Couch Potato: Go global on the grill with Bobby Flay

July 4, 2013, 11:37 a.m. | By Abir Muhuri | 10 years, 11 months ago

As the summer heat kicks in, the last place to be is a crowded, stuffy, indoor kitchen. The perfect alternative is outdoor grilling.

As the summer heat kicks in, the last place to be is a crowded, stuffy, indoor kitchen. The perfect alternative is outdoor grilling. All that's needed are a BBQ, a pair of tongs and the Food Network's hottest new season of "Bobby Flay's Barbeque Addiction."

In his busy food career as Iron Chef, Food Network star host and restaurant owner, Bobby Flay has found time to share his passion for grilling with viewers. In the show's newest summer season, the Food Network Chef lays out the basics of grilling for beginners, while infusing new international ingredients. This summer, he introduces flavors from Argentina, Italy and Thailand while sticking true to his fondness for old-time southwestern and Mexican cuisines. In the episode, "Tempting Tastes of the Islands," a summer staycation might as well be a trip to the Caribbean. In this episode especially, Flay explains new ingredients and how to use exotic flavors in others ways besides the recipe he's demonstrating. He lays out the versatility of "tamarind," a rarely used fruit among American cooks. He shows how to use the pod-shaped, tart ingredient in shakes, sauces, and his recipe for tamarind-glazed chicken wings.

Furthermore, in "Red, White & Blue on the 'Cue," Flay gives a Mediterranean flare to the All-American hot dog, by adding roasted red peppers to caramelized onions for a make-ahead relish. His motto is, "If you do a little bit of prep work, the rest is easy." Who wouldn't want that on the Fourth while relaxing and enjoying the fireworks?

In addition to mastering the outdoor flame, Flay equally stresses a step away from the heat. These include his recipes for pickled relishes, cold ice drinks, and icy desserts that perfectly accompany grill items. In the episode, ''Delizioso Grilling,'' Flay makes a grape mostarda (an Italian relish of mustard seeds and fruit), to complement a juicy and smoked, fennel-garlic smoked pork. Smoked, you ask? Yes indeed. While it may sound complicated, Flay walks viewers, step-by-step, through the process of easily transforming a hot charcoal grill into a machine of maximum flavor.

In addition, while summer desserts may be reminiscent of boring ice-cream in a cone, and popsicles, Flay bumps up the flavor with the flame. From grilled white California peaches with almond mint pesto to coconut ice tea, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied.

''Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction'' is a treat for all tastes, to both watch on television and use for everyday summer cooking. So get out, grill and get addicted with Bobby Flay.

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