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April 10, 2017, 1:10 p.m. | By Zoe Friedman | 7 years ago

Silver Chips Online's first fitness blog kicks off

Welcome to ScoFit, your destination for all things fitness. Need workout ideas, healthy recipes or even sporty fashion-fixes? ScoFit is of service.

As cold and dreary March rolls in, many people are letting go of their New Year's Resolutions to stay healthy. But don't give up yet! There are still nine months left of 2017, plenty of time to get some zzzs and start some energizing workouts.

As a cross country and track runner, exercise is in my blood. But, I know working out is definitely not everyone's favorite, so I've devised a short and sweet routine to get your blood pumping. With only ten minutes, this workout will be over before you know it, but your energy and stress relief will last for hours.

This workout incorporates low-intensity "">aerobics with simple core exercises. Feel free to adjust the time that you do each exercise, depending on your skill level. Corresponding images demonstrate proper form. Remember to warm up beforehand, and always consult your doctor before engaging in any form of exercise!

Maintaining a strong core is vital to stabilizing and balancing our bodies as we walk. Basically, any muscle that prevents our body from twisting is a core muscle. Luckily, only a few minutes of core exercises a day can keep the doctor away! Don't worry if you don't master these exercises the first time you try - practice makes perfect!

Level: Beginner
Entire Workout : Approximately 10 minutes
Directions : Perform each exercise as instructed below and then repeat the entire exercise routine seven times or until fatigue.

Exercise 1: Jumping Jacks
Do : Jumping Jacks
Time : 30 seconds
Stand up tall with your feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides, and knees slightly bent. Jump while raising your arms over your head and moving each leg out to opposite sides. Jump again, returning to your original position.

Exercise 2: Crawling front plank
Do : Crawling front plank
Time : 30 seconds
Get in push-up position (holding your stomach up off the floor on your hands and toes). Make sure that your hands and feet are shoulder width apart. Next, bend your arms and lower yourself onto your forearms while remaining balanced on your toes. Try to keep your back flat and your spine in a straight line (you should be able to balance something on your back). Move your feet and forearms forward as if you are crawling.

Exercise 3: One-leg balance (right leg and left leg)
Do : One leg balance (right leg and left leg)
Time : 15 seconds
Stand on your right leg with your knee slightly bent. Keep your left leg bent at knee height with your left-foot toes pointing behind you. Slowly, jump up and down on your standing right leg, trying to land in the same spot each time. Next, balance on your left leg. Optional: stand on a bosu ball for a balance challenge!

Exercise 4: Jump squats
Do :Jump squats
Time : 15 seconds
Stand with your knees bent and hips shoulder width apart. Squat down as if you are about to sit in a chair, and then explode into a jump, straightening your legs. Land in your original squat position.

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