LoveSCOpe: finding the perfect pairs at Blair

Feb. 25, 2023, 11:49 p.m. | By Sophia Li | 1 year, 3 months ago

SCO’s matchmaking event returns for 2023

Looking for a match isn’t easy, so why not have SCO’s staff play Cupid for you? LoveSCOpe flyers decked Blair hallways for the month of February, motivating Blazers to find their perfect other half. While most Blazers filled out the form for fun, the possibility of making a new friend (or partner) was still up in the air. 

Date setup

While last year’s dates were scavenger hunts, this year they were escape rooms. Before each date, SCO’s cupids decorated the room with Valentine’s Day adornments, filling the room with vibrant reds and pinks. Around the room were various letters that would eventually spell out “LOVESCOPE” – if the couple found them, that is. 

After the allocated 20 minutes were up, SCO treated the pairs to cupcakes, which they could munch on alone or continue their conversations.

SCO’s cupids matchmade two pairs deemed to be a good fit. Let’s see how the dates went!

Violet and Grace

Juniors Violet Hill and Grace Humbert had never met before LoveSCOpe, yet they hit it off almost immediately. This was perfect, as Humbert was looking for a partner who could converse naturally with her. “[Chemistry to me is] someone who’s working with you and not working against you,” Humbert said. “You shouldn’t have to work for a [conversation].”

After a couple of misjudged clues, Hill and Humbert escaped! Kind of. Their final “key” was “MOVESCOPE,” but their final amity was more important than whether or not they escaped. “We got clues we weren’t supposed to get, and I got along with Grace really well. We overthought everything, and we had a lot of things in common despite the short time we had together,” Hill said. 

During their short 20 minutes together, the two realized they already had each other’s Instagram accounts, and both mentioned the possibility of meeting up in the future. “This was really fun… we definitely had very good chemistry together,” Hill said.

Oscar and Aziah

Sophomore Oscar Campos and junior Aziah Thompson, on the other hand, had a bit of an awkward start. “When we [first] saw each other, it was a little weird,” Campos said. 

Despite scouring the escape room for clues, neither partner could solve the puzzle nor find the connection between them. “There was not a lot of talking, [but] it was chill – it was a friendship bond,” Thompson said.

Although the date wasn’t ideal, both look fondly at this experience, and plan to sign up to be rematched next year. While Campos and Thompson did not leave each other their contact information, Campos commented that he would acknowledge her in the halls. “I’d be like ‘Remember that one time we matched up in LoveSCOpe’ and say ‘hi’, but that’s about it,” Campos said. 

Campos encourages other Blazers to participate. “It was fun, [with all] the excitement and wondering who you got matched up with,” he said. Be on the lookout next Valentine’s Day for future LoveSCOpe endeavors! 

Juniors Grace and Violet are paired up for LoveSCOpe. Photo courtesy of Katie Phung.

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