NFL Predictions Week 2

Sept. 12, 2019, 7:30 p.m. | By Andrew Gelman, Lucie Peyrebrune, Billy Scott, Sam Kulp, Alex Russ | 4 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to SCO's 2019 rendition of weekly NFL predictions.

Welcome to SCO's 2019 rendition of Weekly NFL Predictions. We've got a great lineup of sportsologists this year. Andrew, returning from last year, as well as Alex, Lucie, Sam, and Billy. We missed week one, due to it being the first week of school, but we're ready for an exciting week two and a great rest of the season!  

Buccaneers at Panthers

Andrew: Last week, the Panthers went toe-to-toe with the defending NFC champions. They should have a much easier time with the weak Tampa Bay squad. Winner: Panthers 

Alex: The Bucs did not look like a very good team in their season opener, while the Panthers competed with a very good Rams team. As long as the Panthers play another game like last week they should win. Winner: Panthers 

Lucie: Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey played one of the best games of his career last week. As long as QB Cam Newton plays better than he did on Sunday, the Panthers should have this game in the bag. Winner: Panthers

Sam: It only took us four years to realize Jameis Winston is not a franchise QB. The former first overall pick has struggled during his time in the NFL, and this season looks to be no different. Winston threw three INTs in Week 1 against the 49ers. I expect him to throw another three against the Panthers. Winner: Panthers

Billy: Christian McCaffrey had a stunning performance in Carolina's loss against the Rams. Jameis Winston, on the other hand, continued to look like a bust. If McCaffrey can produce the way he did last week, and Cam Newton can step up his game, they'll blow out the Bucs. Winner: Panthers

Cardinals at Ravens

Andrew: The Cardinals didn't have the number one overall pick in the 2019 draft because they were good. Even with Kyler Murray, they team is not very good at all. Man, the Ravens got lucky with the first two games of their season. Winner: Ravens

Alex: The Cardinals tied the Lions in a dog fight last week, seeing that it was against the Lions it's not that impressive. The Ravens however lit up the scoreboard against a not so stellar Miami team, but even so they looked like an early Superbowl contender. Winner: Ravens

Lucie: After watching the Ravens crush the Dolphins last week, the Cardinals should be worried. Kyler Murray may have been great in college, but his performance last week left something to be desired. Winner: Ravens

Sam: Are the Ravens for real? We have all been wondering this ever since Baltimore absolutely dominated the Dolphins last week 59-10. While I do think we need to cool it with the Ravens hype, they'll get another easy win against a weak Cardinals team. Winner: Ravens

Billy: That performance from Baltimore last week was insane. Arizona's defense will have no chance to stop the high-octane offense, and their offense, led by David Johnson and Kyler Murray, simply won't be able to keep up. Winner: Ravens

Chargers at Lions

Andrew: The Lions couldn't beat the Cardinals. How are they supposed to take down an uber talented Los Angeles team. In this battle of the blues, Powder will beat Honolulu. Winner: 


Alex: The Chargers were projected to have a great season this year, but are without star running back Melvin Gordon, and the Lions are coming off of a tie with the Cardinals last week and are looking for their first win. The Lions will pull this one off with Matthew Stafford carrying the team. Winner: Lions

Lucie: Last week, the Lions allowed the worst team in the league from last year to make up an 18-point deficit to force the game into overtime. The Chargers shouldn't have much difficulty with them. Winner: Chargers

Sam: I am very high on the Chargers this year and think they could be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. However, this is a trap game for LA as they look ahead to a bout against the Texans next week. The Lions will pull out a win against a quality opponent. Winner: Lions

Billy: The Chargers' offense looked great without Melvin Gordon, and the Lions' offense didn't look too bad despite tying with Arizona. This will be a close one, but I think the Chargers will be able to squeeze it out. Winner: Chargers

Colts at Titans

Andrew: Call me foolish, but I am really buying the Titans hype. They handily defeated the Browns, who a lot of people thought highly of coming into this season. Watch out for a Tennessee victory over the unlucky (pun intended) Colts. Winner: Titans  

Alex: The Colts still looked like a good team even without former quarterback Andrew Luck, but the Titans looked even better shutting down a hyped up Browns team in week one. Winner: Titans

Lucie: The Colts put up a solid performance against the Chargers last week, but the same can be said for the Titans. It will come down to the Titans' defense. If they play the same way they did last week, they should win. Winner: Titans

