NFL Week 16 Predictions

Dec. 21, 2014, 9:28 a.m. | By Robert Pfefferle, Agam Mittal, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 6 months ago

1. Sam: 147-76
2. Bobby: 143-80
3. Sasha: 141-82
4. Agam: 139-84

Titans at Jaguars
Sam: Titans
Bobby: Titans
Sasha: Jaguars
Agam: Titans

Sam says: The Jaguars are dying for a win, and this should be an easy time to get it against a bad Titans team. However, injuries on offense to rookie QB Blake Bortles and emerging star Denard Robinson will kill the Jaguars in this highly uninteresting game.
Bobby says: This game might be interesting two awful teams squaring off. Titans should squeak out a win, Charlie Whitehurst isn't anything special, but he should be able to expose some holes in the Jacksonville defense.
Sasha says: The Titans can't hold anybody and this is a good chance for Jacksonville to come out on top and get their third win of the season.
Agam says: This week's Toilet Bowl is a hard game to predict, but I can see the Jags, who are playing better of late, taking advantage of the Titans who are starting Charlie Whitehurst at QB and have no running game.

Eagles at Redskins
Sam: Eagles
Bobby: Eagles
Sasha: Redskins
Agam: Eagles

Sam says: It's another chance for RG3, but they just don't have the motivation to beat the hungry Eagles. Although, expect a lot of DeSean Jackson against his former team in what his coach is calling a mediocre season.
Bobby says: This game will be close, make no mistake. The Eagles' Mark Sanchez has looked very sharp in his short stint with the birds. At the end of the day, LeSean McCoy will run all over the Redskins defense.
Sasha says: The Redskins have no pressure whatsoever. Look for a loose RG3 and Alfred Morris to find the end zone multiple times and for DeSean Jackson to have a strong performance against his former team.
Agam says: The Redskins and Eagles have been on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to success this season. The Eagles have lost two in a row but I can see them getting back on track against the Redskins secondary who can't stop anyone, not even Mark Sanchez.

Chargers at 49ers
Sam: 49ers
Bobby: Chargers
Sasha: Chargers
Agam: Chargers

Sam says: WIth all the negative press surrounding their team, the 49ers still have a very talented football team. I'm picking them to pull the upset at home because of their great defense.
Bobby says: Philip Rivers and the Chargers season is at stake in this game, but I expect them to rise up to the occasion. Antonio Gates, Eddie Royal, and Malcom Floyd are going to have big games as well.
Sasha says: The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick are falling apart and the Chargers will take out advantage of this and pull out the road win.
Agam says: Both of these teams are sinking on offense, and Harbaugh is likely headed to Michigan after this season. Even without Keenan Allen, Rivers will outplay Kaepernick and get the win.

Vikings at Dolphins
Sam: Dolphins
Bobby: Dolphins
Sasha: Dolphins
Agam: Dolphins

Sam says: All in all, the Dolphins are putting together a pretty good season. Definitely a team to watch out for in the coming years.
Bobby says: The Vikings are underrated, but they struggle on the road. This game will be closer than anticipated. Ryan Tannehill has struggled as of late, but Jarvis Landry has been red hot.
Sasha says: The Dolphins have improved tremendously since a couple of years ago and there is no way they lose at home to the Vikings in week 16.
Agam says: Both of these teams have been inconsistent this year but Ryan Tannehill is playing well and should take advantage of the bad Vikings secondary.

Ravens at Texans
Sam: Ravens
Bobby: Ravens
Sasha: Ravens
Agam: Ravens

Sam says: When a team is down to their fourth string QB, you can pick them to lose pretty safely. The Texans sure are wishing they drafted Teddy Bridgewater right about now. They missed him by just one pick and wouldn't have had to give up more than a fifth round pick to move up to get him. I honestly think if they had Bridgewater, they would be in playoff position now.
Bobby says: Offensively and defensively, the Ravens have a big edge on the Texans. Forsett doesn't match up to Foster, but that doesn't matter. Joe Flacco and his endless options will keep the ball moving for Baltimore. Even if J.J. Watt is lurking.
Sasha says: Arian Foster and J.J. Watt can't win games on their own.
Agam says: The Texans are underrated but the Ravens should find a way to eke out a win here with a dominant front seven against Case Keenum.

