The Bachelor Week 6 recap and Week 7 Predictions

Feb. 13, 2018, 7:06 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Emma Markus, Sneha Ojha, Noah Stern, Rebecca Wessel, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 4 months ago

Recaps written by Emma Markus and Rebecca Wessel

This week, the women and Arie travel across the Atlantic to Paris. When the women get to their hotel, which is really a giant boat, they are informed of a two-on-one date, where two girls will go and only one can stay. Krystal is sure she is going to get it, and win.

On the first date of the week, Lauren apparently is confused and thinks she is actually being filmed for a silent film, not the Bachelor, because she is completely silent. As they stroll though the beautiful streets of Paris, she cannot seem to muster up any emotion. Arie and Lauren both express some concerns about Lauren's failure to open up, but at dinner Arie can't stop talking about how much he still likes her. Lauren lets Arie know that she has trouble opening up to him because her ex-fiance mistreated her. Arie consoles her by dropping the fact that he was about to be a baby-daddy, until one day his ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage while he was out racing and left him. Somehow this brings the two closer together and Lauren gets the rose.

Bekah and Arie dance together at Moulin Rouge. Photo courtesy of ABC.

On the group date, Arie takes the women to the Moulin Rouge, where they fail to learn some choreography and get outfitted in bedazzled underwear. At the cocktail party, Arie gives the rose to Bekah, who, as a prize, gets to dance with him at Moulin Rouge later that night. Krystal and Kendall end up on the two-on-one together. Krystal's conversation with Arie starts somewhat smoothly as she apologizes for the way she acted in the previous week. She then goes on to give Arie her unwarranted opinion that Kendall isn't ready for marriage. Arie tells Kendall, who handles the situation with grace. Arie ultimately chooses Kendall, and Krystal is livid.

The one-on one with Jacqueline goes well despite some ironic car trouble for the race-car driver. Arie buys Jacqueline a new outfit, even though she looked pretty cute before, and they go out to dinner. Jacqueline talks about wanting to pursue her PhD, which Arie sees as a possible hindrance to their relationship. In the end though, Arie gives Jacqueline the rose and decides they'd be able to work it out if she wanted to get another degree. With one woman already gone, Arie has two more to send home at the rose ceremony. Jenna and Chelsea don't get roses, and for once Arie seems sad to let a woman go. While Jenna gives him a hug and leaves, Arie walks Chelsea out and he tears up as he hugs her goodbye.

Scoreboard of Last Week's Correct Predictions:
Eric and Sneha

The Bachelor Week Seven Predictions

Remaining Women
Becca, Bekah, Jacqueline, Kendall, Lauren, Seinne, Tia

Becca's Picks for Week Seven
Bekah, Jacqueline, Seinne

Arie is afraid of the smart ones. Bekah, at twenty-two, has already taught Arie a thing or two about love. Yet I think Arie is still kind of scared of her (and her age). Let's be real: Bekah is too good for Arie. It's her time to leave and go explore the world. While Arie was willing to let Jacqueline's whole school thing slide last week, he probably would prefer to have someone who would never be busy so he could make out with her all the time. As cute as Jacqueline is, her personality is a bit awkward and the chemistry isn't fully there. Sienne is a talented, successful and intelligent woman, and again, it's time we let some of the best ones go.

Eric's Picks for Week Seven
Kendall, Seinne, Jacqueline

Rule number 23 of picking who will be eliminated on the Bachelor is, "If you don't have chemistry, you must flee." This applies explicitly to Jacqueline and makes her elimination a shoo-in. In addition, Sienne is just too perfect to make it to the end of the season. Kendall's relationship with Arie is flimsy and weak, so don't expect her to make it to the next episode.

Ellie's Picks for Week Seven
Jacqueline, Bekah, Kendall

It was already covered that Jaqueline and Arie's lives wouldn't fit together in a realistic way, so although they get along and seem to have some chemistry, she'll definitely be packing her bags and returning to school. Arie won't be able to ignore Bekah's age any longer which will result in her getting the boot. Finally, Kendall may be saying goodbye as she has one of the weaker relationships with Arie. The fact that Arie picked Kendall over Hurricane Krystal doesn't say all that much. Plus, Kendall has never been in a long term relationship.

Emma's Picks for Week Seven
Kendall, Jacqueline, Lauren

Arie put Kendall on the two-on-one date last week which means that he's on the fence about her. He has many other stronger connections besides Kendall, so I think it's her time to go. Jacqueline has reservations about her ability to pursue a relationship with Arie while still pursuing her education, and I think she will send herself home this week. Lauren was awkward and shy on her and Arie's one-on-one date last week. If she doesn't open up fast she won't be coming back.

Sneha's Picks for Week Seven
Jacqueline, Seinne, Lauren

I'm surprised Jacqueline is still on the show considering the strong reservations she had toward being in a relationship with Arie. Jacqueline needs to stop talking about how she wants to get a Ph.D. Just go home and get your Ph.D, Jacqueline. Nobody is forcing you to stay on the show. Seinne, on the other hand, is too good for Arie. She's smart, talented, and beautiful. I hope Arie sends her home so that she can find a more competent man with a vocabulary that expands beyond the words "incredible," "strong" and "wow." Lauren's date with Arie was incredibly boing. She just doesn't connect with Arie the same way that the other girls do. Lauren's lack of personality and chemistry with Arie are the reasons she will go home.

Noah's Picks for Week Seven
Becca, Kendall, Seinne

Kendall is too shy. This means she won't get as much time with Arie and will probably be sent home. Becca K. has been quiet recently and that will cost her - same thing with Seinne. The other women have gotten more time with Arie, and face-to-face time is essential at this point. Bekah M. may be young, but man, Arie is falling for her like a leaf off a tree. The date with Jacqueline showed how much they both like each other and she is almost guaranteed at this point.

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