Sam: There's a reason the Colts signed Jacoby Brissett to a two-year, $30 million contract shortly after Andrew Luck retired. His ability to scramble out of the pocket and create big plays out of nothing makes him a top-15 NFL QB. The Colts sneak by the Titans thanks to some good play by Brissett. Winner: Colts

Billy: The Titans were able to destroy the team with the best odds of winning the Super Bowl on both sides of the field. That being said, Indianapolis certainly exceeded expectations last week, and Jacoby Brissett looked great but they will fall to Tennessee. Winner: Titans

49ers at Bengals

Andrew: This game will be really close, and both teams have a chance at a victory. However, the Bengals' Joe Mixon, who got injured during the game, is questionable to play. Without Mixon, the team will struggle. Winner: 49ers 

Alex: This game will come down to defense since the bengals won't have Joe Mixon and the 49ers don't have a very good offense. Meaning the 49ers will win in a low scoring affair based off of their lockdown defense in week 1. Winner: 49ers

Lucie: Without Joe Mixon, the Bengals' offense will be lacking. They might still stand a chance, but the odds aren't in their favor. Winner: 49ers

Sam: Everyone assumed the Bengals would be tanking for Tua this season but they actually played pretty well against the Seahawks in week 1. Who knows if Andy Dalton can throw for 400 yards every game, but if Mixon is healthy the Bengals can still beat mediocre teams like the 49ers. Winner: Bengals

Billy: Cincinnati's offense looked pretty slow,and with the absence of Joe Mixon, it'll be hard for them to get some points on the board. The 49ers defense looked strong in Week 1, and they'll be able to lock down the Bengals' offense and secure a close win. Winner: 49ers

Jaguars at Texans

Andrew: The Texans hung in there against a tough New Orleans team. They proved that they can play with the big boys of the NFL. They'll be able to handle the Jaguars without Nick Foles. Winner: Texans 

Alex: There is not much to be said about this game. The Jaguars just lost their star quarterback Nick Foles, to injury in week one, and the Texans are one of the best teams in the league. Winner: Texans

Lucie: With Nick Foles out of the picture, the Jags don't stand a chance. Gardner Minshew has potential, but isn't on Foles' level yet. Winner: Texans

Sam: Gardner Minshew was a beast in college but transitioning to the NFL takes some time. The Texans win big against the Jags. Winner: Texans

Billy: Gardner Minshew put up some great numbers after the injury to Nick Foles, but the Jacksonville defense won't be able to stop Deshaun Watson and the Houston offense. Winner: Texans

Vikings at Packers

Andrew: After the low-scoring battle in the opening game of the season, people are saying that the Packers could be in playoff contention this season. But I don't think enough people are talking about how dominant the Vikings were against the underrated Falcons. Watch out for the Vikings to win this one on the road. Winner: Vikings

Alex: The Vikings had a blowout win against the Falcons in week one and looked like the team they were two years ago. Whereas the Packers stole a win at Soldier field in a low scoring game in week one. It will be another close division match for the Packers. 

Winner: Packers

Lucie: It should be an interesting game. The Packers' defense looked strong in Week 1, but so did the Vikings' offense. The Packers might have the edge on this one. Winner: Packers

Sam: Like Andrew, I believe people are not talking about the Viking's win over the Falcons as much as they should. Atlanta has a good football team but the Vikings handled them easily last week. I like the Vikings to win again on Sunday. Winner: Vikings

Billy: Green Bay's offense may have looked slow last week, but let's not forget that the Chicago defense is very dominant. Green Bay's defense looked great, but Minnesota's dominating performance in week 1 was extremely promising. This game will be down-to-the-wire and the Packers will edge it out. Winner: Packers

Cowboys at Washington

Andrew: Last week, Washington looked unbeatable… in the first half. That second half was ugly. The Cowboys played okay, but underwhelmingly, against the Giants. They should've demolished them. The Cowboys didn't give it their all last week, and they won't again this week. I think coach Jay Gruden will get his team back on track. Call me biased if you want. #HTTR Winner: Washington 

Alex: Washington looked really good in the first half of week one but fell apart after injuries to running back Darius Guice and star defensive tackle Jonathan Allen. The Cowboys looked strong against the Giants, but then again it's the Giants. I'm still going to have to take the healthy team. Winner: Cowboys

Lucie: Washington's defense looked awful in the second half against the Eagles. The Cowboys didn't look great, either. They should've won by much more than they did, but their defense isn't going to give Case Keenum as easy of a time as the Eagles did. Winner: Cowboys