Lions at Bears
Sam: Lions
Bobby: Lions
Sasha: Lions
Agam: Lions

Sam says: The Bears are an absolute, undeniable mess. They just benched their starting QB Jay Cutler, who in case you didn't know is the highest paid player in the league. Yup, it's true.
Bobby says: This Bears team has been an absolute disaster. Given all the offensive weapons a quarterback could possibly need, and they still can't make Jay Cutler good. Now he's gone, and the Lions have a clear path to victory. Jordy Nelson embarrassed the Bears secondary a few weeks ago, and it's Megatrons turn now.
Sasha says: The last time these teams met Detroit dominated. Look for a repeat as the Bears look even worse now than they did before.
Agam says: The Lions clinched the playoffs on Thursday and will be able to easily build on this against the Bears, who are now starting Jimmy Clausen at QB.

Browns at Panthers
Sam: Panthers
Bobby: Panthers
Sasha: Panthers
Agam: Panthers

Sam says: Just a better team at home; and the Browns have no idea what to do with Johnny Football.
Bobby says: Cam Newton is back and ready to keep his team in the playoff hunt. Manziel doesn't have much of an offensive line, which will make it hard for him to be successful in this one.
Sasha says: The Panthers are on somewhat of a hot streak and they will have Cam Newton back. I just don't see them losing this week, especially at home.
Agam says: The Panthers have won two in a row and have the running game going with Jonathan Stewart. Add Cam Newton back to that mix and it does not bode well for the sinking Browns.

Falcons at Saints
Sam: Saints
Bobby: Saints
Sasha: Falcons
Agam: Falcons

Sam says: Although the Saints have lost many games at home this season. I can't stop thinking back when this was a more feared home field advantage than Seattle and the Superdome was always rocking. I like the Saints at home for this reason after crushing the Bears last week.
Bobby says: Drew Brees looked better than ever on Monday. While this Saints team has been an utter disappointment, there is still hope for the playoffs. Matt Ryan and the Falcons have the ability to score in bunches, but have struggled on the road all season. New Orleans wins the shootout.
Sasha says: The NFC south is pretty ugly but it's a good race. I see the falcons knocking the Saints off of their throne of this weak division.
Agam says: The Saints picked up an easy win this last week against the Bears but they have a pivotal matchup coming up with NFC South rival Atlanta Falcons. Given the state of this division, I can see the Falcons picking up a win and making the standings even more of a mess.

Packers at Buccaneers
Sam: Packers
Bobby: Packers
Sasha: Packers
Agam: Packers

Sam says: I just can't go against Aaron Rodgers to lose back to back, he's too good.
Bobby says: Rodgers has struggled on the road this season, but a win will secure them a playoff birth. Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson will be raking in plenty of opportunities. However, the Packers better watch out for Mike Evans.
Sasha says: Aaron Rodgers will rip this weak Buccaneers pass defense to shreds.
Agam says: Star QB Aaron Rodgers should bounce back in this one against the leaky Buccaneers defense.

Chiefs at Steelers
Sam: Steelers
Bobby: Steelers
Sasha: Steelers
Agam: Steelers

Sam says: The Steelers need this one bad, and I think they get it. The Chiefs just do not have the perimeter offense to hang in with a Steelers team who have great cover LBs.
Bobby says: Le'Veon Bell has been unstoppable this season, and he certainly won't be slowed by the Chiefs defense.
Sasha says: The Steelers offense is on a roll and the Chiefs won't contain it.
Agam says: Todd Haley vs his former team should be an interesting matchup, but I think that the Steelers offense can take the tops off of any defense, even one as good as the Chiefs'.

