NFL Predictions: Week 3

Sept. 24, 2018, 8:51 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Arthi Thyagarajan | 5 years, 5 months ago

SCOs NFL Week 3 Predictions!

Welcome to SCOs Week 3 NFL predictions! There have been some crazy games so far this season. Expectations have been met and underachieved. There have been blowouts, close games down to the wire, and ties (which we all hate). Hopefully week 3 brings us more of the same of these crazy, down to the wire matchups.


Noah: 9-5

Eric: 8-6

Arthi: 8-6

Andrew: 7-7

Raffa: 7-7

(Ties don't count for a win or loss)

Jets at Browns

Noah: Browns

Eric: Jets

Arthi: Browns

Andrew: Browns

Raffa: Browns

Noah says: The winless streak has to end at some point. Sam Darnold may be good but the Browns have improved too much to not win a game this season.

Eric says: This game has nothing to do with the Jets, the Browns are just trash.

Arthi says: Cleveland has played well defensively this season. If they manage to limit the turnovers and put pressure on Sam Darnold, the Browns will be able to come out on top.

Andrew says: The Jets were impressive week 1, but week 2 was a disaster. The Browns had two good games that just didn’t go their way. That ends this week. The Browns will win their first game since RG3 was their quarterback.

Raffa says: The Brown haven't won a game in over 600 days but that streak is gonna come to an end this week. Flat out the Jets are a bad team and the Browns are gonna take advantage of that.

Bills at Vikings

Noah: Vikings

Eric: Vikings

Arthi: Vikings

Andrew: Vikings

Raffa: Vikings

Noah says: The best team in the NFL against the worst team in the NFL here.

Eric says: The Vikings are going to hit a nasty raid on some bills.

Arthi says: The Bills don't pose any threat to the Vikings. This will be an easy win.

Andrew says: The Bills are the single worst team in the NFL. The Vikings are a strong team that will make a playoff run. No contest.

Raffa says: The Bills suck. There's no other way to put it. This game won’t even be close.

Giants at Texans

Noah: Texans

Eric: Texans

Arthi: Texans

Andrew: Giants


Noah says: Until the Giants can show that they have an offense, I can't pick them against an okay Texans defense.

Eric says: Giants can't pack a punch so no way they knock the Texans out.

Arthi says: The odds are stacked against the Giants. The Giant's defense will keep them in the game, but no doubt their lackluster offense will be their demise.

Andrew says: This game will be boring. Both of these teams are awful. But the Giants had a good game against the Jaguars, while the Texans lost to an incredibly awful Titans team. I’ll take Saquon Barkley and his Giants.

Raffa says: This is a struggling Texans team against the giants who have problems of their own. This will be one of the closer games this week, but the Texans will get their first win of the year in their home opener.

Packers at Washington Football

Noah: Packers

Eric: Packers

Arthi: Packers

Andrew: Packers

Raffa: Packers

Noah says: Washington had an embarrassing loss to the Colts last week. The Packers tied the best team in the NFL. This should be no contest.

Eric says: Washington can't put out the Aaron Rodgers fire.

Arthi says: Washington took a step backward last week against the Colts. No matter how strong Washington comes out, as long as Aaron Rodgers is protected, the Packers will score points.

Andrew says: The game against the Colts was embarrassing for Washington. Aaron Rodgers should give that defense fits.

Raffa says: Packers are going to win this game easily. The packers have one the best offenses in football and Washington is really struggling right now.

49ers at Chiefs

Noah: Chiefs

Eric: Chiefs

Arthi: Chiefs

Andrew: Chiefs

Raffa: Chiefs

Noah says: Pat Mahomes is the real deal. Jimmy G is getting paid like the real deal. A battle of a great offense against an okay offense. A bad defense against another bad defense. Chiefs have the edge here.

Eric says: 49ers can't even get to 50, they can't take on a Chief!

Arthi says: The key for the 49ers will be to avoid turnovers, which they failed to do against the Vikings. This looks to be a win for the home team on paper.