Sam: The Redskins will get up for this home rivalry game against Dallas but they won't be able to sustain their first half magic from last week. Zeke Elliot is back for good which means the Boys should be able to hang a big number on the Skins. Unfortunately the hometown team will be off to a rocky start. Winner: Cowboys

Billy: In the first half of last week's game, Washington's offense looked like a top-five offense in the league. Dallas didn't look great against the Giants, and if Washington can repeat that first half offensive performance, they'll tear up the Cowboys defense. But that probably won't happen. Winner: Cowboys (p.s. Still #HTTR forever and always)

Seahawks at Steelers

Andrew: The Steelers were awful against the Super Bowl champion Patriots. This week, they'll get redemption. The Seahawks could barely beat the Bengals. Pittsburgh will regroup and play some high quality football this week, against a weaker opponent. Winner: Steelers 

Alex: The Steelers got destroyed by the Patriots in week one, and have a worse team than last year. The Seahawks just got star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney in a trade, and I think he will be the difference in this one. Winner: Seahawks

Lucie: Neither team had a great game Week 1. The Patriots dominated the Steelers, and the Seahawks just barely pulled out a win over the Bengals. After such an embarrassing loss, the Steelers are sure to get their act together and come through with a win this week. Winner: Steelers

Sam: Honestly I have no idea who to pick in this matchup of former NFL greats. The Seahawks have some weaknesses yet are still a solid team that could make some noise in the NFC West. The Steelers looked downright awful against the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, but still have the offensive weapons to get back on track. I'll take the Steelers by a hair. Winner: Steelers

Billy: After a lackluster performance from Pittsburgh last week, and the talent of Seattle's offense, I can't see the Steelers coming out on top in this one. Winner: Seahawks

Bills at Giants

Andrew: After coming back from a 13-point deficit, the Bills are red-hot coming into this game. Although neither of these squads are great, the Bills are better, and will win this game. Winner: Bills

Alex: The Bills had a big comeback win last week against the Jets, and are looking to go 2-0 against a not so good Giants team. However, I think this week is going to be all Saquon Barkley. Winner: Giants

Lucie: The Bills had an impressive comeback against the Jets last week, but the Giants have the home field advantage. Eli Manning will throw cleaner passes and Saquon Barkley will get lots of opportunities to carry the ball against a weak Bills' run defense. Winner: Giants

Sam: Could the Bills actually start 2-0? They've got a great shot to get there this weekend against the Giants. Bills Mafia invades NYC once again to cheer Buffalo to their first 2-0 start since 2014. Winner: Bills

Billy: Josh Allen and the Buffalo offense looked great in the comeback win over the Jets. The Giants' offense also seemed surprisingly dominant, but the Bills' defense held the Jets to just 243 yards, and I think the better defense will win. Winner: Bills

Patriots at Dolphins

Andrew: I think the Dolphins are the worst team in the league. On the other hand, I think the Patriots will win the Superbowl. No miracle this year. Winner: Patriots

Alex: The Dolphins look like they are tanking for a good draft pick this year and may even go 0-16. So I don't think they will stand a chance against the Superbowl champs who just added Antonio Brown. Winner: Patriots

Lucie: Tom Brady and the Pats look as good as ever. The Dolphins look terrible. Winner: Patriots

Sam: The Dolphins are tanking. The Patriots are not. Winner: Patriots

Billy: This should be self-explanatory. Winner: Patriots

Chiefs at Raiders

Andrew: Yes, the Raiders won last week. Yes, Josh Jacobs looked excellent in his first NFL game. But will the Raiders win against a team that is one of the favorites to win the Superbowl this year? No. Winner: Chiefs

Alex: The Raiders have a good running back sure, but that won't help them stop the best offense in the league. Winner: Chiefs

Lucie: Oakland looked strong last week, but KC is just too good. They have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, and there's very little that the Raiders can do to stop them. Winner: Chiefs

Sam: The Raiders sure looked good last week against the Broncos. Derek Carr was chucking the ball all over the field to Tyrell Williams. Josh Jacobs was running like a veteran back. The offense was explosive to say the least and can put up big numbers against a bad Chiefs defense. But KC is just too strong offensively. I'll play it safe with the pick. Winner: Chiefs

Billy: Oakland looked great and all but I simply don't think they can beat Kansas City. The Chiefs' offense is simply too good. Winner: Chiefs

