A "Fractured Prune" but impeccable treats

March 16, 2010, 7:54 a.m. | By Anya Gosine | 14 years, 3 months ago

Local donut shop provides an enticing charm

Though the name implies otherwise, Fractured Prune is perfection. A recent addition to Downtown Silver Spring, the donut shop has a distinct flair that sets it apart from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts and other chains in the business.

The Sundae and Peppermint donuts are among the wide selection of donuts at Fractured Prune.  Photo courtesy of Colin Wiencek.

The original Fractured Prune located in Ocean City, Md. was named after resident Prunella Shriek, who had a tendency to end up with fractured body parts. The shop quickly built a reputation along the boardwalk for its wild array of delicious homemade donuts. Since then, several more shops have sprung up around the D.C. Metro area.

Fractured Prune pushes the boundaries of the donut-flavor spectrum. For what seems like a limited menu, the options available at Fractured Prune are incredibly diverse. Donuts range from Peppermint to Strawberry Shortcake to Trail Mix, and all have a soft, fluffy inside with a thin but crispy outer coating. As a further enhancement, the donuts are prepared right in front of customers, who can watch as the eccentric combinations of ingredients are drizzled over the warm, fresh-fried dough.

Fractured Prune is located in the midst of Downtown Silver Spring. Photo courtesy of Colin Wiencek.

Fractured Prune successfully strikes a delectable balance between tart and sweet with its Lemonade donut covered with a thick and tangy glaze. Other flavors incorporate a classic assortment of elements, like the Sundae donut, which is sprinkled with nuts and chocolate chips that decorate a sweet vanilla glaze. And for even more adventurous donut enthusiasts, there is the option of creating a custom donut - simply select your own glazes, toppings and sugars and concoct your own explosion of flavors.

Another unique offering at Fractured Prune is the homemade frozen yogurt. The cold treat is the perfect complement to a scrumptious donut, or it can be enjoyed on its own with a medley of toppings. For more substantial nourishment, Fractured Prune also serves breakfast sandwiches - not with donuts, but with bagels - all day. The classic, hearty combination of egg, cheese and ham is sure to please hungry stomachs at any hour.

Fractured Prune coloring pages are displayed on the walls. Photo courtesy of Colin Wiencek.

Fractured Prune's environment is quintessential of any friendly neighborhood shop. With Fractured Prune novelty t-shirts and coloring book pages adorning the walls, the humble décor creates a welcoming atmosphere for all. While it can function as a quick stop, the shop also provides casual seating. The pricing is also appropriate; specialty donuts are $1.65, a fair price for the quality received; all other foods range from $2 - $6, nicely accommodating a high school student's budget. In addition to the already inexpensive fare, the shop has daily specials that allow customers to buy more donuts for less or pair their snacks with a cup of coffee.

With its colorful menu and pleasant allure, Fractured Prune is a must-visit for anyone with even the faintest hint of a sweet tooth. The elaborate donuts are certainly messy, but with their finger-licking goodness, they make patrons forget napkin-wiping. Ideal for an after-school trip or a sweet bonding experience with family, Fractured Prune is sure to become a trademark favorite of Downtown Silver Spring.

Fractured Prune is located on 8512 Fenton Street. It is open 7a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Friday and 8 a.m.-10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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