Andrew says: I think that this game will be closer than most people think, as the 49ers did give the Vikings a run for their money, but Mahomes should have another great game. The Chiefs seem like a legitimate playoff contender.

Raffa says: Pat Mahomes isn’t a joke. He is an elite quarterback and despite the mediocrity of their defense the chiefs will soundly defeat the 9ers.

Raiders at Dolphins

Noah: Raiders

Eric: Dolphins

Arthi: Dolphins


Raffa: Raiders

Noah says: Raiders have blown leads in 2 straight weeks while the Dolphins have shown people they are better than people think. Still, the Raiders have to win at some point.

Eric says: Only a fool would pick the Raiders against the top of AFC east

Arthi says: The Dolphins are looking to stay undefeated. Their defense intercepted the Jets' rookie sensation Sam Darnold twice, and are coming into this game with a lot of confidence.

Andrew says: The Dolphins are way better than people give them credit for. The Raiders are absolutely horrendous. I think the Dolphins will win for the third time this season.

Raffa says: The dolphins are 2-0 only because they played inferior teams.This is their first game against a team better than them and Jon Gruden is gonna get his first win as the Raiders coach this week.

Colts at Eagles

Noah: Eagles

Eric: Eagles

Arthi: Eagles

Andrew: Eagles

Raffa: Eagles

Noah says: With Carson Wentz back, the Eagles should be able to make easy work of a not so good Colts team.

Eric says: Superbowl Champs, underrated.

Arthi says: The Eagles have an edge up with Carson Wentz and the Colts will be playing consecutive road games. The Eagles take it.

Andrew says: This game should be close, since Indy looked really sharp last week. However, the Eagles will win at home in Wentz’s first game back.

Raffa says: Carson Wentz return is helpful for the Eagles, but they could beat the Colts without him. This game won’t even be close.

Titans at Jaguars

Noah: Jaguars

Eric: Jaguars

Arthi: Jaguars

Andrew: Jaguars

Raffa: Jaguars

Noah says: This is the best team in the AFC against a good team that people underestimate. The Jags are just too good to lose to the Titans.

Eric says: The Jags are gonna take a bite out of a weak Titans team.

Arthi says: With Marcus Mariota injured, the Titans are looking to be a weaker team. The Jaguars are also coming off a big victory against the Patriots last week.

Andrew says: The Jaguars are amazing, while the titans have had two lackluster games. This will be quick work for the Jags.

Raffa says: Marcus Mariota is questionable to play but with or without him, the jaguars are just a better team in every way.

Bengals at Panthers

Noah: Panthers

Eric: Panthers

Arthi: Bengals

Andrew: Bengals

Raffa: Panthers

Noah says: Without Joe Mixon, the Bengals are all of sudden a whole lot less scary. Cam Newton should have some trouble against this defense but should still pull out enough points to lead the Panthers to victory.

Eric says: Cam Newton's pretty tuff, but the Bengals are all around nice.

Arthi says: Carolina looked a little rusty against Atlanta, especially on defense. With Andy Dalton and their explosive offense, the Bengals will take the win.

Andrew says: Joe Mixon or no Joe Mixon, the Bengals are an impressive team. AJ Green has been a monster this year, and that defense has looked good. I think the Bengals should pull out a close win against Carolina.

Raffa says: Bengals are not a good team. They got lucky against the Ravens last week and without Joe Mixon this week, they are gonna lose badly.

Broncos at Ravens

Noah: Ravens

Eric: Ravens

Arthi: Ravens

Andrew: Broncos

Raffa: Broncos

Noah says: The Ravens will get back on track this week against a surprising 2-0 Broncos team. Case Keenum just has not looked good so far and he won't look much better against an actually good defense.

Eric says: Old Joe can't pull his weight.

Arthi says: The Broncos just aren't as good as their record says.

Andrew says: The Broncos offense has been performing better than expected thus far, and that defense is really good. The Ravens looked good week 1 but fell off a cliff week 2. Keenum’s Broncos are going to be 3-0.

Raffa says: The broncos still have an elite defense and with the addition of case keenum, they have started 2-0. The ravens need help offensively and the broncos defense is going to take advantage of that and win in Baltimore.