Saints at Rams

Andrew: For sure, this will be the game of the week. A rematch of the last seasons NFC championship. And I think the Rams will prevail again. They looked really good against Carolina. Gurley played well, the trio of wide receivers looked good too. The Rams are going to keep all cylinders firing and pull out the win in this slugfest. Winner: Rams

Alex: This is going to be a great game. The Saints are coming off of a miracle win against the Texans, making a 58 yard field goal for the win. And the Rams came out of a shootout in Carolina as the winner. It's really just a toss up. Winner: Saints

Lucie: The Saints are ready for revenge after a missed pass interference call in last season's NFC championship. The Saints have a consistent offense, and although it will be a close game, New Orleans is going to come out on top. Winner: Saints

Sam: Without a completely healthy Todd Gurley, the Rams offense should take a step back this year. This opens the door for teams like the Saints, who just missed out on the Super Bowl last season. I see the Rams taking a step back and the Saints stepping up to take their place. New Orleans wins big in this one. Winner: Saints

Billy: This is going to be an amazing game. With both teams coming off a win, both teams are hot and ready for battle. New Orleans' offense was absolutely ridiculous against Houston, and without a healthy Todd Gurley, Los Angeles won't be able to keep up with the Saints. Winner: Saints

Bears at Broncos

Andrew: Both of these teams left a lot to be desired after their week 1 performances. The Broncos just couldn't get any sort of momentum against the underdog Raiders. The Bears just failed to play good football. I'm going to put my trust in reigning coach of the year Matt Nagy to turn things around, and take Chicago. Winner: Bears  

Alex: The Bears offense played terrible, but I still have faith in my guy Mitchell Trubisky, and it would be surprising if the best defense in the league let this game slip away from them. Winner: Bears

Lucie: Chicago didn't look good last week. QB Mitchell Trubisky played terribly, but the Broncos weren't much better. However, if Joe Flacco can keep his second half momentum from last week, they should have a decent shot at a win. Winner: Broncos

Sam: Boy the Bears were bad last weekend. Mitch Trubisky reminded me more of Ryan Tannehill than a Pro Bowl QB and the offense looked completely out of sync. The Broncos take advantage of Trubisky's struggles and improve to 1-1. Winner: Broncos

Billy: This will be a low-scoring, defensive battle, and the Bears have a better offense and a better defense. Winner: Bears

Eagles at Falcons

Andrew: I really like the Falcons this season. The offense is deep and talented, the defense has a few stars. Be prepared to see them in the playoff conversation later this year. They may have lost week 1, but that was against a team that is really, really good. The Eagles couldn't play football for half of their game last week, against a much worse opponent. Atlanta's gonna win this at home. Winner: Falcons 

Alex: Philly had a big comeback win against the Redskins, and Carson Wentz looked great passing to Deshaun Jackson. The Falcons on the other hand were a nightmare in week one. I don't think things will change. Winner: Eagles

Lucie: Philly looked strong last week, with Carson Wentz making a couple of impressive touchdown passes to DeSean Jackson, and Zach Ertz also making some solid catches. Atlanta's defense simply isn't good enough to keep up with the Eagles' offense. Winner: Eagles

Sam: In the spirit of full disclosure, I am an Eagles fan so there is no way I'm picking against the Birds. Sure, they started slow again the Redskins last week, but that's to be expected in the first game of the season. The Eagles can exploit Atlanta's struggling defense by going deep to DeSean Jackson and Zach Ertz. Philly wins big. Winner: Eagles

Billy: Philly was successful in coming back to defeat their NFC East rival Washington, and their offense looked unstoppable in the second half. That being said, Atlanta's offense also looked promising last week, but they won't be able to keep up with the Eagles. Winner: Eagles

Browns at Jets

Andrew: The Brown's effort last week was nothing short of embarrassing. That team is so talented, but they just could not play against Tennessee. New York blew a big lead against the Bills last week, and looked very mediocre. The deciding factor in this one is that Sam Darnold is sick and won't be playing. The Jets won't play that well without him out there. Winner: Browns 

Alex: Both teams had disappointing losses in week one, but the Jets lost to the Bills. I think this is the perfect bounce back game for the Browns electric offense. Winner: Browns

Lucie: The Browns' defeat last week should act as a wake-up call. They will easily win given that Sam Darnold is out for the Jets. Winner: Browns

Sam: Sam Darnold will be out with mono for this game which makes a win that much more definite for the Browns. Winner: Browns

Billy: With the absence of Sam Darnold, the Jets' offense will have a hard time getting going. Although the Browns were nothing more of mediocre last week, they will have an easy road to victory. Winner: Browns

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