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Dec. 20, 2013, 7:11 p.m. | By Martha Morganstein | 10 years, 3 months ago

Unique exercise club started at Blair

"If you aren't dancing, you got to be singing along," junior Elia Tzoukermann jokes to a group of high school students. This cheery environment is the scene of the new Just Dance/Zumba club where members play dance games for an hour after school, once a week. The club welcomes Blazers of all grades as well as Blair staff. The club is still in its early stages, but it is a great way to have a good time and a fun workout.

Tzoukermann, the president and founder of the club, has always loved the game and wanted to share it with fellow Blazers. "I always loved playing Just Dance and I play it a lot with friends on weekends. So I said, 'Why not get others involved?'" Other members were enthusiastic to join since it is already a favorite activity to do at home. "I always play at home by myself, so now I can do it at school with friends and new people," says sophomore club member Anna Reachmack. The club is a way to pump up the adrenaline. It is a more enjoyable method of exercise since you are with others. "It's a fun way to exercise instead of running by yourself. You listen to music, hang out with friends while getting a good workout in," Tzoukermann says. Some are surprised by the amount of energy that is burned. "At first, I did not think that we would need athletic clothes, but after the first 20 minutes of the first meeting, I realized that I was so wrong because everyone was sweating," Tzoukermann explains.

The structure of the club is quite relaxed, and since the club is new, members are still experimenting with different things. Typically, while playing Just Dance, four will lead in front, following the character on the TV. Other members follow in the back or sing along to the upbeat songs like "The Way" or "Call me Maybe."

Members are considering doing 30 minutes of Just Dance and 30 minutes of Zumba or alternating every other week. The club sponsor and Blair math teacher, Tung Pham, provided them with the TV in his classroom, the Wii and one remote. He agreed to provide some of the equipment because he thought it was a unique idea for a club. "I've never played, so I was like, let's try it out," Pham says. Members bring the other remotes and the games.

It is not a prerequisite to be a dancer in order to join the club. "There is absolutely no judging, and there's no need to be embarrassed. We all look silly while doing it," Tzoukermann explains. Although any dancing knowledge is not required in order to join the club, it gives you an opportunity to become comfortable dancing in front of people. "It gives you some experience to dance around new people," Reachmack says.

The Just Dance/ Zumba club provides members with a workout while having a great time. They meet for an hour and just dance it out. "It is a great way to start the week," Tzoukermann explains.

The club meets every Monday from 3-4 p.m. in room 235

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