Saints at Falcons

Noah: Saints

Eric: Saints

Arthi: Falcons

Andrew: Falcons

Raffa: saints

Noah says: The Falcons are losing just too many weapons on the defensive side to stop this incredible offense.

Eric says: Saints are god and Kamara is their Jesus.

Arthi says: In their first two games, the Saints struggled on defense. I believe Atlanta will put up a lot of points, but New Orleans won't be too far behind. Expect a close match up...

Andrew says: I know that the Falcons have been losing a lot of defensive weapons, but the Saints defense has been severely underperforming this year. I think Matt Ryan will take advantage of that with all of his offensive weapons. The Falcons will pull off the upset at home.

Raffa says: The loss of Keanu Neal was huge for an already depleted Falcons defense and the Saints offense is just too good not to exploit that.

Chargers at Rams

Noah: Rams

Eric: Rams

Arthi: Rams

Andrew: Rams

Raffa: Rams

Noah says: The Rams are too good to lose to the Chargers.

Eric says: Chargers can't get around the Rams horns.

Arthi says: The Rams have been looking impressive in their past two games. They will win in a blowout.

Andrew says: The Chargers have not been living up to the hype this season. The Rams have. Rams win the battle of LA easily.

Raffa says: The Rams are the best all around team in the NFL this year. The chargers will be not be a challenge for them.

Bears at Cardinals

Noah: Cardinals

Eric: Bears

Arthi: Bears

Andrew: Bears

Raffa: Bears

Noah says: If the Cardinals go 0-16 I wouldn't be surprised, but I can't pick against my team.

Eric says: A Cardinal can't outrun a Bear.

Arthi says: The Bears' defense has significantly improved, the Cardinals' offense won't stand a chance.

Andrew says: The Cardinals are flat out awful. The Bears are pretty good, especially the defense. The Cardinals lose again.

Raffa says: The Cardinals have only scored 6 points this season. They have a horrible team and are gonna lose again.

Cowboys at Seahawks

Noah: Seahawks

Eric: Cowboys

Arthi: Seahawks

Andrew: Cowboys

Raffa: Cowboys

Noah says: I don't care that the Cowboys won a game. They are still too overrated.

Eric says: The Cowboys are the best team in the NFL.

Arthi says: Dallas looked impressive with their victory against the Giants, nevertheless the Seahawks are a step up in the competition.

Andrew says: I really do not want to pick Dallas, as they are very overrated. However, Seattle has been disappointing. Close one between two mediocre teams, but the Cowboys win.

Raffa says: The seahawks are really struggling right now and with Doug Baldwin out indefinitely, the Seahawks lack the firepower to beat the Cowboys.

Patriots at Lions

Noah: Patriots

Eric: Patriots

Arthi: Patriots

Andrew: Patriots

Raffa: Patriots

Noah says: Matt Patricia is playing the team he left. The problem is his team sucks.

Eric says: Lions tactical vision is lacking with their new inexperienced coach, expect a seasoned Patriots team to take the dub.

Arthi says: The Lions are the weaker team and have major issues on defense.

Andrew says: The Lions are really bad. The Patriots are pretty good. No contest.

Raffa says: The Patriots are so much better than the Lions. This game isn’t even a question.

Steelers at Buccaneers

Noah: Buccaneers

Eric: Steelers

Arthi: Buccaneers

Andrew: Steelers

Raffa: steelers

Noah says: Until the Steelers can show me that they are legitimate, I'm not going to pick them against a surprising Bucs team.

Eric says: The Bucs had a pretty nice win last week that not many people could have predicted ;), their luck won't hold though.

Arthi says: The Steelers defense is not where they need to be and are bound to struggle against the Bucs' high-performing offense.

Andrew says: The Fitzmagic has got to run out at some point, and it’s going to be against the Steelers. James Conner has been doing well and the team is just better overall. Close one, but Steelers win.

Raffa says: Ryan Fitzpatrick has started the season really well, but the steelers are a better team even without Lev Bell. This is gonna be one of the most exciting games of week 3.

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