout loss in as many weeks.

Texans at Falcons
Bobby: Falcons
Sandeep: Falcons
Lauren: Falcons
Charlie: Texans

Bobby says: The Falcons have had three fourth quarter comebacks to start the season. This will be the first time that they lead going into the fourth.
Sandeep says: The Falcons have been surprisingly good this season while the Texans, as usual, are not too good. Matt Ryan and the Falcons will take this one easily.
Lauren says: The Falcons offense is much stronger than Houston's, while the Texans have some bright spots (mostly just J.J Watt) it won't be enough to overcome the Falcons.
Charlie says: Devonta Freeman was a total fluke, and the Falcons shouldn't really be 3-0 up to this point. It's about time for them to lose, and JJ Watt is just the man to beat them.

Chiefs at Bengals
Bobby: Bengals
Sandeep: Bengals
Lauren: Bengals
Charlie: Bengals

Bobby says: Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are firing on all cylinders right now.
Sandeep says: The Bengals have had a breakout (so far) season and that will continue against a weak Chiefs defense.
Lauren says: Bengals have killed it so far, especially last week, and will continue in this way.
Charlie says: This should be one of the best matchups of the week, but I like Andy Dalton's chances against the Chiefs defense more than Jamaal Charles's against the Bengals.

Browns at Chargers
Bobby: Chargers
Sandeep: Chargers
Lauren: Chargers
Charlie: Chargers

Bobby says: Don't ever doubt the Chargers in San Diego. Philip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL when he plays at home.
Sandeep says: Philip Rivers has not been playing well and that cost me a win last week in my fantasy league but he'll pull it off this time at home against the Browns.
Lauren says: The Chargers are a much more experienced team and this should help them get the win against the inexperienced Browns.
Charlie says: Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen should easily outperform the Browns. Neither team is a defensive powerhouse, but the Chargers win this in a high scoring shootout.

Packers at 49ers
Bobby: Packers
Sandeep: Packers
Lauren: Packers
Charlie: Packers

Bobby says: No need to talk about how good the Packers are. Colin Kaepernick looked great in Week 2, but proved it was a fluke last week. Green Bay rolls easily.
Sandeep says: Colin Kaepernick is one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the league and will crumble against the Green Bay defense.
Lauren says: The 49ers are a hot mess. Enough said.
Charlie says: No need to explain this choice. Carlos Hyde would need another 100 yard rushing game and then some to beat the Packers.

Rams at Cardinals
Bobby: Cardinals
Sandeep: Cardinals
Lauren: Cardinals
Charlie: Cardinals

Bobby says: I'm in love with Carson Palmer. The Rams mysteriously beat the Seahawks in Week 1, but have struggled ever since. The Cardinals offense will continue to move the ball this week.
Sandeep says: Carson Palmer isn't injured yet (keep your fingers crossed!) and the Cardinals are a very good team with a good quarterback. The Rams, on the other hand, lost to the Redskins...
Lauren says: The Rams play well and then terribly, they beat the Seahawks then lose the Redskins, meanwhile the Cardinals have played consistently well especially Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer. The Cardinals take this game.
Charlie says: The Cardinals are one of the biggest surprises of this season, and with the return of Andre Ellington they figure to keep the streak going.

Vikings at Broncos
Bobby: Broncos
Sandeep: Broncos
Lauren: Vikings
Charlie: Vikings

Bobby says: Peyton Manning and the Broncos are still on the Super Bowl hunt, and they're legit. I don't think the red-hot Vikings will come in their way.
Sandeep says: There's been a lot of doubt cast towards the Broncos, but the Broncos defense should be able to fend off Adrian Peterson and the Vikings offense.
Lauren says: The Bronco's have looked off this season so far, playing well one game and not so well the next. Meanwhile Adrian Peterson and the the Vikings will be able to destroy the Bronco's defense.
Charlie says: Adrian Peterson should destroy the Broncos rush defense. The teams Peyton Manning has beaten are a collective 1-8 this season. He has yet to prove anything in 2015.

Cowboys at Saints
Bobby: Cowboys
Sandeep: Saints
Lauren: Saints
Charlie: Saints

Bobby says: If the Cowboys want to keep playoff hopes alive while their stars remain out injured, it's going to be crucial for them to win this game. If Drew Brees sits, it's all Dallas. If Brees plays, things might get a little difficult.
Sandeep says: The Cowboys are still missing star receiver Dez Bryant and with McCown at QB, things don't look good.
Lauren says: No Bryant + no Romo = loss for the Cowboys
Charlie says: The Cowboys could prove me wrong (which they've been doing all season), but McCown wins the battle of the second string quarterbacks. Joseph Randle's three touchdown effort last week is the outlier, and they can't count on him to do it alone.

Lions at Seahawks
Bobby: Seahawks
Sandeep: Seahawks
Lauren: Seahawks
Charlie: Seahawks

Bobby says: I feel pretty bad for Detroit. They're really not as bad as their record indicates. Traveling to Seattle this week for a Monday night game isn't going to help them out at all, unfortunately.
Sandeep says: The Seahawks are playing at home against a struggling Lions team. You know what happens at Seattle.
Lauren says: Seahawks are getting back on track, Lions will get smashed.
Charlie says: The Lions look as bad as the Seahawks look good. Jimmy Graham is finally catching his stride, and even if Beast Mode is hurt the Hawks still have this one.

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