NFL Predictions Week 3

Sept. 22, 2019, 10:57 a.m. | By Andrew Gelman, Lucie Peyrebrune, Billy Scott, Sam Kulp, Alex Russ | 4 years, 8 months ago

Week 3 has some great games for us to predict, including the hometown Ravens taking on the Kansas City Chiefs.


Andrew 10-6

Alex 11-5

Lucie 8-8

Sam 10-6

Billy 12-4     

Titans at Jaguars

Andrew: Both of these teams suffered close losses last week. But I just can't bring myself to pick the Jaguars. I think Gardner Minshew will have a tough time against a talented Titans secondary. The Titans take a close one on the road. Winner: Titans 

Alex: The jaguars are really hurting without Nick Foles in the huddle so even though the Titans lost last week, Derrick Henry will help them run over the jags. Winner: Titans

Lucie: Both teams are coming off of close games, but the Titans have been playing better. Derrick Henry has been doing a solid job carrying the ball, and Marcus Mariota is also playing well. It will be close, but the Titans will end up on top. Winner: Titans

Sam: Gardner Minshew’s first start in the NFL didn’t go as planned as the Jaguars fell the Texans last week. The Titans have one of the best defenses in the league so don’t expect things to go much better for Minshew on Thursday. Winner: Titans

Billy: Both teams are coming from close losses to good teams. I have been pretty impressed with how Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry have performed so far. Gardner Minshew didn't perform well, and the Titans’ defense looks great so I don't think he'll be any better. Winner: Titans

Dolphins at Cowboys

Andrew: The Dolphins are falling apart. 'Nuff said. Winner: Cowboys 

Alex: I think Clemson could beat the Dolphins at this point. Winner: Cowboys

Lucie: The Dolphins have the potential to be the worst team in the NFL this year. Winner: Cowboys

Sam: Josh Rosen could put some new life into a team that had the worst two game start in NFL history. Rosen has a chance to shine, but won’t get his first win as a Dolphin this week. Winner: Cowboys

Billy: Dallas is a top-10 team in the league. Miami is the top-1 worst team. Winner: Cowboys

Bengals at Bills

Andrew: Don't look now, but the Bills are 2-0. Granted, their games have been against two awful teams, but they've been impressive nonetheless. Their winning streak won't continue this week. The Bengals have the league's leading receiver, John Ross. I think he and Andy Dalton will burn the Bills secondary and take the hard-fought win. Winner: Bengals 

Alex: Both these teams aren't very stacked talent wise, but the Bills are 2-0 and Josh Allen has been looking crafty out there. I'm taking the Bills in this one. Winner: Bills

Lucie: The Bengals got crushed by the 49ers last week. The Bills, on the other hand, are doing surprisingly well. Of course, they've only played the Jets and the Giants, two of the worst teams in the league, but their defense hasn't been making things easy for opposing QBs. Winner: Bills 

Sam: I picked the Bills to start 2-0 and they rewarded me with a big win against the Giants. Let’s keep this ball rolling! Winner: Bills

Billy: The Bills have looked great so far with two impressive wins, and the Bengals have looked good despite losing both games. That being said, Josh Allen and Devin Singletary have been very efficient. With the Bills Mafia behind the defense, they’ll strap up the great Cincinnati offense. Winner: Bills

Lions at Eagles

Andrew: I have not been impressed by the Eagles this season. They could not play against Washington in the first half of week 1, and they lost to the Falcons. And I was really impressed by the Lions taking down the Chargers. I'm gonna go for the upset, and take the undefeated Lions. Winner: Lions   

Alex: The Eagles haven't shown me anything special this season and the 2-0 Lions could make a statement with this win. Matthew Stafford is one of the most underrated QBs in the league, and running back Kerryon Johnson is coming off of a big week. Winner: Lions

Lucie: The Lions play a great passing game, and the Eagles have one of the weakest defenses when it comes to passing. Especially since Philly is playing without three starters, it should be an easy win for Detroit. Winner: Lions

Sam: The Birds will be without three starters for this week’s bout against the Lions. Carson Wentz needs to play better for the Eagles to win this game. I believe he will and that’s why I’m picking Philly. Winner: Eagles

