Blair girls’ varsity basketball vanquishes Einstein Titans in senior night win

Feb. 17, 2024, 6:30 p.m. | By Mooti Chimdi, Angelina Cao | 4 months ago

The Blazers won against the Einstein Titans, 56-47

On Friday, Feb. 16, the Blair Blazers won their Senior Night game against the Einstein Titans 56-47 in a closely fought match.

The first quarter started slow, with only one shot from the Blazers in the first three minutes. But when the scoring drought ended the Blazers found it hard to keep up with numerous steals from the Titan’s senior guard Renee Boissiere. This led the quarter to end with an Einstein lead, 15-9.

During the second quarter, the Blazers made noticeable improvements in their offense, subbing in two centers. However, the Titans continued to make point-yielding steals and charge fouls which led the Blazer defense to crumble.

As Blair struggled to shoot in the second quarter, they took advantage of layup opportunities and battled for contested rebounds. While the first half ended 26-23, Einstein still in the lead, the Blazers were in a good place to make a comeback. 

Natalie Bergfalk prepares for a free throw. Photo courtesy of Tino Pham.

After the Blair Swim and Dive’s senior showcase and the poms performance during halftime, the Blazers came back to the court with high spirits but were met with Einstein’s unforgiving offense. The Titans dodged with unfortunate grace, as Blair tried to make up the point difference with opportune free throws. 

After a time-out two minutes into the third quarter, the Blazers returned to the court with a new intensity that infected their every movement.

The Titans stayed in the lead, but the point difference was growing smaller. A two-pointer here, a few free throws there, and suddenly, a precise throw from junior forward Aley Martins soared into the basket putting Blair in the lead for the first time since the first quarter. 

Junior Aley Martins prepares to throw in the ball. Photo courtesy of Tino Pham.

However, the Titans quickly responded, matching the Blazer’s heat with their own, ending the third quarter with Blair down 35-36. 

Kicking off the fourth quarter with fiery energy, the Blazers managed a two-pointer, but the Titans refused to yield, keeping the score at a frustrating tie.

The excitement in the crowd was unparalleled as heads turned to follow the ball up and down the court while cheers rang out in anticipation. Every basket from the Blazers was matched by the Titans as the score inched to a standstill at 43-43.

Then, from a throw that seemed to fly forever, Martins scored a three-pointer that broke through the tie taking the score to 48-44.

From there, Blair’s win seemed guaranteed as the point difference grew larger and larger. The Blazers continued to sneak in baskets, dancing circles around the Titans’ defense until the score was a satisfying 55-47. 

With 10 seconds left on the clock, Blair was given one final free throw. Time slowed while the crowd held their breaths as the ball flew from junior point guard Lauren Mayn's hands in an arc that swished clean into the net. The bleachers erupted in happy shouts and pumped fists. 

The night's final score was 56-47, a well-deserved win for the last game of the season.

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