Patriots at Jets
Sam: Patriots
Bobby: Patriots
Sasha: Patriots
Agam: Patriots

Sam says: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have transcended time; while the Jets were ten yards away from losing to the lowly Titans.
Bobby says: This game might be the blowout of the week. Jets don't stand a chance against Brady and the Patriots' defense.
Sasha says: Tom Brady makes every team he has look like gods with his passing ability and his leadership. The Jets will fall to New Englands mercy.
Agam says: This could be a closer game than people think as the Jets are playing much better and Geno Smith looks better, too. But Tom Brady should find a way to win like he always does.

Giants at Rams
Sam: Giants
Bobby: Rams
Sasha: Giants
Agam: Giants

Sam says: The Rams have no offensive spark, even with all of their weapons. They rank 26th in passing and 20th in rushing. Expect the Giants to take advantage on Sunday.
Bobby says: A loss for New York sets them up nicely for a high draft pick next season. No team tries to lose on purpose, but this would be a good one to lose for New York.
Sasha says: Odell Beckham Jr. is basically carrying the Giants to victories. Look for him to do it again in St. Louis.
Agam says: Odell Beckham Jr., enough said. Giants could win big in the dome.

Bills at Raiders
Sam: Bills
Bobby: Bills
Sasha: Bills
Agam: Bills

Sam says: The Bills huge pass rush haunted Aaron Rodgers last week. I expect them to answer the bell again against a team like the Raiders who have struggled on their offensive line all season.
Bobby says: After knocking off the Packers last week, the Bills are marching. Kyle Orton has done a solid job at the helm of the offense, and should have no trouble getting by Oakland in this one.
Sasha says: The Bills defense is on fire and will dominate and maybe shutout this horrible Raiders offense.
Agam says: The Bills defense was dominant last week and the Raiders offense will find no way to crack it.

Colts at Cowboys
Sam: Colts
Bobby: Cowboys
Sasha: Colts
Agam: Colts

Sam says: Andrew Luck and company should be ready go to this Sunday after recent lackluster offensive performances.
Bobby says: A Cowboys win, and they're playoff bound. Don't expect DeMarco Murray's broken hand to slow them down.
Sasha says: The Colts will make this NFC East race more interesting with their powerful offense and a better defense as the Cowboys have an injured DeMarco Murray.
Agam says: This should be a great game but I will give the Colts the edge as DeMarco Murray is hurt.

Seahawks at Cardinals
Sam: Seahawks
Bobby: Seahawks
Sasha: Seahawks
Agam: Seahawks

Sam says: I'll take the Legion of Boom against a third string QB any day of the week.
Bobby says: The Cardinals are a very good team, but they have no quarterback. Arizona has yet to lose at home, but that will change this week. The Seahawks and Richard Sherman are ready to propel themselves far into the playoffs.
Sasha says: This Seattle defense has been tearing teams apart. Look for them to do it again and for Russel Wilson and Marshawn Lynch to carry this offense passed Arizona.
Agam says: The Cardinals' awful offense is no match for the Legion of Boom, which should take care of business in Arizona.

Broncos at Bengals
Sam: Bengals
Bobby: Broncos
Sasha: Broncos
Agam: Broncos

Sam says: I'm gonna pull an upset here and pick the home team. With Peyton Manning not fully healthy, and the home field advantage the Bengals have, I'm picking them to win. The Bengals have a strong running attack that can control the clock and score points. As long as Andy Dalton does not make any mistakes, the Bengals could win this game.
Bobby says: Yes, the Bengals destroyed the Browns last week. However, that doesn't mean squat anymore. The Bengals are winless against Peyton Manning. With Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas, running the routes, it's all Broncos here.
Sasha says: The Bengals will be dethroned from first place in week 16 as the Broncos come to town. The Broncos offense has looked unstoppable as of late and Cincinnati won't be able to stop it.
Agam says: The Bengals have been very impressive in their last few games, but with their defense surging and their offense back at full health, the Broncos will be able to get the win, even in Cincinnati.

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