NFL Predictions: Week 5

Oct. 12, 2018, 2:18 p.m. | By Andrew Gelman, Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Arthi Thyagarajan | 5 years, 4 months ago

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Welcome to SCOs Week 5 NFL predictions! We apologize for another missed week of SCO predictions. Although you may have not seen our picks, you still saw the games and you should not have been disappointed. Crazy endings, crazy blowouts and crazy upsets.


Noah: 17-13

Eric: 17-13

Arthi: 16-14

Andrew: 15-15

Raffa: 15-15

(Ties don't count for a win or loss)

Colts at Patriots

Noah: Patriots

Eric: Patriots

Arthi: Patriots

Andrew: Patriots

Raffa: Patriots

Noah says: It'll be fun to watch Luck vs Brady again but the Colts just plain stink. The Patriots should blow this one away.

Eric says: The Patriots don't take prisoners!

Arthi says: The Colts will be easy to defend; there's no doubt the Pats have the upper hand in this game.

Andrew says: The Colts have been good this year, but good isn't enough to beat the Patriots.

Raffa says: Patriots started off slow but are back. They are the clear better team.

Broncos at Jets

Noah: Broncos

Eric: Broncos

Arthi: Broncos

Andrew: Broncos 

Raffa: Broncos

Noah says: After a tough loss to the Chiefs, the Broncos should come out firing on all cylinders against a lowly Jets team.

Eric says: The Jets are going to disappoint New York once again.

Arthi says: Against rookie QB Sam Darnold, Denver should have no trouble controlling the ball defensively. If Broncos' defense executes the way they have in the past, the team should be able to pull out with a win.

Andrew says: The Broncos barely lost to Kansas City, one of the best teams in the league. They will handle the Jets, one of the worst. 

Raffa says: The Broncos lost last week to KC, but looked pretty good until the last few drives. They are gonna bounce back this week.

Packers at Lions

Noah: Packers

Eric: Packers

Arthi: Packers

Andrew: Packers

Raffa: Packers

Noah says: The Lions have looked much better in recent weeks but the Packers are just better, plain and simple.

Eric says: The Packers sure do pack a punch!

Arthi says: If the Packers can force one or two mistakes out of Matthew Stafford and run the ball well, I think Aaron Rodgers can pull through and do the rest.

Andrew says: The Lions have improved, but the Packers are still really good. There's a chance for an upset here, but I'm going to go with Aaron Rodgers here.

Raffa says: Packers are an elite team and the Lions are mediocre. Packers take this one easily.

Giants at Panthers

Noah: Panthers

Eric: Panthers

Arthi: Panthers

Andrew: Panthers

Raffa: Panthers

Noah says: Coming off a bye week, the Panthers should have fresh legs and run all over an at this point overrated Giants team.

Eric says: The Panthers are going to take a bite out of the Giants defense.

Arthi says: The Giants' offensive line was struggling against a bad Saints' defense last week. Who's to say they'll do any better this week?

Andrew says: The Giants haven't been awful, but they are not nearly as good as Carolina. The Panthers have a strong Offense, with Cam having a good year, and a average defense too. They've got this one.

Raffa says: The Panthers had a bye last week and will be well rested for a game which is gonna be close. The giants haven’t had a good start and are gonna drop to 1-4.

Titans at Bills

Noah: Titans

Eric: Titans

Arthi: Titans

Andrew: Titans

Raffa: Bills

Noah says: People underestimate the Titans. They are good and have proved it with a few comeback victories. They should stomp all over the Bills.

Eric says: The Titans tower over the Bills in all aspects of the game.

Arthi says: Titans' offense is better than you think. With QB Marcus Mariota, Titans' passing offense will be able to build explosively and come out with a decisive victory.

Andrew says: The Titans have beaten the Jaguars and the Eagles. The Bills scored 0 points against a average at best Green Bay defense. Easy win for Tennessee.

Raffa says: The Bills played horribly last week but are gonna bounce back and are gonna upset an average Titans team.

Falcons at Steelers

Noah: Falcons

Eric: Falcons

Arthi: Falcons

Andrew: Steelers

Raffa: Falcons

Noah says: Neither team can afford to lose this week but the Falcons need it badly. It's powerhouse offenses going at each other and the Falcons just have more firepower.

Eric says: Matt Ryan is going to lead his team to vicotry.

Arthi says: With Le'Veon Bell absent, the Steelers have struggled to run the ball, making their O line one-dimensional. All Falcons here.

Andrew says: I think these teams are evenly matched in terms of offenses. But Atlanta's defense has been ravaged by injury. I've gotta go with Pittsburgh here.

Raffa says: This game is going to be super high scoring. Both of these teams have bad defenses, but the falcons offense is better than the steelers.

Ravens at Browns

Noah: Ravens

Eric: Ravens

Arthi: Ravens

Andrew: Ravens

Raffa: Ravens

Noah says: The Ravens are good, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The Browns should put up a fight but the Ravens will put out a victory here.

Eric says: I have to route for the home team especially when their going to destroy the Browns.

Arthi says: Ravens' offense might stumble against an improved Browns' defense. I expect a close game, but in general, the Ravens are the stronger team.

Andrew says: I've been impressed by both of these teams this year. They've both had their highs and their lows. But at the end of the day, the Ravens are a much better team. 

Raffa says: the Ravens played really well against the steelers last week and are gonna carry that momentum into a tough game against a young browns team.

