The Bachelor Week 3 recap and Week 4 predictions

Jan. 21, 2018, 12:44 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Emma Markus, Sneha Ojha, Noah Stern, Rebecca Wessel, Ellie Williams | 5 years, 8 months ago

Recaps written by Emma Markus

Arie planned yet another concussion-inducing date this past week. This time he brought the women to a makeshift wrestling ring where they fake fought one another in what Arie dubbed "GLOB," (Gorgeous Ladies of the Bachelor) a play on the 1980s womens' wrestling show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). Arie enlisted two former GLOW wrestlers to help the Bachelor women with their moves. Unfortunately, some of the contestants were not cut out for fighting. After the GLOW wrestlers insulted Bibiana's mother and yanked Tia's ponytail, both girls decided they had enough and went to cry on the sidelines. The women's final wrestling matches, or rather, performances, were risque to the point of being too cringey to watch… Why does Arie absolutely insist on dates that force the women to fight each other? I'm beginning to really dislike him.

Former GLOW wrestler Angelina Altishin directs the women. Photo courtesy of People Magazine .

Back at the Mansion, a date card that read, "You had me at Merlot" arrived for Lauren S., which prompted all the women to collectively hypothesize, "Do you think it has anything to do with wine?" No dip guys. Lauren S.' date at the vineyard started out well as her and Arie bonded romantically over relatable middle aged white people things (Ah, Cardigans! Going to bed early!). But it quickly took a sharp nosedive at dinner when Arie hit Lauren with the classic, "So I want to know more about you" line. Little did he know that this query would send Lauren spiralling into a seemingly never ending tangent about everything from that eye infection her mom had one time to her college days to why her relationship with her ex didn't work out. Arie sent her home without hesitation.

On the second group date the women had to train dogs in front of a live audience. Dogs…sounds pretty cute and fun, right? Well, not for Annaliese who apparently not only had childhood bumper car trauma, but a traumatic childhood experience with dogs, too. To avoid another anxiety attack, Annaliese was relegated to the duty of "pooper scooper." At the cocktail party, Annaliese became fixated on the fact that she was one of the only women there who hasn't kissed Arie. She decided to bluntly ask Arie to kiss her. Arie was not so into the idea. The rejection hit hard and Annaliese eliminated herself before the rose ceremony.

Former GLOW wrestler Ursula Hayden judges the contestants. Photo courtesy of People Magazine.

Elsewhere at the cocktail party, Bibiana set up an entire cabana with a telescope for stargazing just for her and Arie. However, before Bibiana got her chance to steal Arie, he discovered the cabana while with one of the blonde women. Arie, being the worst, then proceeded to take girl after girl to the cabana, while literally shooing Bibiana away so that he could continue to make out with other girls in Bibiana's special cabana. Soul crushing, truly. With Lauren S. and Annaliese already gone, Bibiana was the only woman eliminated at the rose ceremony. That girl really cannot catch a break.

Check out our predictions for next week below!

Scoreboard of Last Week's Correct Predictions:

1. Eric
2. Emma, Noah, Sneha
3. Ellie, Rebecca

The Bachelor Week Four Predictions

Remaining Women
Ashley, Becca, Bekah, Brittany, Caroline, Chelsea, Jacqueline, Jenna, Kendall, Krystal, Lauren B., Maquel, Marikh, Seinne, Tia

Becca's Picks for Week Four
Caroline and Ashley

My first pick would be to send home Arie, but sadly, that is not how this show works. As we've learned– or as Bekah has taught us– Arie's type are girls who don't need him, which could give some insight as to who will go home in Week four. But then again does Arie even think further than whether girls have a throat into which he can stick his tongue? Judging off of that, Ashley might be one to go this week, as her smooching time does not compare to that of some other girls like Bekah or Chelsea. Caroline may be easy going, but likewise, the chemistry between the two is not forming. She's more of a best friend to the girls than a girlfriend to Arie.

Ellie's Picks for Week Four
Ashley and Lauren B

At this point in the game it is obvious Arie is more concerned about immediate physical connection over any other factors. By this logic, Ashley and Lauren B. could very well be the next ones left without roses. Ashley has had very minimal conversation with Arie, talking to him only at cocktail parties or briefly after the group date. From what we've seen she's failed to develop any meaningful physical connection, and hasn't been all too memorable. Lauren B. has kissed Arie, but the Laurens are being picked off one by one and Lauren B. doesn't have a connection strong enough to hang on for another week. Expect her to be overshadowed by drama yet again this week and struggle to find time alone with the Bachelor.

Emma's Picks for Week Four
Ashley and Jenna

I've have been rooting for lackluster Ashley to leave the Bachelor Mansion since the very beginning, so hopefully this is the week it finally happens. Also, I can't believe Arie has kept Jenna, who literally washed his feet on the first night, around for this long. Jenna's departure is way overdue.

Eric's Picks for Week Four
Ashley and Lauren B.

Neither Ashley nor Lauren have gotten a lot of quality face time with the dashing Arie. This makes them likely candidates to cut in week four. If I have learned anything from watching the Bachelor franchise for the last three years, it's that if you don't dare to have the flair, the Bachelor won't care.

Noah's Picks for Week Four
Ashley and Marikh

Both Ashley and Marikh have been much too quiet for Arie to get to know. Who knows, maybe they will try and make a move like Bibiana did, but they better do it fast if they don't want him to send them home. Arie can get extremely picky with his women, as we have seen so far. If they aren't careful, he won't hesitate to send them packing.

Sneha's Picks for Week Four
Brittany and Caroline

Brittany may have not gone home as I predicted, but she is definitely going home this week. She barely got any screen time last episode. As for Caroline, she's not a key player. She doesn't get as much screen time as other contestants like Seinne. She is also one of the handful of contestants that I still don't know. Even more so, she hasn't formed as strong of a relationship as the other contestants have with Arie. For those reasons, Caroline is on the chopping block.

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