Billy: Philly suffered several injuries and looked absolutely mediocre last week. Detroit has looked pretty good on both sides of the ball so far this season, and they'll upset the Birds. WInner: Lions

Jets at Patriots

Andrew: The Jets are on their third string QB. The Patriots were gonna win before Darnold and Siemian went down, and now victory is all but guaranteed. Winner: Patriots  

Alex: Patriots have a god squad put together, and the Jets have one competent player, Le'veon Bell, who is coming off of 31 touches in a loss to the Browns. Winner: Patriots

Lucie: The Patriots are the same powerhouse that they've been for the past few seasons, and the Jets are on their third quarterback. Winner: Patriots

Sam: Who’s the Jets QB again? Winner: Patriots 

Billy: Even if the Jets didn't have two quarterback injuries they would still lose. Winner: Patriots

Falcons at Colts

Andrew: I think this will be the game of the week. Both of these teams were underestimated at the beginning of the season, and both have impressed a lot. Jacoby Brissett has looked pretty good filling in for Andrew Luck, and that offense is just really good. But I've been on the Falcons hype train all season, and I really think this Falcons team is something special. I've got them winning this one. Winner: Falcons 

Alex: The Falcons had a rough week one, but bounced back strong against the Eagles in week 2. The Colts have also been looking good, but in a game this close I think you will need a great quarterback to win, and Matty ice >>>>> Jacoby Brissett. Winner: Falcons

Lucie: Marlon Mack had a hard time last week against the Titans, but he dominated in Week 1 against the Chargers. The Falcons don't have the greatest defense, which should give Mack, Jacoby Brissett, and the rest of Indy's offense the scoring opportunities they need. Winner: Colts

Sam: With Andrew Luck, the Colts were Super Bowl contenders. Sure, he’s gone now but this is still a really good team who is top 5 in the AFC on both sides of the ball. Don’t sleep on Indy. Winner: Colts

Billy: These are two of the dark-horse teams this year. Indy has been exceeding expectations so far with Jacoby Brissett, and Atlanta has looked good all season. Matt Ryan is simply turning the ball over too much and the Brissett-Hilton duo is looking great. Winner: Colts

Raiders at Vikings

Andrew: I was super impressed by both of these teams in week 1, but the Vikings let me down week 2. The Raiders, on the other hand, held in there against Mahomes and that potent KC offense. Call me crazy, but I'm taking the Raiders. Winner: Raiders   

Alex: Both teams are coming off tough losses, but the Vikings are just a more talented team, and I don't see much in this Raiders teams after the loss of Antonio Brown. Winner: Vikings

Lucie: Both teams are coming off disappointing losses after great Week 1 performances. If Kirk Cousins makes better passes, then the Vikings should be able to pull out a win. Winner: Vikings

Sam: I expected Oakland to put up a better fight against the Chiefs in Week 2 but once again they disappoint. Minnesota struggled just as much against Green Bay, but have the upper hand in this matchup. Winner: Vikings 

Billy: Both teams were a disappointment last week. Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota offense will bounce back and take a big win this week. Winner: Vikings

Ravens at Chiefs

Andrew: So many people are thinking that this game will be super competitive, but I just don't see that happening. The Chiefs offense is without a doubt the best in the league, and their defense is much more solid than people think. In their first hard game of the year, the flock will get shocked. Winner: Chiefs

Alex: This is game of the week people. If you love lots of scoring and highlight plays then tune into this one. Lamar Jackson and Mahomes are competing to see who can break the most NFL records this season. And maybe it's just because I have Jackson and Mark Imgram on my fantasy team, but I have a good feeling about the Ravens this week. Winner: Ravens

Lucie: Kansas City has been showing why they are one of the top teams in the league, and while it's undeniable that the Ravens have also gotten off to a great start, they were playing much worse teams. The Ravens will have a hard time containing Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs' seemingly unstoppable offense. Winner: Chiefs

Sam: This is absolutely the game of the week and a matchup that we could see in the AFC title game. Biggest question for me is: are the Ravens for real? Yes, they are off to a great 2-0 start, however they played two awful teams in the Dolphins and the Cardinals. Even if they don’t win, Baltimore should be able to keep it close. Winner: Chiefs 

