Blair coed volleyball crushes the Screaming Eagles

April 8, 2024, 10:59 p.m. | By Katie Phung, Sophia Zeng | 3 months, 1 week ago

The Blazers won against the Seneca Valley Screaming Eagles in a 3-0 game

On Friday, April 5, the Blair Blazers (0-1) were victorious against the Seneca Valley Screaming Eagles in a 3-0 game. 

Blair started off strong, gaining the first point advantage with a tip. High spirits continued through the first set as back-to-back ace serves from junior outside Andrew Li and a series of kills from junior opposite Jacob Snelgrove maintained Blair's lead over the Screaming Eagles. With sloppy play from Seneca Valley, junior outside Nicole Neal hit the ball straight down for a kill, giving Blair a 9-4 lead.

With Blair's increasing point lead, the Screaming Eagles strengthened their defense. However, Li's strong swings went thoroughly past Seneca Valley's blocks to rack up more points for the Blazers.

As the game progressed, the Screaming Eagles began to note Blair's weaknesses and adapt their play accordingly. While the Blazers continued to block many of their attacks, constant errors allowed Seneca Valley to catch up at 15-14.

The tide quickly turned as the Blazers located the Screaming Eagles' weaknesses. With messy play from Seneca Valley, the crowd roared for the Blazers as the Screaming Eagles called a time-out as they trailed behind the Blazers, 22-17. Blair took the first set 25-18 after a series of missed serves from both sides and a final missed serve-receive from Seneca Valley.

Libero Hannah Sax prepares to serve the ball. Photo courtesy of Anagha Bhuvanagiri.

The second set began with a rockier start as the Blazers lost the first point advantage from a missed serve. Seneca Valley gained a 3-0 lead with continued errors from Blair. Spirits rose, though, as a stuffed block from Li gained Blair's first point in the set. A series of hits through the Screaming Eagles' blocks by Snelgrove brought the game to a tie of 5-5.

Mistakes from both sides maintained a close game between the two teams. Blair broke the tie with an ace. Snelgrove and Li's killer hits and unforgiving blocks continued to increase Blair's lead to 19-14. The crowd went wild as Li made a back-row push towards an empty corner, scoring another point for the Blazers.

Constant mistakes from Seneca Valley and smooth play from the Blazers allowed Blair to win the second set 25-15 with a final missed hit from Seneca Valley.

The Blazers are ready to finish the second set after a time-out. Photo courtesy of Anagha Bhuvanagiri.

Seneca Valley missed their serve for Blair to take the first point of the third set. Junior outside Kahmyah Yirekyi won several points for the Blazers with a series of tips. Nevertheless, the Screaming Eagles increased the strengths of their attacks and a time-out was called by Blair as they were down 3-6.

The quick break proved useful, as Blair used tricky hits and a final ace to bring the game score back to a draw of 7-7. A lack of communication disadvantaged the Blazers, bringing Seneca to a lead of 11-14. However, an ace serve from junior defensive specialist Bethel Ameha brought hope back to the Blazers.

Nevertheless, the lack of effective communication amongst team members continued to widen the Seneca lead to 12-18, but a missed hit from Seneca Valley finally ended their streak. The crowd went wild as sophomore middle Zachary Polat sent the ball straight down through a block. A kill from Neal put Blair at 19-19 and forced Seneca Valley to call time-out.

Another kill from Neal officially ended Seneca's point lead. The game continued to be close between the two teams, but Blair ultimately won the third set 25-23 with a final error from Seneca Valley.

Blazers maintain their point-lead over the Screaming Eagles in the third set. Photo courtesy of Anagha Bhuvanagiri.

Assistant coach Jacqueline Armstead-Thomas noted the team's improvement from their last game in terms of both technical skills and teamwork. "We did a lot better on serve-receives and on being able to get kills…We had some of our starters that played really consistent, but then we also had a couple of players that this was their first game and they did really great. I think [the game today] was just an all-around great team effort," she said.

The Blazers will face Springbook at home next Wednesday at 5:30 PM.

Editor's Note: The coed volleyball team includes Bethel Ameha, who is a member of SCO.

Last updated: April 9, 2024, 1:42 p.m.

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