AP Human Geography course returns

May 10, 2014, 12:37 p.m. | By Martha Morganstein | 8 years, 7 months ago

Class will be offered at Blair for the first time in four years

Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography will return to Blair for the first time in four years. AP Psychology teacher Morgan Rich has agreed to teach the class in the upcoming school year.

AP Human Geography will focus on the study of people, culture and climates around the world. "We will look at specific countries cultures and environments and how environment creates and changes culture," Rich said. Amy Ahrens, the teacher who taught the class four years ago, explained that in the class they discuss how geography is constantly changing. "People are trying to manipulate geography. One of the main themes of the class [that] we should work with is geography," Ahrens said. Rich does not want a class that is solely textbook based."[The class] gives us more time to do more discussions and projects," Rich said. Rich explained that because there are less terms to memorize, giving students more of an opportunity to be involved in interactive activities. "In general, there are less terms, so it gives us a chance to expand and focus more on specific concepts," Rich said.

Ahrens felt that teaching the class took time away from teaching 9th grade. "When the time came to recruit for the class, I decided to stick with 9th grade," she said. Reasons for the class returning to Blair include an abundant amount of student interest and Rich's personal connection to the subject. "I took a lot of geography classes in college and it has always been one of my favorite social studies subjects," Rich said.

Rich emphasized that the course will be relaxed despite it being at an AP level. "It is a class accessible to all learners like those who have never tried an AP class or those that need to practice skills for classes at that level," Rich said. She said even those who are not used to taking AP classes will be able to enjoy the class. "Students will be learning skills in an interactive setting with concepts that they already know about, so they'll be able to contribute to discussions."

Many of the topics covered in the class are very relevant to students' daily lives and are related to their career interests or hobbies. "It's very relatable like when we talk about agriculture, which is something that always pops up in the news," Ahrens said.

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