Billy: This is going to be an exciting game to watch. Statistically, the Ravens have been better than the Chiefs. Both teams have beat some mediocre teams, but the Ravens' defense has looked better. With that being said, playing in Kansas City is extremely hard, and the Chiefs offense will be able to outrun Baltimore. Winner: Chiefs

Broncos at Packers

Andrew: This one is quite simple for me. The Packers beat the Bears, and the Bears beat the Broncos. No contest here. Winner: Packers

Alex: Like Andrew said it's just math. Winner: Packers

Lucie: The Broncos have been extremely unimpressive so far. Against the Packers, I doubt anything will change. Winner: Packers

Sam: To me, the Broncos are the second worst team in the NFL, barely ahead of the lowly Dolphins. It will be another win for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Winner: Packers

Billy: Denver just came off a close one against Chicago, but it wasn't an impressive performance in the slightest. Denver won't be able to keep up with the Green Bay offense. Winner: Packers

Panthers at Cardinals

Andrew: Those poor, poor Panthers. Cam's hurt, they're 0-2, and are about to lose to the Cardinals. Regardless of whether Cam plays or not, they'll lose. Kyler Murray and Larry Fitzgerald will have a field day. Winner: Cardinals   

Alex: The Panthers have looked terrible this season, and I honestly think they will lose, but everyone else has picked the Cardinals so what the heck. Winner: Panthers

Lucie: Even with Cam Newton, the Panthers weren't doing well. This might be the week that Kyler Murray finally gets his first win. Winner: Cardinals

Sam: Cam Newton probably won’t play this week as he deals with a shoulder injury that plagued him for much of the offseason. Kyler Murray will expose a bad Carolina secondary and the Cards will get their first W of the season. Winner: Cardinals

Billy: With Cam Newton reinjuring his foot and likely missing this week's game, Carolina will struggle offensively, and with their weak defense they won't be able to stop Arizona's offense. Kyler Murray will get his first career regular season win this week. Winner: Cardinals

Giants at Buccaneers

Andrew: Did you know the Buccaneers are in first place in the NFC South? It's true. And these first place Bucs will lose to the cellar-dwelling Giants. Saquon will destroy the underwhelming Tampa Bay defense. Daniel Jones will do something that Eli hasn't really been doing lately: win a football game. Winner: Giants    

Alex: The Buccaneers looked good last week, completing shutting down one of the best backs in the league, and I think they can do the same with Saquon. Winner: Bucs

Lucie: The Bucs have been performing well offensively, but their defense is lacking. As for the Giants, Eli Manning was struggling, so things can only get better with Daniel Jones starting. Jones and Saquon Barkley are going to expose the weaknesses in Tampa's defense. Winner: Giants

Sam: It’s Daniel Jones time in NYC! The former Duke QB will make his first NFL start this week against the Bucs, but unfortunately for him fail miserably. Aside from the fact that Jones is not ready to be a professional QB, he has no offensive weapons other than Saquon Barkley. The Giants will fall to 0-3. Winner: Buccaneers 

Billy: Daniel Jones is making his first NFL start this week. Finally. The Giants were able to make Eli sit, which was long overdue. Jameis Winston has been very disappointing to date. I think the Giants will squeeze this one out behind Saquon Barkley and Jones. Winner: Giants

Saints at Seahawks

Andrew: I think people are sleeping on the Seahawks. That defense has rebounded from last year, and Chris Carson has been playing really well at running back. Russel and his Seattle squad will take down the Brees-less Saints. Winner: Seahawks 

Alex: The Saints took a hit last week, losing to the Rams and losing Drew Brees to injury, but once upon a time Teddy Bridgewater was really good. Hopefully he can return to his former self. Winner: Saints

Lucie: Chris Carson has been impressive these first couple of weeks. He and the Seahawks should be able to take down the Saints, especially since they're without Drew Brees. Winner: Seahawks

Sam: Drew Brees’ thumb injury is a huge blow to the Saints Super Bowl hopes, but they have a capable backup in Teddy Bridgewater. I see the Saints winning this one in a nail biter. Winner: Saints

Billy: With Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater taking snaps under center, the Saints' offense will see a decline in offensive production, and won't be able to keep up with Seattle. Winner: Seahawks

