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June 26, 2018, 8:59 p.m. | By Alex Russ | 5 years, 11 months ago

After 14 years, our favorite childhood heroes, The Incredibles, are back

The Incredibles are back, and they are exactly what we've been waiting for! The movie resolves the plot left open from the last movie quite neatly, while the animation is like that of any other Pixar movie: simply exceptional. The storyline satisfies expectations, and director Brad Bird brings in elements of girl-power by having Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) take over as the main superhero, while Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) plays the role of a stay-at-home dad. With the family of heroes back together, the film is a great family movie for all ages that brings back long-lost memories for all viewers.

The movie picks up right where it left off, with the villain Underminer (John Ratzenberger) robbing the city bank from underground. The Incredibles try to stop him, but he slips away just in time. That would be the last of him, except that the situation only gets worse from there. With the amount of damage caused in the fight, the city officials decide to uphold a blanket superhero ban. Now the Incredibles are left jobless, living in a motel with little hope. Lucky for them, a turn of the tide brings a rich and powerful man by the name of Winston Deaver (Bob Odenkirk) to offer help.

After 14 years, our favorite childhood heroes, The Incredibles, are back. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

This Deaver wants to help make superheroes "legal" again, but there's a caveat: he can choose only one hero as the face of the movement. And so he hires crime-fighting Elastigirl, leaving Mr. Incredible at home with the kids. Unfortunately, he has difficulty taking care of the family: his poor daughter Violet (Sarah Vowell) is heartbroken over a boy; his son Dash (Huck Milner) can't do his math homework, and little baby Jack-Jack is uncontrollably powerful.

These struggles for Mr. Incredible are quite comical from the audience's perspective. Having the whole "I can save the whole city" hero being turned into someone who can't even take care of his own kids plays out as an extremely ironic scenario. Luckily, Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and Edna (Brad Bird) are there to help out. Edna makes a suit that can control Jack-Jack's powers, and Frozone babysits part-time.

The action-packed entertainment comes in when Elastigirl finds an arch nemesis named Screenslaver, a hacker who can control people's minds through hypnotism. Elastigirl has trouble finding Screenslaver, but when she does, she immediately whirls into action, with epic chase scenes in the process. Elastigirl does it all, with intense fight scenes that keep the audience on the edge. When she finally discovers who Screenslaver is, Screenslaver tricks and hypnotizes her. As Screenslaver puts her diabolical plan into action, the rest of the Incredibles and Frozone go to stop her.

The kids play a huge role in saving the day. They enter electrifying fights and work to stop Screenslaver. The animators do a great job of intensifying these fights. The explosions and the heroes' powers are an especially vivid spectacle in 3D. The bright colors and textures of the blasts from the heroes are mesmerizing. Jack-Jack plays a huge role in the film, as his numerous powers help his siblings get out of sticky situations, and his innocence and cluelessness make for a hilarious sequence of events. Bird gives Jack-Jack a huge role since we didn't see much of him in the last movie. Jack-Jack proves to be quite a hero, being the glue that holds the "Incredibles" family together.

The Incredibles were indeed incredible and did not disappoint in their return to theatres. Hopefully "Incredibles 3" won't take another 14 years to return on screen.

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