Dolphins at Bengals

Noah: Bengals

Eric: Bengals

Arthi: Bengals

Andrew: Bengals

Raffa: Dolphins

Noah says: The Bengals are on a roll to start the season and I see no reason why the Dolphins are going to stand in their way.

Eric says: The Dolphins just aren't up to the Bengals par.

Arthi says: The Bengals are 3-1 and riding high off their impressive win against the Falcons. Their offensive firepower will be too much for the Dolphins to handle.

Andrew says: For me, these are the two biggest surprises of this season. But the Bengals have deserved it more. They have a potent offense and a pretty good defense to match. The Dolphins are good, but they stand no chance.

Raffa says:Marvin Lewis is the worst coach in football. A team will never be elite with him as coach. Coming a bad loss to the Pats, the dolphins are gonna win.

Jaguars at Chiefs

Noah: Jaguars

Eric: Chiefs

Arthi: Chiefs

Andrew: Chiefs 

Raffa: Jaguars

Noah says: The Jaguars defense is more than good enough to stop the high powered Chiefs offense. The Chiefs defense isn't good enough to stop an okay Jaguars offense.

Eric says: Chiefs are on another level compared to the Jaguars

Arthi says: The Jag's defense is facing its toughest test yet against Chief's offense this season. I trust that Kansas City will close another week with an undefeated record.

Andrew says: Although the Jaguars defense is elite, the Chiefs offense is unstoppable. Mahomes and the gang roll to 5-0.

Raffa says: This is a battle between the league's best offense and best defense. Despite the amazing play from Pat mahomes, the Jags defense is gonna come in clutch and shut him down.

Raiders at Chargers

Noah: Chargers

Eric: Chargers

Arthi: Chargers

Andrew: Chargers

Raffa: chargers

Noah says: Jon Gruden got his first win in 10 years but it doesn't matter. The Chargers are better and will win.

Eric says: Chargers are going to sweep the Raiders in an easy win.

Arthi says: Philip Rivers should be able to find the weak points in the Raiders' defensive line and lead his time to consecutive wins.

Andrew says: The Chargers have been alright this season, not super great. But the Raiders barely beat the Browns for their first win of the season. They are awful. LA takes this one.

Raffa says: The chargers have done OK so far this year but they are far better than a struggling Raiders team who’s going to get blown out this week.

Vikings at Eagles

Noah: Vikings

Eric: Vikings

Arthi: Vikings

Andrew: Eagles

Raffa: Vikings

Noah says: Like the Steelers and Falcons, neither team can afford to lose. But the Vikings have more to lose here. They should come out firing and pull out this victory.

Eric says: The Vikings are one of best teams in the NFL.

Arthi says: The Eagles were surprisingly flat against an average-performing Titans' defense. The Vikings have also been not been looking too hot this season, but need to come away with a win.

Andrew says: The Eagles have been underperforming this year. However, the Vikings offense is mediocre this year, especially the receiver duo of Diggs and Thielen. The defense is sub-par. The Eagles should win this battle of two teams that have failed to live up to the hype.  

Raffa says: The Eagles lost to the Titans last week who are not a very good team. The vikings are one of the top teams in the NFC. The eagles will put up a fight, but the vikings take this one.

Rams at Seahawks

Noah: Rams

Eric: Rams

Arthi: Rams

Andrew: Rams

Raffa: Rams

Noah says: The Rams are good. The Seahawks aren't.

Eric says: The Rams are going to ram the Seahawks.

Arthi says: This will be an easy game for the Rams, as good teams will win games they're supposed to win.

Andrew says: LA hasn't lost. That won't change against an average Seahawk team.

Raffa says: The Rams are stacked at pretty much every position which is the opposite of a bad seahawks team.

Cardinals at 49ers

Noah: Cardinals

Eric: 49ers

Arthi: 49ers

Andrew: 49ers

Raffa: 49ers

Noah says: CJ Beathard isn't good enough to lead the niners to a victory over my team.

Eric says: The 49ers are going to sweep the cardinals.

Arthi says: CJ Beathard played well against the Chargers, even though he got knocked around a lot. The 49ers will come out on top.

Andrew says: The 49ers will take this one because the Cardinals are really bad.

Raffa says: Cardinals suck. Even with C.J. beathard the niners win this one.

Cowboys at Texans

Noah: Texans

Eric: Cowboys

Arthi: Texans

Andrew: Cowboys

Raffa: Texans

Noah says: The battle of Texas is on. This one goes to the home field advantage.

Eric says: The Cowboys are seat 1. They can't lose.

Arthi says: Both of these teams have been struggling this season, but I'm gonna go with the Texans in a low-scoring game.

Andrew says: The Texans have been a huge disappointment. Watson has not been playing that well, and the defense is not as good as they used to be. The Cowboys will win this, even though they have not been great this year. 

Raffa says: The Texans have been very underwhelming this year, but are flat out a better team than the Cowboys. They will take this one easily.

Washington Football at Saints

Noah: Saints

Eric: Saints

Arthi: Saints

Andrew: Saints

Raffa: Saints

Noah says: The Saints high powered offense will dominate this okay Washington defense.

Eric says: New Orleans is literally one of my favorite places of all time :).

Arthi says: The Redskins are a very unpredictable team, while the Saints have shown us how creatively dangerous their offense can be. The Saints will take the win.

Andrew says: Even though Washington is coming off a bye week, the Saints will dominate. Kamara and Brees will destroy the mediocre Washington defense.

Raffa says: I hate the Redskins. They are gonna get killed by one of the best offenses in the league.

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