Texans at Chargers

Andrew: I know the Chargers are injury-riddled at the moment, but they've still been playing pretty well. The Texans almost lost to the Minshew-led Jaguars. My brain is telling me to go with the Texans, but my gut is pulling for the Chargers. I'm going with my gut. Winner: Chargers

Alex: LA had a tough loss to the Lions last week, and have another tough matchup against the Texans. Deshaun Watson has looked great this year and I think he will beat down the Chargers even more. Winner: Texans

Lucie: The Chargers currently have several injured starters, and I don't think that they can win without them. Their defense will have a hard time slowing Deshaun Watson. Winner: Texans

Sam: LA was unlucky to lose to the Colts last week but bounces back this week with a big win over the Texans. Phillip Rivers will have a huge passing day and get this team back on track. Winner: Chargers 

Billy: With Hunter Henry being out and Keenan Allen being banged up, Philip Rivers will barely have anyone to give the ball to. Deshaun Watson will continue his great performance and lead Houston to a win. Winner: Texans

Steelers at 49ers

Andrew: I want to pick the Steelers, I really do. Maybe Mason Rudolph will go out there and play great. Maybe James Conner will return to last season's form. But Maybe isn't good enough. Winner: 49ers 

Alex: I just feel bad for the Steelers at this point. They have struggled to fill the shoes of Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell, and now they lose Big Ben. They just can't catch a break. Winner: 49ers

Lucie: Mason Rudolph played decently last week, and if James Conner can play like he did last season, Pittsburgh's got a shot at their first win. Winner: Steelers

Sam: The Steelers struggled with Big Ben at QB and now they expect Mason Rudolph to lead them to victory. Not going to happen. 49ers take this one in a blowout. Winner: 49ers

Billy: The Steelers are struggling in the absence of their three big stars of Big Ben, AB and LeVeon. Mason Rudolph, JuJu and James Conner won't solve their problems. Winner: 49ers

Rams at Browns

Andrew: I honestly can't believe that anyone would pick against the Rams. They're the current favorite to win the NFC, and just took down an amazing Saints team. The Browns managed to beat the Jets, but there's no way they can beat the Rams. Goff, Gurley, and that trio of receivers will wipe the floor with the Browns. Winner: Rams  

Alex: The Browns are coming off an easy win against the Jets, and the Rams are 2-0. This should be a close one but the Rams haven't really showed me much this season. They beat a Panthers team that is falling apart, and a Saints team that lost Drew Brees halfway through the game. On the other hand, the Browns are looking to unveil that electric offense everybody has been talking about. Winner: Browns

Lucie: The Browns have been underwhelming so far given how hyped up they were at the beginning of the season. They lost Week 1 and beat a bad Jets team Week 2. The Rams, on the other hand, are coming off of a big win against the Saints. LA's momentum will carry through this week, helping them become 3-0. Winner: Rams

Sam: I said in last week’s predictions that the Rams would take a step back this season. They then proceeded to beat the Saints by 20. I was apparently wrong. LA gets a big win on the road in Cleveland and becomes the NFC front runner. Winner: Rams

Billy: I have been underwhelmed by the Rams this season. It's hard for me to believe that they were in the Super Bowl last year. The Browns have been underwhelming as well. That being said, this week will be a good opportunity for both teams to display their offense. With the Browns being stronger defensively, they will win this one. Winner: Browns

Bears at Washington

Andrew: For the record, you will not see me pick against my beloved team. AT ALL. Yeah, we're probably going to lose, but oh well. Alex, my team is better than yours. Winner: HTTR

Alex: The Bears are my team and you will rarely see me predict against them especially when they play an injury burdened Washington team on Monday night. Winner: DA BEARS

Lucie: The Bears barely beat the Broncos last week. Case Keenum and Washington have actually been looking okay. If they can't win, they should be embarrassed. Winner: Washington

Sam: The Bears almost lost the Broncos last week so yeah, they need to figure some things out. Case Keenum has actually looked pretty good for the Redskins alongside Adrian Pederson who is still a two-down back. The Skins will put up a fight but fall just short of a win. Winner: Bears

Billy: As a Washington fan myself, I know we have a Monday Night curse. This is going to be a defensive battle, but the Bears' offense has been extremely underwhelming so far and I don't see them doing much better this week. I think Washington will overcome the curse and win this one. Winner: Washington

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