New athletic director restructures sports programs

Sept. 23, 2011, 12:12 p.m. | By Saaraa Farooq | 12 years, 8 months ago

Adjustments made to increase self-sufficiency of extracurricular athletics

Blair's sports programs are being restructured in order to involve the school community and encourage student participation. Rita Boule, Blair's new athletic director, met with the previous athletic director, Dale Miller, to establish the new system.

Blair's sports programs are being restructured in order to involve the program with the school community and encourage student participation. Photo courtesy of Lark Eaglin.

Changes to the program include the creation of monthly council meetings for all team captains to discuss team participation in community service projects, and a new sports management club for students who are interested in sports management and business. Boule also plans to raise funds to purchase a new scoreboard.

Boule has already informed current stakeholders, boosters and student athletes of her vision for Blair athletics. On Sept. 14, the first Student-Athlete and Parent Seminar took place, which summarized the state of Blair's sports programs and Boule's plans for the future. Since the start of the school year, Boule has already enacted several changes to the program, such as a coaches' handbook to improve communication between her and the coaches. According to Boule, all of the changes made so far have been going smoothly. "So far, so good," she said. "So far the goals have been met because of the key people involved. In addition, she has received approval for the sports management club and has scheduled the scoreboard fundraising events.

Boule has met with the Blair coaches and has attended sports games to interact with the athletes and their parents. She also held team meetings with all sports teams before the start of the school year to familiarize herself with the current structure of the athletic department. "They have taught me and showed me how it's done around here," she said.

Boule hopes that students, alumni and parents will become more involved in Blair athletics and its restructuring. "Overall, I want to promote athletics and make it a bigger part of the Blair community and a positive experience for everyone," she said. "It's about promoting them [sports programs], gaining interest and really getting started."

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